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Bear Lake Marriages



All marriage licenses are in the Courthouse in Paris and town listed is not necessarily the place of marriage.


Pace, William Oliver to Nellie Hartman 18 Nov 1914 in Montpelier
Pack, Alondus L to Leah Collings 22 Oct 1928 in Paris
Pack, Joel to
Lizzie Gorman 9 July 1901 in Montpelier
Painter, James Francis to Leone Caldwell 8 Jan 1914 in Paris

Painter, George Walter to Deltha Susanna Thornock 28 Apr 1910 in Bloomington

Pajala, Enino to Hulda Niemi 15 July 1916 in Paris
Palmer, Almeda to James Sanderson 9 June 1905 in Bloomington
Palmer, Edward I to Frances Payne 17 June 1910 in Paris
Palmer, Iceletta to Aaron Heep 14 Feb 1903 in Paris

Palmer, Ida May to John J Thornock 24 Oct 1901 in Bloomington
Palmer, Irene Mary to Merrill Swan Thompson 25 Jan 1923 in Bloomington

Palmer, Leona Amy to Elzo Wayne Lewis 3 June 1918 in Paris
Pearl L to Garfield E Yost 15 Mar 1909 in Paris
Chris B to Grace Ellen Giles 25 Nov 1920 in Paris
Panting, Howard E to Ozma Bunn 2 Aug 1944 in Montpelier

Panting, Zella Grace to
Kenneth McClellan 5 Oct 1920 in Paris
Harold Ray to Louie Elmina Campbell 2 July 1923 in Paris
Paradise, Louis H to
Lou Violate Sutphin 14 July 1908 in Paris
Parent, Pauline to
Ernest Saari 30 May 1925 in Paris
Parker, Daisy to William Grunig 1 May 1923 in Paris
Parker, Ida to Edgar Martin Young 15 Apr 1918 in Paris
Parker, John Albert to Celia Agnes Grunig 15 May 1916 in Paris
Parker, Lillian (of Big Piney Wyoming) to George Milleg (of Big Piney Wyoming) m-15 Nov 1921 by LDS Elder Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Daisy Curtis & Myrtle Davidson; recorded 9:30am 15 Nov 1921
Parker, M S to Mirbell Mary Reel 28 July 1925 in Montpelier
Parker, Maude L to David P Miller 7 Oct 1926 in Bloomington
Parker, Robert Bruce to Lillian Violet Curtis 25 Sep 1916 in Paris

Parker, William C to
Mary A Phelps 16 Oct 1906 in Montpelier
Parks, Ray Alfred (of Gooding Idaho) to Jennie McDonald (of Montpelier) m-4 Mar 1921 by Probate Judge W Smith Hoge in Paris in the presence of M A Parks & Mrs. Maud Welker; recorded 10:35am 4 Mar 1921
Oscar B to Tamora Bianca Phelps 24 Dec 1918 in Montpelier
Parslow, William Lyle to
Edith Leissring 26 Nov 1934 in Paris
Parson, Angus W to
Ava Proctor 31 Aug 1929 in Paris
Parsons, Charles Edward to
Mina M Johnston 19 Oct 1907 in Montpelier
Passey, Annie Lucile (of Paris) to Alfred Arthur Rogers (of Paris) m-8 Feb 1921 by Bishop Morris D Low in Paris in the presence of Henry N Rogers & Gladys Rogers; recorded 5pm 8 Feb 1921
Passey, David Russell to Susanna Jane Wood 5 Sep 1923 in Paris
Passey, Delvin Parley to Veda Vilate Erickson 15 June 1913
Passey, Druscilla to Ezra J Lewis 1 Apr 1911 in Paris
Passey, Ernest F to Dora Kilgore 8 Nov 1906 in Paris
Passey, Fern to Wilford Thomas Lewis 6 June 1925 in Paris

Lowell G to Helen Lee 27 Mar 1926 in Paris
Mary C to Jacob Jensen 8 Apr 1908 in Paris
Patterson, Joe to
Lillian Bernecker 14 July 1913 in Montpelier
Patton, Minnie to
F M Hatfield 16 Feb 1912 in Paris
Paylich, John to
Jennie Yanko 13 Jan 1925 in Paris
Payne, Ernest to Mildred Clara Aland 1 Nov 1911 in Bloomington
Payne, Eva (of Georgetown) to Frank L Dalrymple (of Wardboro) m-24 Aug 1921 by LDS Elder Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Virginia Rich & Mercy Price; recorded 3pm 24 Aug
Payne, Frances to Edward I Palmer 17 June 1910 in Paris
Payne, George Ira to Eva Jane Hayes 14 June 1915 in Bloomington
Payne, George L to Lura O'Brien 16 Mar 1925 in Paris
Payne, Irwin to Olga Esterholdt 12 Jan 1910 in Dingle
Payne, Joseph B to Margaret A Briscoe 18 Jan 1907 in Bloomington
Payne, Lot L to Hattie Hayes 9 June 1909 in Paris

Zola to Frank Glen Jarvis 8 Feb 1933 in Bloomington
Peacock, Mary (of Bedford Wyoming) to
George Skinner (of Bedford Wyoming) m-7 June 1922 by Probate Judge W Smith Hoge in Paris in the presence of Mercy P Kelsey and George Hunter; recorded 5:30pm 7 June 1922
Pearce, Hettie M to Michael J Byrnes 16 Jan 1902 in Montpelier

Pearce, May to
C H Murphy 6 Apr 1892 in Montpelier
Pearson, Elmer to Hazel Snyder 26 Apr 1930 in Paris
Pearson, Goldie Rosella to Ross Thornock 13 Oct 1925 in Paris
Thomas C to Christine Olsen 10 July 1899 in Paris
Peart, Willard George to Vera Hatch 8 June 1917 in Paris
Peay, Austin Peter to
Edith Gertrude McDermott 12 June 1914 in Montpelier
Peckinpaugh, Arthur Ray to
Anna Emily Snyder 22 Oct 1917 in Paris
Peeples, Iris C to
Edward R Gleed 14 Feb 1910 in Paris
Pendrey, Ella A to
William W Price Jr. 14 Nov 1911 in Paris
Pendrey, Ella Amelia to
Robert Lester Rosen 1 Nov 1917 in Paris
Pendrey, Luella to
Frank Stanley Bird 24 Dec 1917 in Paris
Pendrey, Warren Scott to
Verda Toomer 30 Apr 1923 in Paris
Pendry, Sarah M to
W B West 17 Sep 1906 in Paris
Penley, Oliver Shelby to
Iris Fern Chaffin 26 May 1915 in Paris
Penrose, Vernessa to
Lyman S Wright 9 Mar 1929 in Paris
Pentecost, Forest Raymond to
Nettie Emora Youcoum 25 June 1919 in Paris
Pereno, Teresa to
Frank Resio 27 Sep 1926 in Paris
Perkins, Alvin R to Gladys Fern Cazier 22 Oct 1920 in Montpelier
Perkins, Chloe (of Montpelier) to John A McGillivray (of Dunamuir California) m-26 Dec 1921 by Stake President Edward C Rich in Montpelier in the presence of Jesse A Perkins & Deborah Rich; recorded 5pm 27 Dec 1921
Perkins, Grace to Edwin Gilis 6 Feb 1907 in Montpelier
Perkins, Harvey to Gertrude Magnair 19 Oct 1910 in Montpelier
Perkins, Ivan Orley to Lula Lavern Earley 1 Sep 1926 in Bloomington

Perkins, Loran Jesse (of Montpelier) to Pleasant Caziar (of Afton Wyoming) m-24 Aug 1922 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Roland Merrill and Vida Merrill; recorded 9am 25 Aug 1922
Perkins, Lucy Emeline to Joseph Ralph Thornock 3 July 1919 in Bloomington
Perkins, Marrinor M to Lillian Bienz 5 June 1926 in Paris
Perkins, Sarah A to
John M Ryan 25 Jan 1904 in Montpelier
Perkins, Sarah Jane to James Blaine Lyon 14 July 1914 in Montpelier
William L to Edith Downing 9 June 1909 in Montpelier
Perry, Mark M to
Beatrice L Bolten 30 Nov 1910 in Paris
Perry, Mary A to
Edward Priest Jr. 28 July 1919 in Paris
Perry, Rose E to
Lowell Shields 19 Feb 1934 in Paris
Petereit, Daisie to Roy Mansfield 16 June 1930 in Paris
Petereit, Earl Albert to Melva Emma Thompson 1 Nov 1934 in Montpelier
Petereil, Otto to
Emma Steffenhagen 7 Aug 1906 in Paris
Petereit, Pearl Emma to
Eugene Lester Brown 4 Oct 1927 in Paris
Petereit, Ruby G to Alfred M Gorteinsky 9 Jan 1933 in Montpelier
Petersen, Amy to Thomas N Bickett 22 Aug 1907 in Paris
Petersen Annie to Joseph Hyrum Banks 31 Dec 1918 in Montpelier
Petersen, Bertha to James Johnson 29 Dec 1905 in Ovid
Petersen, Charles M to Mammie Haggerty 17 Sep 1908 in Montpelier
Petersen, Eva to Charles F Carlson 2 Oct 1901 in Ovid
Petersen, Gertrude to Alfred J Nebeker 28 Dec 1910 in Paris
Petersen, Hannah Catherine to John Woodruff Cook 4 Dec 1917 in Paris
Petersen, Nelse to Johanna Bee 29 Jan 1915 in Bloomington
Petersen, Parley to Emma Lehnherr 5 Sep 1918 in Paris
Warren Otto to Katherine Sophia Hirschi 6 July 1917 in Paris
Peterson, Allen Earl to Doris Richards 13 Nov 1919 in Paris
Peterson, Andrew Soren to Amanda May Brown 10 Feb 1928 in Paris
Peterson, Bessie M to Everett Wogerman 10 July 1926 in Montpelier
Peterson, Calvin to Marcella Skinner 20 Nov 1934 in Montpelier
Peterson, Clifford to Helen Sneddon 15 Sep 1930 in Paris
Peterson, Cora to Mike Belford 16 Aug 1929 in Paris
Peterson, Dannie to Lottie Bell George 26 Oct 1925 in Paris
Peterson, Donald T to Charlotte V Lasley 25 Jan 1930 in Paris
Peterson, Edna Bertha to Roy Charles Cochran 15 Oct 1927 in Montpelier
Eliza Julia to Henry John Richards 11 July 1925 in Montpelier
Peterson, Fielding Bruce to Blanche Eunice Lynch 13 Sep 1927 in Paris
Peterson, Harley Evan to Maybelle Nebeker 26 Dec 1933 in Paris

Peterson, Harvey to
Margaret Collipriest 2 Dec 1925 in Paris
Peterson, Iris Marie to Arthur William Clayton 25 Sep 1929 in Paris
Peterson, Lena Mary to Lloyd Vern Walker 10 May 1928 in Paris
Peterson, Leonard Leval to Elsie Laura Davis 26 Aug 1928 in Paris
Peterson, Parley P to Crille Talbot 16 Apr 1934 in Paris
Peterson, Soren C to Alice May Martin 8 Feb 1926 in Ovid
Peterson, Vineta to Franklin Marcus Stansel 27 July 1930 in Ovid
Willard to Elsie Rosella Larsen 19 Oct 1929 in Paris
Cecil to Warren B Meeks 11 Apr 1931 in Paris
Phelps, Avanelle (of Montpelier) to Fred Gordon Bassett (of Pocatello) m-22 Nov 1922 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Ella Phelps and Amanda Bassett; recorded 4:15pm 22 Nov 1922
Phelps, Clyde Monroe to Lillian Bacon 9 Jan 1928 in Paris
Phelps, Heber J to Mary Inez Phelps 9 Aug 1909 in Paris
Phelps, Homer S to Mary Vesper 27 Aug 1919 in Montpelier
Phelps, Ivan O to Ruth Schmid 31 Dec 1930 in Montpelier
Phelps, Joseph Smith to Maggie May Wilcox 30 Sep 1905 in Montpelier
Phelps, Josephine to Randolph H Groo 11 June 1903 in Montpelier
Phelps, Lottie to Edward Grossean 20 June 1904 in Montpelier
Phelps, Martin H to Iva Lillian Smart 24 Aug 1908 in Montpelier
Phelps, Mary A to William C Parker 16 Oct 1906 in Montpelier
Phelps, Mary Inez to Heber J Phelps 9 Aug 1909 in Paris
Phelps, Rice to Frances Horsley 16 Oct 1911 in Paris

Phelps, Tamora Bianca to Oscar B Parrott 24 Dec 1918 in Montpelier

Phillips, Delmer to Sarah Verna Swenson 6 Oct 1928 in Paris

Phillips, John M to
Mary E Hull 12 Mar 1905 in Montpelier
Phillips, Manning C to
Libbie R. Wilcox 7 Mar 1905 in Montpelier
Phillips, Marie to Lawrence Stewart 28 Apr 1930 in Paris
William R to Helma C Zeigler 19 Sep 1908 in Paris
Pierce, Caroline Mathien to
Anton Joseph Knudsen 13 Jan 1917 in Paris
Pierce, Theora to
William Alva Johnson 8 May 1933 in Paris
Piger, Rudolph John to
Elizabeth Himmest 27 Sep 1910 in Paris
Piggett, William C to
Hazel R Madsen 5 Oct 1910 in Paris
Pinter, Maggie to
Fred W Thomas 27 Mar 1910 in Paris
Pirkins, William (of Fort Hall Idaho) to Jenny Smithurst (of Leroy Wyoming) m-15 June 1922 by LDS Elder Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of James Dunn and Geo Perrett; recorded 9am 16 June 1922
Pitcher, Nathan Herbert to Gwendolyn Mouritsen 28 Nov 1917 in Bennington

Plant, Myrtle Rosella to
Alva George Stuart 17 Aug 1917 in Paris
Platts, Erma to Ernest Evan Smith 24 Nov 1920 in Montpelier
Platts, Lyle W to
Mary I Barnes 31 Oct 1910 in Paris
Pope, Fern to
Lamont Pope 9 Nov 1929 in Paris
Pope, Lamont to
Fern Pope 9 Nov 1929 in Paris
Porritt, John to
Adella Ria Albiston 31 Dec 1912 in Paris
Porter, Alma to Sarah Annie Frost 16 July 1917 in Paris
Porter, Emma Elizabeth to Lyle Calderwood Ruff 15 Aug 1925 in Paris
Porter, Helen Maud to John Albert Hoffbuhr 16 Sep 1914 in Paris
Porter, Jessie Bertha to Lloyd Trovillion Jones 28 July 1927 in Paris
Porter, Lena to
Daniel H Rowley 27 Jan 1913 in Paris
Porter, Margaret to Ray Daughterty 19 Sep 1929 in Paris
Porter, Nettie E to Charles Layland 17 July 1908 in Paris

Poulsen, Cerilda to Ezra Owen Roberts 20 Aug 1929 in Paris
Poulsen, Edgar to
Bloomington Laretta 23 Oct 1915 in Bloomington
Poulsen, Gladys Kirstena to
Walter Carol Sizemore 29 Apr 1918 in Paris
Poulsen, Merinda to
Rulon John Wyler 24 Oct 1925 in Paris
Poulsen, Ireta to
Jarvis Wallace Christensen 14 July 1926 in Bloomington
Poulsen, Nola to
Nerlin Bigler 17 July 1928 in Paris
Poulsen, Veda Myrtle (of Paris) to Thomas Gerald Leyland (of Paris) m-14 Apr 1921 by Bishop Morris D Low in Paris in the presence of Hyrum S Poulsen & Sarah A Poulsen; recorded 4:30pm 16 Apr 1921
Powell, Rose Ann to Wesley McElfish 21 Nov 1925 in Paris

Poynter, D Orr to Agnes M Brennan 5 June 1901 in Montpelier
Pratt, M Lester to
Wilmouth Sadie Massey 29 Nov 1906 in Montpelier
Prescott, Elda to Ray Stanley Sparks 25 Sep 1934 in Bennington

Prescott, James T to
Hannah L Wixom 12 Oct 1911 in Paris
A G to Ina Hagen 20 May 1903 in Montpelier
Preston, Bert E to Lillias Huff 13 June 1911 in Paris
Preston, Frank R to
Iva Floy Bedell 17 July 1909 in Paris
Preston, Vella (of Montpelier) to
James Sturman (of Montpelier) m-31 Jan 1922 by LDS Elder Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Mercy Price and Arvilla Smedley; recorded 5:30pm 31 Jan 1922
Price, Edward Jr. to Mary A Perry 28 July 1919 in Paris
Price, Mercy (of Paris) to Lucius R Kelsey (of Blackfoot)
m-2 Mar 1922 by LDS Elder Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of James R Taylor and Annie Innes; recorded 9am 2 Mar 1922
Price, Theodore William to Lucile Rose Hirschi 10 June 1930 in Paris
Price, William W Jr. to Ella A Pendrey 14 Nov 1911 in Paris
William Welcome to Leola Myrtle Oakey 10 Apr 1915 in Paris
Pritchard, Eliza to Eastin J Kelsey 26 Nov 1903 in Paris

Pritchard, William to
Mary L Humphreys 18 Mar 1902 in Paris
Proctor, Ava to Angus W Parson 31 Aug 1929 in Paris
Benjamin C to Nora Pearl Bedell 20 Oct 1908 in Montpelier
Pryde, Willamina Cordnier to Henry George Willard 19 Aug 1931 in Paris

Pryor, George Nathan to
Henrietta Astle 13 Apr 1916 in Paris
Pugmire, Ada to Forest M Young 23 Nov 1908 in Montpelier
Pugmire, Alfeda to Arthur Windley 26 Jul 1916 in Paris
Pugmire, Annie E to William C. Hill 3 Jun 1911 in Paris
Pugmire, Archie to Lucy Mattie Bateman 16 Nov 1911 in Paris
Pugmire, Clifford David to Vera Evangeline Kunz 19 Dec 1928 in Montpelier
Pugmire, Della Y to Willis D Alley 2 Apr 1910 in Paris
Pugmire, Edmund to Lorina Grace Hunter 3 June 1907 in Paris
Pugmire, Edna to Eugene Arnell 14 Nov 1919 in Paris
Pugmire, Estelle to Chancy Floyd 9 Jan 1912 in Paris
Pugmire, Gertrude to Arthur Burke 5 Dec 1906 in Paris
Pugmire, Gwendolyn Elizabeth to Stanley Dalrymple 28 Sep 1927 in Paris
Pugmire, Jonathan J to Ada Lillian Christensen 7 Oct 1911 in Paris
Pugmire, Justin to Elizabeth Winterbottom 13 Nov 1890 in Fish Haven
Pugmire, Justin G to Clara L Barker 16 Oct 1912 in Paris
Pugmire, Leola Lillian to Elwood Cleveland 18 Jun 1932 in St. Charles
Pugmire, Leon Y to Bertha Arnell 10 Aug 1906 in Paris
Pugmire, Leroy to Margaret Fisher 30 Mar 1902 in Paris
Pugmire, Lifton to Marguerite Goebel 5 Nov 1906 in Paris
Pugmire, Lorene Grace to John C Martin 1 Dec 1920 in Paris
Pugmire, Marguerite C to Leslie Jacob Christensen 29 Oct 1919 in Paris
Pugmire, Martha to Solomon William Tremelling 18 Aug 1908 in St Charles
Pugmire, Mildred to Harold Hansen 12 Nov 1919 in Paris
Pugmire, Raymond David to Ettie Lorenia Bridges 15 June 1918 in Paris

Pugmire, Violet to Delorne A Nelson 23 June 1919 in Bloomington
Vivian Irene to Eugene Richard Arnell 13 Jan 1916 in Paris
William Lionel (of Fish Haven) to Leona Speirs (of Montpelier) m-20 July 1921 by Police Judge W Smith Hoge in Paris in the presence of A M Burke & Mrs. Geo Speirs; recorded 11am 20 July 1921
Aileen May to Orrin Russell Weaver 31 July 1927 in Paris
Purdy, Mrs. Lollie D to William Marshall 10 Dec 1918 in Paris

Lucile to Edward Leissring 18 June 1934 in Montpelier
Purvance, W Truxton to
Yvonne Harmer 7 Sep 1933 in Montpelier
Edda M to W H Byrne 23 Mar 1892 in Montpelier
Putman, Edwina to Francis -- 19 Sep 1927 in Dingle

Putman, Mary I to
Francis A Allen 15 Nov 1911 in Paris

Quayle, Dora to Oren M Cozzeus 2 Aug 1906 in Dingle

Quayle, Jennett to Albert E Humburg 20 Oct 1906 in Dingle
Quayle, Kathleen to Alan Richards 7 Mar 1925 in Montpelier
Quayle, Morett to Oliver C Wilcox 16 Sep 1907 in Dingle
Quayle, Seth Thomas to Mary Viola Bagby 30 July 1910 in Dingle
Quayle, Stanley William to Zella Speirs 16 Feb 1920 in Paris

Quinn, Chester J to
Alice P Shupe 26 Sep 1909 in Paris
Quinn, Chester J to
Hallie Laura Dewey 12 Feb 1920 in Paris
Quinney, George to
Faun Weaver Milward 21 Feb 1931 in Paris
Quinton, Albert Henry to Rosa Scheidegger 4 Nov 1911 in Paris
Quinton, Alfred James to Ella Tressa Sorensen 19 Apr 1916 in Bloomington
Quinton, Fern Alice (of Bloomington) to Cecil Leroy Thornock (of Bloomington) m-4 Jan 1922 by Stake President William L Rich in Paris in the presence of Donald A Thornock and L L Reese; recorded 3pm 5 Jan 1922
Quinton, Florence Hazel to Eugene Nelson 4 Jan 1923 in Bloomington

Quinton, James to
Mabel Chace Nelson 25 Sep 1908 in Paris
Quinton, Pearl Louvernia to Lorenzo Charles Lewis 9 Feb 1923 in Bloomington
Sarah Elizabeth to David Earl Thornock 6 Aug 1919 in Bloomington


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