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Bear Lake Marriages




All marriage licenses are in the Courthouse in Paris.


Rador, Joseph Lawrence to Fern H Bassett 11 Aug 1930 in Paris
Rann, Olive G to
Shirley L Douglass 9 Feb 1920 in Paris
Rasmussen, Clara Rasmussen Leslie Edwin Fletcher 6 Nov 1924 in Paris
Rasmussen, James to Mary E Barkdull 5 Jan 1910 in Paris
Rasmussen, John R to Myrtle H Morris 22 Feb 1905 in Montpelier

Rasmussen, Joseph to
Anna C Jensen 13 Jan 1902 in Bloomington
Rasmussen, Joseph P to Nora Esterholdt 19 Dec 1901 in Bloomington
Rasmussen, Joseph P to Lucy S Hays 11 June 1913 in Paris
Julia to Hyrum Nelson 25 May 1905 in Bloomington
Rasmussen, Juliann C to George H Nelson 26 Sep 1905 in Paris
Rasmussen, Lydia to Don Jenkins 11 Oct 1930 in Paris

Rasmussen, Mary to
Jacob Albert Jacobson 5 May 1905 in Montpelier
Rasmussen, Royal James to
Rena Bunn 3 July 1931 in Paris
Rasmussen, Thelma to
Homer K Bassett 7 Apr 1934 in Paris
Frances Elizabeth to Elbert David Long 29 June 1926 in Montpelier
Rederick, Irene to
Leonard Williams 2 Feb 1929 in Paris
Redford, Nellie Lauretta to
Owen Laverl Miles 19 May 1934 in Paris
Rediger, Fred to
Alma Cadarett 3 Oct 1901 in Montpelier
Redman, James to
Lattie McGiluray 31 Jan 1901 in Montpelier
Reecardo, Joan to
William Callas 2 Nov 1928 in Paris
Reece, John Henry to
Eudora Irene 29 Dec 1924 in Paris
Reed, Joseph to Louisa Ellen Jacob 18 July 1911 in Montpelier
Mirbell Mary to M S Parker 28 Jul 1925 in Montpelier
Reese, Lotwick L to Frances E Brown 18 Nov 1908 in Bloomington
Reese, Orville W to Alice E Larson 25 July 1909 in Paris

William H to Therese Klingenberg 24 Oct 1913 in Paris
Reeves, Alfred to
Nellie Edith Layland 29 Sep 1923 in Paris
Reeves, John Elmer to Mabel Lena Teuscher 18 July 1927 in Paris
Reeves, Lavern to Theo James Keyes 23 Apr 1931 in Paris

Reeves, Raymond C to
Florence McPhie 26 Jan 1925 in Paris
Harold Kenneth to Marjorie Jean Sears 2 Dec 1933 in Montpelier
Regony, Lucy Louise to
Barney Buffi 8 July 1926 in Paris
Lucy Clara to Ralph Francis Harris 9 Jan 1914 in Montpelier
Remero, Ada Ruth to
John Eugene Jewett 16 Sep 1913 in Montpelier
Reoy, Jean to
Charles H Hall 3 June 1912 in Paris
Resio, Frank to
Teresa Pereno 27 Sep 1926 in Paris
Rhodes, Beatrice to John Easton 28 Aug 1931 in Paris

Rhodes, Lawrence Henry to
Rose Woodrick 28 Apr 1919 in Paris
Rhodes, Vinton Irvin (of Arco Idaho) to
Wilda R Earl (of Benkilmen Nebraska) m-20 June 1921 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of E H & Mrs. Chapin
Bacil Eugene to Zina Lucinda Handie 30 Oct 1925 in Paris
Rich, Evelyn Barbara Stock to Don B Lee 20 Apr 1934 in Paris
Rich, Harley T (of Paris) to Rose Thurston (of Paris) m-14 Jan 1922 by Stake President William L Rich in Paris in the presence of Abel G Rich and Mary I Rich; recorded 9:30am 17 Jan 1922
Rich, James C to Luella Closner 17 Sep 1902 in Montpelier
Rich, Luella Arold to Franklin Geo Burton 22 July 1913 in Paris

Rich, Simpson Eugene to Susanna Clayton 11 June 1923
Rich, Stanford to Jennie Donnetta Grimmett 11 Sep 1923 in Paris
Rich, Thomas G to Lizzie Pugmire m-9 Jan 1877 by LDS Elder Charles C Rich in St Charles in the presence of John A Hunt and Jonathan Pugmire
Rich, Wm R (of Paris) to
Ellen Pomeroy (of Paris) m-6 Sep 1877 by Wm Budge in Paris in the presence of F M Pomeroy and Louisa Rich
William Edward to Laura Bowcutt 5 Dec 1914 in Paris
Richards, Alan to Kathleen Quayle 7 Mar 1925 in Montpelier
Richards, Albert G to Amanda Lindsay 3 Aug 1904 in Bennington
Richards, Amanda to Lawrence Thompson 2 Mar 1924 in Bennington
Richards, Doris to Allen Earl Peterson 13 Nov 1919 in Paris
Richards, Henry John to Eliza Julia Peterson 11 July 1925 in Montpelier
Richards, Mary to Clover Sturlin 26 Aug 1923 in Paris

Richardson, Austin to Hattie H Sargent 23 Feb 1904 in Montpelier
Richardson, Delmer C to Emma Ruth Cranney 21 Oct 1929 in Paris
Richardson, Geraldine Olmstead to Forrest Russell Sawyer 24 may 1934 in Paris
Paul George to Irene Georgia Downing 26 Dec 1913 in Montpelier
Ella Lilly to Rony Suter 25 Oct 1929 in Paris
D Lester to Rosa C Smith 16 Aug 1927 in Paris
Riddle, Mary Ann to
Herbert Beachler 23 June 1914 in Paris
Riddle, Russell M to
Vivetta Henderson 17 Sep 1925 in Paris
Marie to Milford Nolton Hess 31 Oct 1918 in Montpelier
Ringel, Daisie to
Vernon Nelson 27 Feb 1930 in Paris
Ringle, Lillian G to
Theodore C Wright 24 Dec 1906 in Montpelier
Rising, Lucile to
John Leslie Langford 3 Nov 1915 in Montpelier
Robbins, Frederick Eugene to
Edna Ford 18 May 1926 in Paris
Roberts, Benjamin to Amy J Sorensen 21 Apr 1906 in Paris
Roberts, Chauncey Richard to Jennie Adell Murphy 19 Oct 1929 in Paris
Roberts, David M to Emma K Augerter 4 Oct 1906 in Paris
Roberts, Delbert to Bertha Wyler 11 Oct 1923 in Paris
Roberts, Della
Leone to Herman L Grunig 18 Mar 1935 in Paris
Roberts, Dwellyn to Della Sommers 20 Nov 1925 in Paris
Roberts, Ezra Owen to Cerilda Poulsen 20 Aug 1929 in Paris
Roberts, Griffith to Ella Jane Smith 21 Nov 1901 in Paris
Roberts, Hazel to Herbert Young 20 July 1914 in Paris
Roberts, Hilda Josephine to Frederick Sommers 28 Aug 1929 in Paris

Roberts, Thomas to Barbara Goebel 29 June 1907 in Paris
Roberts, Milton S to Nettie O Hagen 16 Mar 1910 in Montpelier
Roberts, Ruby Rosetta to Orion Tyre Glenn 10 Jan 1916 in Fish Haven

Robinson, Clarence A to Anne Louise Scott 6 Sep 1933 in Montpelier
Robinson, Ethel Violet to Franklin Lee Jones 14 Sep 1915 in Montpelier
Robinson, Fern to Edwin C Hill 24 Dec 1933 in Paris
Robinson, George W to Lois Shepherd 15 June 1928 in Montpelier
Robinson, Olive Irene to Harold Hull 29 Apr 1908 in Montpelier
Robinson, Thomas Henry (of Cumberland Wyoming) to Minnie Blodwin Berrier (of Cumberland Wyoming) m-2 Dec 1922 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Rebecca M Knudson and Otto Berrier; recorded 2pm 2 Oct 1922
Robinson, Vera to Eugene Suter 8 Mar 1934 in Paris

Robison, Budd Stanton to Gonzella Nate 27 Dec 1927 in Paris

Robison, Florence to
Oswald F Vogel 25 May 1903 in Montpelier
Robison, Hannah to
John Kay Moffat 21 Sep 1910 in Paris
Robison, Lawrence Guy to Iva Maud Humphreys 8 Sep 1920 in Paris

Robison, Leone Druscilla to
Edward Franklin Nate 19 Jan 1915 in Paris
Robison, Martha Jane to
Hyrum Larsen 23 Jan 1918 in Paris
William Arthur to Mabel Bennett 4 Dec 1916 in Montpelier
Rodeback, Irene Tabitha to
William Charles King 17 Nov 1917 in Paris
Roderick, H Beaton to
Jessie K McClennan 7 Feb 1912 in Montpelier
Roderick, Stella to Lisle Thenton Stephens
24 June 1925 in Paris
Roe, Lawrence T to
Avis A Arnold 17 Nov 1912 in Montpelier
Rogers, Alfred Arthur (of Paris) to Annie Lucile Passey (of Paris) m-8 Feb 1921 by Bishop Morris D Low in Paris in the presence of Henry N Rogers & Gladys Rodgers; recorded 5pm 8 Feb 1921
Rogers, Clarence Robert to Lila Evelyn Taylor 9 June 1915 in Paris

Rogers, John J to Erma King 22 Oct 1923 in Paris

Walter William (of Paris) to Rose Ella Nelson (of Bloomington) m-15 Apr 1921 by Probate Judge W Smith Hoge in Paris in the presence of S N Rich & A T Pendrey; recorded 16 Apr 1921
Christina to Edward J Beckwith 28 Mar 1912 in Montpelier
Roman, Emely to
Arnold Jonely 15 Oct 1912 in Paris
Romero, Amy H to
Eugene Beutter 6 Feb 1911 in Paris
Romero, Mary Louise to
Lewis P Gunnell 7 Mar 1935 in Paris
Rooker, William Abner to
Inona Sterrett 19 Apr 1918 in Montpelier
Rorve, David to
Eliza Hopkins 17 Sep 1902 in Paris
Rose, Arville to Mabel Hurst 19 Aug 1933 in Paris

Rosen, Martha to Louis Sorenson 15 June 1912 in Paris
Rosen, Robert Lester to Ella Amelia Pendrey 1 Nov 1917 in Paris
Rose Marie to Henry Thomas Bolton 8 Apr 1908 in Paris
Frances E to John A Lloyd 21 May 1919 in Paris
Roubidoux, Sylvester to
Zella Godfrey 31 Aug 1928 in Paris
Rowbottom, Alice to
Marius Bradak 12 Aug 1912 in Paris
Rowe, Thomas to
Nancy Vivetta Jensen 14 July 1913 in Montpelier
Rowley, Daniel H to
Lena Potter 27 Jan 1913 in Paris
Rowley, Earl Daniel to
Mabel Celia Long 1 July 1915 in Paris
Roy, Ambrezine E Penman to
James Wilson 19 July 1912 in Paris
Ruff, Lyle Calderwood to
Emma Elizabeth Porter 15 Aug 1925 in Paris
Russell, Roy to
Adah Young 27 Aug 1912 in Paris
Rutherford, Albert D to
Minnie Wuthrich 15 July 1902 in Montpelier
Ryan, John M to
Sarah A Perkins 25 Jan 1904 in Montpelier
Mary to Clarence Bruce Jove 5 June 1912 in Montpelier
Ryburn, Charlotte Isabelle to
Howard Fred Morrow 26 Nov 1930 in Paris

Saari, Ernest to Pauline Parent 30 May 1925 in Paris
Salisbury, Frank E to
Ida Zumbrummen 31 July 1901 in Ovid
Salisbury, Richard to
Mary Alice Bale 10 Nov 1919 in Montpelier
Saltzgiver, Ray Boyd to
Eleanor Lou Miller 2 July 1927 in Paris
Sandberg, Edward to
Rozelin Lee 10 July 1923 in Paris
Sanders, Myrna to
W Vaughn Hyde 6 Nov 1933 in Paris
Sanderson, James to
Almeda Palmer 9 June 1905 in Bloomington
Sanderson, William Deloss to
Alta Brower 3 July 1924 in Paris
Sandretto, Dom to
Lucy Balma 16 May 1928 in Paris
Sanford, Earl C to
Vivian Van Voor 15 Dec 1919 in Montpelier
Sant, Milton C to Irva Smedley 5 Dec 1928 in Paris

Sarbach, David Richard to Emma Clara Lucas 15 Aug 1918 in Paris
Sarbach, F E to Mary Bauman 15 Feb 1906 in Paris
Louisa to Paul Girlsch 30 Dec 1905 in Paris
Mareta to Joseph C Lackman 25 Feb 1913 in Paris
Sarbach, Odelia Susanna to
Percy J Young 10 Feb 1916 in Paris
Hattie H to Austin Richardson 23 Feb 1904 in Montpelier
Sarver, Grant B to
Hilma R Swa 23 Jan 1929 in Montpelier
Satterthwaite, Alta to
Alexander Johnson 14 May 1919 in Paris
Satterthwaite, Russell to Althea Wamsley 5 Jan 1925 in Paris

Satterthwaite, Winifred to
Richard Dubios Moore 11 Feb 1926 in Paris
Sawyer, Forrest Russell to
Geraldine Olmstead Richardson 24 May 1934 in Paris
Scandella Lily to
Louis Bosco 15 Jan 1927 in Paris
Scarlett, Mary H (of Montpelier) to
W J Hepburn (of Montpelier) m-1 June 1922 by LDS Elder Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Amy Munk and Mercy P Kelsey; recorded 9;10am 2 June 1922
Scharthausen, Harry Ralph to
Abbie Elvira Clark 21 Jan 1916 in Paris
Scheby, Henry to
Elva Mabel Jensen 30 July 1928 in Paris
Scheidegger, Ella Annie to Eugene D Curless 13 Aug 1919 in Montpelier
Scheidegger, Emeline E to David Mouritsen 13 Aug 1919 in Montpelier
Scheidegger, Jesse Joseph to Della Grunig 14 Jan 1924 in Paris
Scheidegger, Johanna Eliza to Charles Frederick Nutt 2 May 1916 in Paris

Scheidegger, Rosa to
Albert Henry Quinton 4 Nov 1911 in Paris
Schenck, Estella to Wallace Devere Curtis 17 Apr 1929 in Paris
Joel Melvin to Mary Maud Henderson 22 June 1904 in Paris
Oscar Lorenzo to Anna Louella Cowley 10 Apr 1907 in Paris
Schick, Chas Frederick to Marie Johnson 17 Apr 1924 in Montpelier
Minnie to Rulon W Winter 25 Oct 1924 in Montpelier
Alfred H to Gladys Bedell 4 Apr 1923 in Montpelier
Schmid, Freda H to
Ray H Walker 28 Nov 1912 in Montpelier
Schmid, John H to
Gladys Merrill 30 Dec 1925 in Paris
Schmid, Ruth to
Ivan O Phelps 31 Dec 1930 in Montpelier
Schmidlin, Catherine to
John Clifton 1 July 1901 in Paris
Schmidt, John Henry to
Eliza Chugg 8 Apr 1915 in Paris
Schmidt, Rozina to
John Leroy Johnston 6 Mar 1920 in Paris
Schmit, Bertha to William W Kent 5 Feb 1902 in Paris
Schmit, Eliza to Jacob Jensen 6 June 1917 in Montpelier

George to Lillian Closner 16 Jan 1907 in Paris
Schmld, Charles August to
Martha Dewey 1 Jan 1916 in Paris
Schofield, Afton to Stephen George Gheen 3 June 1930 in Fish Haven
Dennis Clarence to Teresa Richardson Burgi 31 Oct 1924 in Dingle
George A to Grace Mildred Whitman 5 June 1912 in Montpelier
Schrier, Anna to
Adolph Sommers 26 Oct 1911 in Paris
Schrock, Willis E to
Sophia Dureny 21 Aug 1926 in Paris
Schwarz, Herman G to
Johanna K Dieffenbach 4 Mar 1909 in Paris
Schwarz, John Albert to
Hazel Bella Darnell 12 July 1913 in Paris
Scott, Anne Louise to Clarence A Robinson 6 Sep 1933 in Montpelier
Della M to William R Allred 12 Aug 1912 in Montpelier
Scott, Eva Gortcinsky to Charles Bain Coyle 17 Sep 1926 in Montpelier
Scott, Everett Barney to Cora Smith 8 May 1930 in Paris

Scott, Gracia Anne to
James Henry Callison 30 Aug 1912 in Paris
Scott, Willis to
Eugean Gaspard 5 Feb 1921 in Paris
Sears, Marjorie Jean to
Harold Kenneth Regnier 2 Dec 1933 in Montpelier
Carl Walter to Lydia Sommers 14 June 1915 in Paris
Seewer, Emeline to
John Lewis Murphy 25 June 1917 in Paris
Seewer, Ericka (of Montpelier) to
Morris Ellis (of Montpelier) m-27 Aug 1921 by LDS Elder Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Annie Seewer & Amy Munk; recorded 3:30 pm 27 Aug 1921
Seifert, William to
Leta Pearl Gates 12 Jan 1917 in Montpelier
Sena, Anona to George W Bryan 13 Dec 1921 in Montpelier

Senter, Perry (of Nampa Idaho) to
Myra Dewey (of Montpelier) m-17 Nov 1921 by LDS Elder Silas L Wright in Montpelier in the presence of Mrs. Chas Schmid & Mrs. Mike Knutti; recorded 9am 18 Nov 1921
Sessions, Ada to
Orland Eddins 17 Mar 1930 in Paris
Clyde Ferguson to Joanna Lee 29 Dec 1913 in Paris
Settle, Helen to
Thaniel Bird 7 Jan 1933 in Paris
Severn, Daniel E to Flora M Lewis 1 Sep 1908 in Montpelier
Harry Allen to Mary Thelis 7 Aug 1907 Montpelier
Mary Thetis to Harry Allen Severn 18 Apr 1917 in Montpelier
Shadell, William Nicholas to
Jennie Adeline Berry 26 July 1915 Paris
Shane, Cora to
George Joseph Esterholdt 18 Nov 1913 in Paris
Sharp, James H to Fanny Hunter 18 Dec 1920 in Paris

Sharp, William Carl to
Winnie Winn Bewelter 21 July 1913 in Paris
Grace Bell to Roy Everett Anderson 11 Oct 1927 in Paris
Shatter, Glen to
Sylvia Baldwin 3 July 1911 in Montpelier
Shaw, Janet to
Edward F Closner 12 June 1923 in Paris
Sheehan, John Edward to
Millie Orchard 24 Sep 1917 in Paris
Sheirett, Glen to
Jamie Olsen 25 Dec 1932 in Ovid
Shelby, Flora to
Harley Lambert 22 Oct 1929 in Paris
Shelp, Leon E to
Lula V Isle 10 Nov 1933 in Montpelier
Shepherd, Annie Sarah to Ivan Appollo Hansen 30 July 1917 in Paris
Shepherd, Joseph A to Mary Lewis 10 Dec 1923 in Paris
Shepherd, Lois to George W Robinson 15 June 1928 in Montpelier
Shepherd, Robert Arff to Vad Amelia Jacobson 25 July 1923 in Bloomington

Shepherd, Stanley Burton to
Mary Elizabeth Cooper 16 Mar 1911 in Montpelier
Fannie Belle to John Galloway 24 June 1914 in Montpelier
Shields, Lowell to
Rose E Perry 19 Feb 1934 in Paris
Edward L to Esther Maria Freborg 29 Nov 1901 in Montpelier
Short, Harry Jr. to Amanda M Sizemore 25 Oct 1905 in Paris
Short, Kate to Ferdinand Bucher 18 July 1906 in Paris

Short, James to
Josephine Fowler 23 Apr 1902 in Montpelier
Short, Shirley Betty to James Harvey Luce 20 May 1934 in Paris
William to Edna Imogene Lindsay 19 May 1909 in Ovid
Ruby Bell to John Eardley Julian 26 Dec 1918 in Paris
Shrope, Alpheus A (of Montpelier) to Mary Sommers (of Montpelier) m-16 Mar 1922by LDS Elder Silas L Wright  in Paris in the presence of Louise Chugg and Amy Munk; recorded 10:20am 16 Mar 1922

Shrope, Cora May to
Wesley Dodge 30 Jan 1918 in Paris
Shumway, Alma A to Doris S Hepworth 6 Apr 1931 in Paris
Guy Leon to Gladys Orissa Allred 3 Jan 1927 in Paris
Shupe, Alice P to Chester J Quinn 26 Sep 1909 in Paris
Shupe, Ethel Laverne to Edwin Raymond Gardener 3 June 1907 in Paris
Shupe, Genevieve to John E Taylor 21 Apr 1913 in Paris
Shupe, Mary H to Arthur Williams 3 Sep 1902 in Montpelier
Shupe, Sarah M to James T Jones 23 Dec 1907 in Montpelier
Elmer J to Ethel Banks 30 Sep 1922 in Montpelier
Siikamaki, Adiel to
Pertha Erickson 26 July 1924 in Paris
Simmons, Emma E to Charles H Meu? 3 Sep 1909 in Paris
Simmons, Eva to Anthony Swenson 1 Sep 1909 in Paris
Simmons, George William to Edith Bowen 7 May 1932 in Montpelier
Simmons, Jodie E to Amelia Jensen 22 Aug 1908 in Fish Haven

Lee L to Ellen Ethel Munro 22 May 1911 in Paris
Simmons, Stella to
Andrew Albertsen 2 Dec 1914 in Paris
Simpson, Eula to Nayden Totsfoff 10 June 1931 in Paris
Simpson, Lillian to
Oscar Edward Olson 30 June 1916 in Paris
Simpson, Richard to
Cora Jensen 7 Feb 1924 in Paris
Sims, Alfred G to Annie Cooper 18 Sep 1912 in Paris
Sims, Alvin to Kate A Hale 5 Aug 1913 in Paris
Sims, Aprilla Maxine to Ralph Arnell 6 July 1934 in Paris
James to Rose Tueller 15 June 1904 Paris
Nellie to Morg Taggart 2 Jan 1928 in Paris
Sizemore, Amanda M to Harry Short Jr. 25 Oct 1905 in Paris
Sizemore, Daniel to Katherine Barbara Schliman Elber 30 June 1915 in Paris
Sizemore, Fayette C to Pearl Beus 3 Aug 1929 in Paris
Sizemore, James L to Rosanna Sizemore 9 Apr 1904 in Paris
Sizemore, John R to Sarah C Nelson 14 Jan 1909 in Bloomington
Sizemore, Rosanna to James L Sizemore 9 Apr 1904 in Paris

Sizemore, Sarah to
Orson Freeman 30 Dec 1901 in Paris
Walter Carol to Gladys Kirstena Poulsen 29 Apr 1918 in Paris
Skinner, Alonzo (of Paris) to Ruby Bodell (of Harrison Ut) m-16 Aug 1922 by Probate Judge W Smith Hoge in Paris in the presence of Virginia Rich and J M Ward; recorded 11am 16 Aug 1922
Skinner, Archibald to Ethel May Chugg 30 Jun 1908 in Paris
Skinner, Charles to Lucy Albiston 3 June 1912 in Paris
Skinner, Charles H to Janet Wixom 16 Aug 1926 in Paris
Skinner, David H to Elizabeth A Munro 18 Sep 1906 in Paris
Skinner, Edward T to Jane Turner 27 Dec 1924 in Paris
Skinner, Eunice to Erwin Chaffin 20 Nov 1934 in Montpelier
Skinner, George (of Bedford Wyoming) to Mary Peacock (of Bedford Wyoming) m-7 June 1922 by Probate Judge W Smith Hoge in Paris in the presence of Mercy P Kelsey and George Hunter; recorded 5:30pm 7 June 1922
Skinner, George J to Roxzina Young 11 Oct 1904 in Paris
Skinner, Goldie Arillia to Vern Chugg 18 Dec 1930 in Paris
Skinner, Harriet Amelia to Peter Thomson 5 Nov 1913 in Paris
Skinner, Ireta Minerva to Edmond Earl Skinner 15 July 1919 in Paris
Skinner, Ina L to Benjamin H. Johnson 18 Aug 1923 in Paris
Skinner, Janett H to Oren Munro 20 Dec 1910 in Paris
Skinner, Jesse to Nellie Anderson 2 Nov 1910 in Paris
John A to Sylvia Kelsey 19 Oct 1876 in Paris
Skinner, Edmond Earl to Ireta Minerva Skinner 15 July 1919 in Paris
Skinner, Madaline Vearl to Alvin Alonzo Munro 4 June 1917 in Paris
Skinner, Marcella to Calvin Peterson 20 Nov 1934 in Montpelier
Skinner, Mary H to John A McGrew 24 Nov 1909 in Paris

Skinner, Rachel I to Lewis C Housley 4 Aug 1909 in Paris

Skinner, Smith to Eliza Argenta Chugg 25 Jan 1911 in Paris
Skinner, Vera to Adelbert Hayes 1 Mar 1917 in Paris

Slater, Grover C (of Montpelier) to Martha Marie Berger (of Montpelier) m-29 May 1921 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Allen Linvall & Martha Scheidigger; recorded 10:35am 31 May 1921
James R to Ella Heep 14 Feb 1903 in Paris
Sleight, Karl to Blanche Bateman 23 Oct 1928 in Paris
Sleight, Stephen to Zelpha Clegg 27 Feb 1908 in Paris

Sleight, Thomas G to
Emily Miles 2 Nov 1900 in Paris
Ellen to Allen D Bartell 26 Aug 1907 in Paris
Sloan, Helen Anne to
William H Williams 30 Oct 1923 in Paris
Smart, Frederick to Ester Hayes 20 Aug 1908 in Paris
Smart, Iva Lillian to Martin H Phelps 24 Aug 1908 in Montpelier
Parley G to Emily McCammon 10 Apr 1911 in Paris
Smedley, Irva to
Milton C Sant 5 Dec 1928 in Paris
Smit, William J to
Alice Sorenson 6 Nov 1905 in Paris
Smith, Alan
Felger to Mary Ann Dixon 17 Oct 1925 in Paris
Smith, Alberta to Lester P Thornock 17 Nov 1920 in Bloomington

Smith, Charles L to Lucy Mresrly
17 Jun 1911 in Paris
Smith, Clifford to Cora Bennett 22 Aug 1924 in Paris
Smith, Clifford H to Verda Van Orman 12 Nov 1928 in Montpelier

Smith, Collis R (of Montpelier) to Lucile Hall (of Montpelier) m-
8 Oct 1921 by Police Judge W Smith Hoge in Paris in the presence of S J Athay & Mrs. I Preston; recorded 9am 10 Oct 1921
Smith, Cora to Everett Barney Scott 8 May 1930 in Paris

Smith, David W to
Edna Closner 18 Dec 1907 in Paris
Smith, Edna L to Herbert F Beckdolt 15 Aug 1926 in Montpelier
Smith, Edward L to Gladys Comstock 29 Nov 1924 in Paris
Smith, Elmer Thomas to Sarah Taylor
Smith, Eugene D to Emma Bryan 9 Jun 1908 in Paris
Smith, Ernest Evan to Erma Platts
Smith, Ernest R to Myrtle Winifred Christiansen 15 Jan 1908 in Paris

Smith, Effie R to
Agriffa Allen 11 Nov 1902 in Montpelier
Smith, Ella Jane to Griffith Roberts 21 Nov 1901 in Paris
Smith, Ellen to
Archie Darrell Allred 24 Jun 1916 in Paris
Smith, Elmer Thomas to Sarah Taylor 12 Dec 1928 in Paris
Smith, Elva (of Laketown Ut) to Clifford M King (of Diamondville Wyoming) m-14 Aug 1922 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Mercy P Kelsey and Virginia Rich; recorded 5:05pm 16 Aug 1922
Smith, Ernest Evan to Erma Platts 24 Nov 1920 in Montpelier
Smith, Florence E to William I Smith 23 June 1927 in Montpelier

Smith, George A to Lena Hirschi 13 May 1901 in Montpelier
Smith, George Heber to
Cora Thirkill 18 May 1928 in Paris
Smith, George King to Bernice Clarana Hill 11 Nov 1929 in Bloomington

Smith, Harris W to Florence Barkdull 30 Oct 1908 in Paris
Smith, Hettie Annie to Ervin Blaine Thornock 5 Dec 1918 in Bloomington
Smith, Irene to Essie Melton Bassett 21 June 1926 in Paris
Smith, John E to Mrs. Hannah Ansell 11 Nov 1904 in Paris
Smith, Joseph F to Amelia Barrett 27 June 1906 in Montpelier
Smith, Leta Denise to
William Fowler Ashley 17 Oct 1934 in Paris
Smith, Lottie to J D Mott 19 Dec 1906 in Paris

Smith, Parley H to Mary Speiss 12 Sep 1928 in Paris
Smith, Rosa to William G James 25 Apr 1901 in Montpelier
Smith, Rosa C to D Lester Ricks 16 Aug 1927 in Paris
Smith, Samuel to Ruth Tippetts 6 Jan 1930 in Paris
Smith, Vera V to Darrell E Welker 1 Dec 1923 in Paris
Smith, Wanda Marie to James Heber Lyon 26 Dec 1930 in Paris
Smith, William to Anna Lehmann 25 July 1910 in Paris
Smith, William H to Jane E Nebeker 20 Jan 1926 in Paris
Smith, William I to Florence E Smith 23 June 1927 in Montpelier
Smith, William John to Sarah Jane Pendry 27 Aug 1924 in Paris
Jenny (of Leroy Wyoming) to William Pirkins (of Fort Hall Idaho) m-15 June 1922 by LDS Elder Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of James Dunn and Geo Perrett; recorded 9am 16 June 1922
Sneddon, Helen to
Clifford Peterson 15 Sep 1930 in Paris
Snyder, Anna Emily to Arthur Ray Peckinpaugh 22 Oct 1917 in Paris
Snyder, Chester Samuel to Nina Edgren 1 Oct 1919 in Paris
Snyder, Bert to Hazel Huff 25 May 1916 in Montpelier
Snyder, Hazel to Elmer Pearson 26 Apr 1930 in Paris
Snyder, Josephine to Rue George Windley 20 Dec 1924 in Paris
Snyder, Melva Ann to Albert Aaron Forman 19 Mar 1919 in Paris

Snyder, Nathaniel James (of Montpelier) to Dora Lee Priscilla Laughter (of Montpelier) m-16 June 1922 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Wm L Astle and Mercy P Kelsey; recorded 10:15am 16 June 1922
Snyder, Pearl Linna to
Elmer Weaver 2 Nov 1914 in Paris
Snyder, Robert C to Naomi Martha Larsen 5 July 1924 in Paris
Doris to Leslie Hoff 24 July 1924 in Paris
Solum, Frances Jean to William Donniel Jensen 7 Dec 1933 in Paris

Solum, Ruby to
William Gaskins 15 Oct 1932 in Montpelier
Sommers, Adolph to Anna Schrier 26 Oct 1911 in Paris
Annie to John Blazer 25 Sep 1902 in Montpelier
Sommers, Della to Dwellyn Roberts 20 Nov 1925 in Paris
Sommers, Ernest Jr. to Martha Lockman 17 Oct 1917 in Paris
Sommers, Fred to Vida Edith Murphy 17 Apr 1918 in Paris
Sommers, Frederick to Hilda Josephine Roberts 28 Aug 1929 in Paris
Sommers, Helen to William Alfred Duncan 1 Nov 1920 in Paris

Sommers, Louise to William J Chugg 16 Feb 1909 in Paris
Sommers, Lucy to
William Wright 18 June 1902 in Montpelier
Lydia to Carl Walter Seewer 14 June 1915 in Paris
Mary (of Montpelier) to Alpheus A Shrope (of Montpelier) m-16 Mar 1922by LDS Elder Silas L Wright  in Paris in the presence of Louise Chugg and Amy Munk; recorded 10:20am 16 Mar 1922
Garrett William to Mattie May Layland 14 Jan 1915 in Paris
Somson, Ivie L K to
Wilbert Williams 22 Dec 1913 in Paris
Sorensen, Amy G to
John C Nelson 5 Apr 1900 in Montpelier
Sorensen, Amy J to Benjamin Roberts 21 Apr 1906 in Paris
Sorensen, Andrew to Jennie Weaver 12 Apr 1907 in Paris
Sorensen, Carl W to Lois Jensen 11 June 1934 in Paris
Sorensen, Carrie M to Martin J Hansen 9 Feb 1911 in Paris
Sorensen, Charles S to Amelia Clara Hunzeker 1 Aug 1908 in Paris
Sorensen, Christina to Andrew C Nelsen 3 May 1907 in Paris
Sorensen, Christine (of Montpelier) to Peter Hansen (of Montpelier) m-17 Nov 1921 by LDS Elder Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Amy Munk & Arvilla Smedley; recorded 1:30pm 17 Nov 1921
Sorensen, Ella T to Hyrum K Larsen 14 Oct 1912 in Paris
Sorensen, Ella Tressa to Alfred James Quinton 19 Apr 1916 in Bloomington
Sorensen, Esther to Charles Edwin Grunig 6 Mar 1916 in Paris

Sorensen, Henry to
Mary Barker 1 Oct 1901 in Paris
Sorensen, Laura to
Lewis Boothe 18 Jan 1904 in Montpelier
Sorensen, Lida A to Otto J Kensell 31 Dec 1909 in Paris
Sorensen, Luella M to Charles H Fredricks 3 June 1907 in Paris
Mary to Otto Bucher 22 Sep 1906 in Paris
Mary Rosetta to Earl Lavon Jacobsen 5 June 1911 in Paris
Nettie to Seaman Abraham Jewett 6 Oct 1919 in Paris
Sorenson, Christina to Samuel G Humphreys 3 July 1902 in Paris
Sorenson, Golden F to Freda Longhurst 23 Aug 1926 in Paris
Sorenson, Joseph E to Leetta Dustin 1 Jan 1929 in Montpelier
Sorenson, Louis to Martha Rosen 15 June 1912 in Paris
Sarah A to Earl D Kunz 13 Oct 1927 in Paris
Sorren M to Laura Overgaard 25 Oct 1911 in Dingle
Southard, Herman R to
Estelle Hewitt 22 June 1904 in Montpelier
Emma Eliza to Francis Murphy Couch 7 Nov 1917 in Paris
Mary W to Henry Gibson Jr. 21 Sep 1924 in Paris
Sparks, Alice to Cornell Nate 28 Sep 1911 in Dingle
Sparks, Caddie A to Grantly E Wilcox 23 July1906 in Paris

Sparks, Edwin Henry to Pearl Meeks 19 Oct 1914 in Paris
Sparks, Emily Sarah to Thomas Edward Bird 8 July 1909 in Dingle
Sparks, George to Sarah E Lewis 19 Jan 1911 in Dingle
Sparks, Hettie to George Ludwig 2 Aug 1893 in Montpelier
Sparks, Ira to Ethel Cazier 29 Apr 1925 in Paris

Sparks, Magdalene Emma to Charles Mathis Nelson 12 Dec 1917 in Dingle
Sparks, Marvin Joseph to Macy Hazel Dimick 21 Jan 1915 in Paris
Sparks, Mary Jane to E Y Bostrom 5 Oct 1911 in Dingle
Sparks, Mary Jane to Lawrence E Esterholdt 28 Jan 1912 in Paris
Sparks, Myrtle May to Ivor John Loveday 5 Feb 1916 in Paris
Sparks, Ray Stanley to Elda Prescott 25 Sep 1934 in Bennington
Thomas E to Louie Humpherys 16 Dec 1909 in Dingle
Sparks, Walter Alfred (of Dingle) to Leona Pearl Lyons (of Dingle) m-16 Sep 1922 by Bishop Morris D Low in Paris in the presence of Roy Lyons and Edmund Sparks; recorded 1:20pm 20 Sep 1922

Sparks, William R to
Dortha L. Burbank 13 Aug 1910 in Paris
Speirs, Isaac Walters to Mrs. Ruby Mournsten 17 Aug 1916 in Bennington
Speirs, Leona (of Montpelier) to William Lionell Pugmire (of Fish Haven) m-20 July 1921 by Police Judge W Smith Hoge in Paris in the presence of A M Burke & Mrs. Geo Speirs; recorded 11am 20 July 1921
Speirs, Mary to Isaac Stephens 16 Nov 1905 in Paris
Speirs, Ralph S to Theirl Z Kearl 19 Sep 1934 in Paris
Zella to Stanley William Quayle 16 Feb 1920 in Paris
Mary to Parley H Smith 12 Sep 1928 in Paris
Spencer, Charles Blaine to Letha Hatch 20 Dec 1927 in Paris
Spencer, Margaret Louie (of Randolph Ut) to
Paul Burton Firth (of Ogden Ut) m-24 June 1922 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of S J Athay and Mercy P Kelsey; recorded 2:30pm 24 June 1922
Spencer, Melvin to
Ivy Odetta Nebeker 11 July 1924 in Paris
Spidell, J Frank to Ruth Merrill 12 Oct 1930 in Montpelier
George to Henrietta Danks 21 Mar 1901 in Montpelier
Spiers, Lillie to
Oliver Winfield Wright 17 Apr 1917 in Paris
Sprense, Jerry G to
Millie Frances 10 Feb 1904 in Paris
Stacey, Fred to Esther Hagemann 24 Feb 1934 in Paris

Stacey, Isabella to
Frank Roy McGin 5 July 1919 in Paris
Stacey, Leona to
Carroll Howard Chealey 17 May 1927 in Paris
Stack, Catherine Isabella to Hyrum Michaelson 21 Dec 1904 in Paris
Susan to Luther L Tuffts 24 Aug 1901 in Fish Haven
Louise to John Stucki 8 June 1909 Montpelier
Staley, Lillie E to Richard E Wheelan 21 June 1905 in Montpelier
Staley, Leone (of Montpelier) to John Lindstrom (of Buhl Idaho) m-21 Oct 1921 by LDS Elder Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of W G Staley & Arthur Budge; recorded 9am 22 Oct 1921
Staley, Marjorie Cenith to Jay Booth Meredith 3 Mar 1919 in Montpelier

Winfield G to Annie Burney 5 Jan 1908 in Montpelier
Theresa M to John G Venter 20 Sep 1920 in Montpelier
Stansel, Franklin Marcus to
Vineta Peterson 27 July 1930 in Ovid
Stanton, Charles E to
Mary Ellen Davis 9 Dec 1912 in Paris
Stark, Martin to
Lavina Kelsey 24 Dec 1903 in Paris
Steed, Lenora to
Leland Harrison 30 June 1928 in Paris
Steed, Myrtle to Wells F Weaver 10 Oct 1933 in Paris
Stanley Burton to Fontella Carmen Weaver 28 Jan 1931 in Paris
Steffenhagen, Carl to Jessie Lakey 23 Oct 1926 in Paris
Emma to Otto Petereil 7 Aug 1906 in Paris
Stephens, Claude Donald to Elaine Agnes Nelson 14 Jan 1935 in Montpelier
E A to Mary Stone 4 Apr 1905 in Montpelier
Stephens, Isaac to
Mary Speirs 16 Nov 1905 in Paris
Stephens, Lisle Thenton to
Stella Roderick 24 June 1925 in Paris
Nancy Roella to Alonzo Lewis Depeal 28 June 1929 in Paris
Inona to William Abner Rooker 19 Apr 1918 in Montpelier
William to Wanda Belle Michaelson 22 June 1933 in Paris
Stevens, Alfred Tracy to May Hoppert 18 Apr 1914 in Paris
Stevens, Alvin E to Martha Madsen 22 July 1910 in Paris
Stevens, Ellen to Sampson Nate 16 Dec 1903 in Dingle

Stevens, Ellen Mary to Thomas Gordon Taylor 2 June 1934 in Montpelier

Walter A to Arthel Morgan 1 Jan 1927 in Montpelier
Stewart, Harriet to Maurice F Burwell 13 Aug 1920 in Paris
Stewart, Lawrence to Marie Phillips 28 Apr 1930 in Paris
Stewart, Pearl to Harry Wilson 26 July 1917 in Paris
Stimpson, Roy to Georgia Myers 1 Apr 1926 in Paris

Stinsel, Naomi to
Thaddeus Hoyt 1 May 1926 in Paris
Stinson, Annie to
Richard Sullivan 12 May 1920 in Paris
Stinson, Ralph C to
Elgin Thurman 12 Nov 1923 in Montpelier
Stock, Autna W to Laura Hansen 28 Aug 1925 in Paris
Stock, Carl to Lucille Beutler 2 July 1932 in Paris
Stock, Edna to Dean Thurman 13 July 1929 in Paris
Stock, Erma to Elmo Jones 15 Sep 1931 in Montpelier

Stock, Ortella Anna to Golden Gilbert Holmes 14 Feb 1918 in Paris
Stock, Joseph P to
Annie J Cottle 7 June 1902 in Paris
Stock, Marjorie to Rowland Thomas Gose 3 Sep 1932 in Fish Haven

Stock, Wallace F to
Emma Hilt 29 Sep 1902 in Paris
Stoddard, Melvin Leroy to Leanora Grosjean 4 Sep 1931 in Montpelier

Stoddard, W R to
Mary J Anderson 10 Apr 1912 in Paris
Stoffers, Lillian V to Edward Eugene Dahlstrom 25 Dec 1933 in Montpelier
Fannie Leola to Clarence Ray Titensor 14 Nov 1916 in Paris
Stoker, Vernal William to
Clara Eddins 8 Feb 1923 in Paris
Stone, Mary to
E A Stephens 4 Apr 1905 in Montpelier
Stone, Sarah Sylvia to
Aroet Herrick 18 Oct 1911 in Paris
Stonebraker, Annice M to
Arnold L Ball 7 Nov 1925 in Paris
Stoner, Alfred to
Anna Kunzler 11 Oct 1902 in Paris
Stoner, Clarence Abraham (of Cokeville Wyoming) to Clara Cecil Jurgens (of Asotin Washington) m-17 Apr 1922 by Probate Judge W Smith Hoge in Paris in the presence of Silas L Wright and Jos L Collings; recorded 4;50pm 17 Apr 1922
Stoner, John H to
Ethel S Huckvale 29 Jan 1902 in Bloomington
Emil to Alice Bienz 28 Nov 1930 in Paris
Stowell, Aaron Alexander (of Declo Idaho) to
Margaret Oral Groo (of Montpelier) m-27 July 1921 by Stake President Edward C Rich in Montpelier in the presence of Oren F Campbell & Mrs. Nora Campbell; recorded 1:35pm 28 July 1921
Straley, Gladys to
William Bahem 19 June 1926 in Paris
Straley, Henry Franklin, Jr. to
Ina Matson 19 June 1926 in Paris
Strobelt, Mary Magdalena (of Paris) to Milton Thomas Thornock (of Bloomington) m-13 June 1921 by LDS Elder Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Paul Strobelt & Geo T Thornock; recorded 5pm 13 June 1921

Stromberg, Carl E to
Annie Lashbrook 1 Feb 1910 in Paris
Strong, Lester G to
Lillian G Gardner 10 Nov 1909 in Montpelier
Stroud, Rose to
H W Edwards 30 June 1925 in Montpelier
Struhs, Wilford H to
Mary Cummings 7 Sep 1929 in Paris
Stuart, Alva George to Myrtle Rosella Plant 17 Aug 1917 in Paris
Stuart, Stella May to
Ralph Robinson Hampton 6 July 1914 in Paris
John to Louise Stacker 8 June 1909 Montpelier
Stucki, John Ulrich to Margaretha Huber (no date)
Stumpp, William to
Jeanette Tippets 1 Oct 1923 in Paris
Clover to Mary Richards 26 Aug 1923 in Paris
Sturman, James (of Montpelier) to Vella Preston (of Montpelier) m-31 Jan 1922 by LDS Elder Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Mercy Price and Arvilla Smedley; recorded 5:30pm 31 Jan 1922

Sturman, George W (of Montpelier) to
Annie A Hager (of Montpelier) m-6 June 1921 by Probate Judge W Smith Hoge in Paris in the presence of Mrs. J R Rasmussen & Amy Munk; recorded 3:10pm 6 June 1921
Frank to Blanche Mclean 16 July 1927 in Paris
Subic, Jennie to
Anton Kuznar 11 July 1928 in Paris
Suiter, Edwin P Jr. to
Gladys Irene Burton 2 Aug 1919 in Paris
Sullivan, Putnam James to
Bertha Emma Beckwith 18 June 1917 in Montpelier
Sullivan, Richard to
Annie Stinson 12 May 1920 in Paris
Sunderland, William J R to
Leone Kunz 12 Jan 1933 in Montpelier
Sutter, Eugene to Vera Robinson 8 Mar 1934 in Paris

Sutter, Rony to
Ella Lilly Rickenbach 25 Oct 1929 in Paris
Sutter, Rube to Lena Merron 9 June 1903 in Paris
Sutter, Rudolph W to Zella Meeks 29 Nov 1924 in Paris
Lou Violate to Louise -- 14 July 1908 in Paris
Sutton, Edward to Mary Ann Morris 28 Dec 1901 Montpelier
Sutton, Ralph to
Rachel Baxter 1 June 1927 in Paris
Swa, Hilma R to Grant B Sarver 23 Jan 1929 in Montpelier
La Vone to Chauncey W Michaelson 24 Dec 1921 in Montpelier
Swainston, Albert L to
Mildred Foster 31 July 1929 in Paris
Swenson, Anthony to Eva Simmons 1 Sep 1909 in Paris
Swenson, Etta to Howard Nebeker 17 May 1928 in Paris
Swenson, Millie to
Roy Collett 19 Jun 1906 in Montpelier
Swenson, Laura Bell to Orlan A White 19 Dec 1924 in Paris
Swenson, Sarah Verna to Delmer Phillips 6 Oct 1928 in Paris
Selma to Harry William Buck 25 May 1916 in Paris
Harry L to Margaret Frances Kane 19 July 1907 in Paris
John C to Mary Vivian Wilcox 27 Dec 1910 in Montpelier


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