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Bear Lake Marriages





Taggart, Ivy Naomi to Martin F Clark 17 June 1929 in Paris
Taggart, Jean to
George Noah Hillstead 20 Dec 1927 in Paris
Taggart, Morg to
Nellie Sims 2 Jan 1928 in Paris
Crille to Parley P Peterson 16 Apr 1934 in Paris
Tate, Elgie to
William Norris 27 June 1933 in Paris
Taylor, Albert to Lavivian Jensen 30 June 1930 in Paris
Taylor, Bertha to Fred Berger 1 June 1934 in Montpelier
Taylor, Carl to Decla Hacklin 3 Sep 1926 in Paris
Taylor, Clarence to Viona Oletha Williamson 25 Dec 1919 in Paris
Taylor, Darwin Frederick (of Montpelier) to Edith Mae King (of Montpelier) m-29 Dec 1922 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of George H King and A R Thompson; recorded 11 am 29 Dec 1922
Taylor, John E to Genevieve Shupe 21 Apr 1913 in Paris
Taylor, Joseph J to Helen A Flynn 8 June 1909 in Montpelier

Taylor, Leah to
Joseph Keele 5 Nov 1903 in Paris
Taylor, Lela Susanna to Raymond Thomas Bruce 1 Sep 1928 in Paris
Lila Evelyn to Clarence Robert Rogers 9 June 1915 in Paris
Sarah to Elmer Thomas Smith 12 Dec 1928 in Paris
Thomas Gordon to Ellen Mary Stevens 2 June 1934 in Montpelier
Taylor, Vernal to
Wilda Linford 14 Nov 1934 in Paris
Daisy to John M Beveridge 29 Dec 1910 in Montpelier
Teahan, Margaret G to
Charles B Harding 14 Nov 1910 in Montpelier
Telford, Marjorie to
Leroy Webb 31 Aug 1927 in Paris
Terry, Charles to Clara Lilya 18 July 1901 in Paris
Teuscher, Golden S to Mona Ione Bagley 17 Feb 1934 in Paris
Teuscher, Luella to Arnold Burton Bigler 4 Aug 1930 in Paris
Teuscher, Mabel Lena to John Elmer Reeves 18 July 1927 in Paris
Teuscher, Royal J to Hellen Wormald 7 Nov 1934 in Paris
Arzell to Alton Leavitt 11 Mar 1929 in Paris
Theobold, George Leroy to
Lillian Nelson 16 Aug 1924 in Paris
Thiel, Albert E to
Iris Gee 22 Feb 1904 in Montpelier
Thirkill, Cora to George Heber Smith 18 May 1928 in Montpelier
Thirkill, John William to Alice Munro 16 Dec 1926 in Montpelier

Thirkill, Mary Whitley to
Fred Homer Allred 17 Nov 1913 in Paris
Thomas, David T to Bonnie Jensen 22 Sep 1928 in Paris
Thomas, Fred W to Maggie Pinter 27 Mar 1910 in Paris
Thomas, Garnett to Frederick Dowling 5 Sep 1926 in Paris
Thomas, Hazel Audrey to Orlando E Monson 19 Aug 1927 in Paris
Irene to John A Barrett 30 Sep 1907 in Montpelier
John Phil to Catherine Evans 14 July 1910 in Montpelier
Thomas, Louise to William Thornton Dean 26 Mar 1919 in Paris

Thomas, Mary to
Samuel Willard Thomas 22 June 1918 in Paris
Thomas, Samuel Willard to
Mary Thomas 22 June 1918 in Paris
Thomas, Walter (of Muskogee Oklahoma) to Opal McFarland (of Muskogee Oklahoma) m-6 Apr 1922 by Probate Judge W Smith Hoge in Paris in the presence of Virginia Rich and Arvilla Smedley; recorded 9am 7 Apr 1922
Thompson, Blanche to John A Green 16 Mar 1928 in Paris
Thompson, Alfred to Nanna Elizabeth Nielsen 22 May 1917 in Montpelier
Thompson, Carrie Elizabeth to Fredrick Henry Briseve 5 Sep 1901 in Bloomington
Thompson, Frank Lorenzo to Elizabeth Emma Beck 30 Aug 1916 in Paris
Thompson, James R to Ida B Bruce 2 July 1902 in Montpelier
Thompson, Lawrence to Amada Richards 2 Mar 1924 in Bennington
Thompson, Mary Sophia to Udell George 31 Aug 1918 in Paris
Thompson, Melva Emma to Earl Albert Petereit 1 Nov 1934 in Montpelier
Thompson, Merrill Swan to Irene Mary Palmer 25 Jan 1923 in Bloomington
Millie Watkins to James M Clark 21 May 1904 in Montpelier
Thompson, Vesta E to Angus Miles 29 Dec 1910 in Paris

Thompson, Vesta Maryette to
William Henry Bateman 14 July 1908 in Paris
Peter to Harriet Amelia Skinner 5 Nov 1913 in Paris
Thornock, Cecil Leroy (of Bloomington) to Fern Alice Quinton (of Bloomington) m-4 Jan 1922 by Stake President William L Rich in Paris in the presence of Donald A Thornock and L L Reese; recorded 3pm 5 Jan 1922
Thornock, David Earl to Sarah Elizabeth Quinton 6 Aug 1919 in Bloomington
Thornock, Deltha Susanna to George Walter Owen Painter 28 Apr 1910 in Bloomington
Thornock, Edith Althea to Jacob Stoker Welker 1 June 1917 in Bloomington
Thornock, Ervin Blaine to Hettie Annie Smith 5 Dec 1918 in Bloomington
Thornock, James A to Bertha Christenson 13 Feb 1906 in Bloomington

Thornock, John J to Ida May Palmer 24 Oct 1901 in Bloomington
Thornock, Joseph Ralph to Lucy Emeline Perkisn 3 July 1919 in Bloomington
Thornock, Lee to Helen F Beard 6 June 1928 in Bloomington
Thornock, Lester P to Alberta Smith 17 Nov 1920 in Bloomington
Thornock, Milton Thomas (of Bloomington) to Mary Magdalena Strobelt (of Paris) m-13 June 1921 by LDS Elder Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Paul Strobelt & Geo T Thornock; recorded 5pm 13 June 1921

Thornock, Ross to Goldie Rosella Pearson 13 Oct 1925 in Paris
Thornock, Seymour H to Jennett L Moffat 24 May 1913 in Paris
Thornock, Sidney Isaac to Maggie Marintha Oakey 15 Oct 1910 in Paris
William Lamont to Ida Jarvis 11 Oct 1930 in Bloomington
Thornton, Annie A to William A. Books 17 Dec 1912 in Paris
Clifford C to Inis J Campbell 13 Jan 1912 in Paris
Thorsen, Esther M to
Frank S Wixon 1 Sep 1909 in Paris
Thuet, Mary to
John Henry Grier 21 July 1930 in Paris
Thurman, Dean to Edna Stock 13 July 1919 in Paris
Elgin to Ralph C Stinson 12 Nov 1923 in Montpelier
Edith M to Peter Olsen 24 June 1893 in Montpelier
Thurston, Rose (of Paris) to
Harley T Rich (of Paris) m-14 Jan 1922 by Stake President William L Rich in Paris in the presence of Abel G Rich and Mary I Rich; recorded 9:30am 17 Jan 1922
Percy J to Lester L Burbank 12 Feb 1912 in Bennington
Tippets, Alice to Ambrose Black 29 Dec 1909 in Paris

Tippets, Ellen D to William F Irving 25 Jan 1907 in Paris

Tippets, Henry Lewis to
Sarah Anne Astle 23 Dec 1915 in Paris
Tippets, Jeanette to William Stump 1 Oct 1923 in Paris
Mary Kathryn (of Georgetown) to Alma Edwin Neilson (of Afton Wyoming) m-8 Sep 1921 by Police Judge W Smith Hoge in Paris in the presence of Letha Dunford & George Hunter; recorded 2:30pm 8 Sep 1921
Tippets, Ruth to Samuel Smith 6 Jan 1930 in Paris
Titensor, Blanche Irene to Alva Hayden Heep 25 Oct 1930 in Paris
Titensor, Clarence Ray to Fannie Leola Stoker 14 Nov 1916 in Paris
Titensor, George H to Sarah Walton 15 July 1929 in Paris

Titensor, Philemon to
Martha Moser 5 Nov 1908 in Paris
John to Nellie Dunn 17 May 1918 in Montpelier
Tohman, L John to
Victoria P Vail 2 May 1910 in Paris
Tolforth, Clyne Franklin to
Mary Frances McQueary 27 Aug 1913 in Pegram
Tolman, Alice (of Fairview Wyoming) to Leslie Fredrick Campbell (of Fairview Wyoming) m-31 Aug 1922 by Probate Judge W Smith Hoge in Paris in the presence of W L Thornton and Inez Thornton; recorded 11am 31 Aug 1922

Tolman, Joseph Osborn to Emily Veigel 27 Nov 1918 in Paris

Tolman, Margaret Emma to
Aaron J Capp 18 July 1912 in Paris
Mondell to Muriel Margaret Bagley 16 June 1919 in Dingle
Toomer, Clifford Herbert (of Montpelier) to Lavon Barkdull (of Montpelier) m-27 Oct 1921 by LDS Elder Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Arvilla Smedley & Z C Nye; recorded 1:45pm 27 Oct 1921
Toomer, Edwin Whitney to Margaret Katherine Dingboom 14 Dec 1914 in Paris
Myrtle Jane (of Lanark) to Cyrel G Dayton (of Montpelier) m-10 Oct 1921 by LDS Elder Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Theodore Dayton & Lucy Dayton; recorded 11:30am 10 Oct 1921
Verda to Warren Scott Pendrey 30 Apr 1923 in Paris
Totsoff, Nayden to
Eula Simpson 10 June 1931 in Paris
Toyias, Nick A to
Ella Bramis 24 Mar 1931 in Paris
Trapier, Paul Edmund to
Myrtle Brown 26 Dec 1930 in Paris
Tremelling, Espie C to
Ervin B Nelson 1 Feb 1910 in Paris
Tremelling, Evelyn to
George Nussbaum 19 May 1920 in Paris
Tremelling, Rosalie (of Garden City Ut) to John Forrest Mercer (of Garden City Ut) m-28 June 1922 by Justice of the Peace Louis H Booth in St Charles; recorded 11am 30 June 1922

Trevorrow, Lillian (of Montpelier) to
James O Brown (of Montpelier) m-15 Nov 1921 by LDS Elder Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Jeanne Hanson & Amy Munk; recorded 10 am 15 Nov 1921
Trill, Matilda to
Charles A Dixon 11 Apr 1908 in Paris
Trissi, Ed to
Julia Berrier 29 May 1927 in Paris
Truitt, D W to
Laura Fraser 30 Dec 1912 in Paris
Trussel, Bertha to
Emile Grashean 3 June 1903 in Paris
Trussell, Lizzie to
John Fredrick Aegelir 20 Feb 1902 in Paris
Tubbs, George W to Pearl Frances 15 Sep 1902 in Montpelier

Ruth M to George H Bagley 22 Sep 1906 in Dingle
Tueller, Abraham Horace to Velma Holmes 4 Aug 1918 in Paris
Tueller, Georgia to Ronald Miller 24 Dec 1931 in Paris
Tueller, Jacob A to Margaret Herzog  4 Apr 1904 in Paris
Rose to James Sims 15 June 1904 in Paris
Thelma Evelyn to Alma Teller Dunford 14 Mar 1919 in Paris
Tuescher, Avenell to George Henry Newby 18 May 1933 in Paris
Tuescher, Evelyn to Owen Ellsworth Bagley 25 July 1933 in Paris
Tuescher, Freda Emma Clara to Otto J Hirschi 9 Oct 1911 in Paris

Luther L to Susan Stack 24 Aug 1901 in Fish Haven
Turner, Darwin to May Dixon 13 Oct 1930 in Paris

Turner, Doris Elsie to Jesse Clare Wonch 6 Mar 1914 in Paris
Turner, Elsie to John Wallace Woodall 22 Apr 1918 in Paris
Turner, Emma Elizabeth to Roy Hardman 4 Sep 1918 in Paris
Turner, Emma to
James L Lowe 19 Oct 1906 in Paris
Turner, Gilbert Charles to Vilate Betsy Erickson 23 July 1926 in Paris
Turner, Hazel Lyle to Russell Crook 15 Sep 1931 in Paris
Turner, Jane to Edward T Skinner 27 Dec 1924 in Paris
Turner, Lauerl to Jennie Welchman 22 Oct 1927 in Paris
Turner, Lavenna to Pete Erickson 16 Aug 1928 in Paris
Turner, Mary Ada to John Joseph Fluckiger 15 Sep 1917 in Paris

Turner, Willis J to
Martha Zumbumnen 18 May 1911 in Paris
Twichel, Oliver Marion to
Nellie Lane West 19 June 1925 in Paris
Tyzack, Grace (of Portland Oregon) to
Laurel C Findlay (of Kemmerer Wyoming) m-31 Jan 1922 by Probate Judge W Smith Hoge in Paris in the presence of D C Kunz and Letha Dunford; recorded 5pm 31 Jan 1922

Ulshoffer, Ida May to Onis James Lentz 30 Aug 1909 Paris
Unbedacht, Ivan George Lewis to
Phyllis Hauck 7 Sep 1924 in Montpelier
Underwood, Esther Alice to
George Eugene Marks 12 Mar 1907 in Montpelier
Florence Angeline to Bernard Delos Eastman 4 Sep 1907 in Montpelier
Uram, Anna M to
Harold L Denson 5 Sep 1924 in Paris

Vail, Ruth to Glenn L Wilson 17 Apr 1931 in Paris
Vail, Susie Tyresha to Joseph Allen 12 July 1916 in Paris
Vail, Victoria P to
L John Tohman 2 May 1910 in Paris
Waneta Peoples to Otis Victor Chugg 23 Mar 1931 in Paris
Joseph to Mary Glass 22 Aug 1925 in Paris
Van Orman, Jeanette to Joseph E Neiswander 19 Aug 1918 in Paris

Van Orman, Retta to
G A Johansen 30 June 1906 in Paris
Van Orman, Verda to Clifford H Smith 12 Nov 1928 in Montpelier
Van Scoyk, Jessie to
Cyrenus Jackson Bagley 13 June 1927 in Paris
Van Slooten, Henry to
Eunice Christensen 4 Jan 1913 in Paris
Voorhis, Vivian Van to
Earl C Sanford 15 Dec 1919 in Montpelier
Vannoy, Devon Isaac to
Lavon Marian Edgren 31 July 1934 in Paris
Veochnick, Mary to
Stanley Mohar 13 July 1924 in Montpelier
Veigel, Charles to
Mrs. Katie Kern 19 Apr 1903 in Montpelier
Veigel, Delila Welch to Ralph M Beck 12 Aug 1934 in Paris
Veigel, Edgar (of Fairview Wyoming) to Delila Welch (of Afton Wyoming) m-12 Aug 1922 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of J O Talman and Lizzie Welch; recorded 3:30pm 12 Aug 1922

Veigel, Emily to
Joseph Osborn Tolman 27 Nov 1918 in Paris
Lamar to Blanche Lewis 19 Apr 1934 in Paris
Venter, John G to
Theresa M Standing 20 Sep 1920 in Montpelier
Verham, Cora to Andrew Meacham 29 Sep 1914 in Montpelier
Vezina, Raymond Hugh to
Alice Eugenie Wheelock 3 Sep 1927 in Paris
Isaac to Meletha Layland 26 Oct 1923 in Paris
Vickery, George Walter to
Florence Haddenham 29 Dec 1919 in Paris
Vickery, Orpha to Notrie P Myer 19 Aug 1912 in Paris

Vickery, Thelma Louise to
William Henry Budd 16 Sep 1929 in Paris
Voelker, Carl G to
Grace C Brickner 12 May 1933 in Paris
Vogel, Oswald F to
Florence Robison 25 May 1903 in Montpelier
Vosper, Mary to
Homer S Phelps 27 Aug 1919 in Montpelier
Voss, Eva to
Desmond Radcliff Jenks 17 Nov 1928 in Paris


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