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Bear Lake Marriages




Transcribed from LDS film


Wagner, Catherine to Gustave Lucas 15 July 1919 in Paris

Wagner, George to
Johanna Lucas 13 June 1918 in Paris
George (of Montpelier) to Annie Maurine Larsen (of Montpelier) m-2 Sep 1922 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Gustav Lucas and Freda Berger; recorded 3pm 2 Sep 1922
Wagstaff, Jesse Oleen to
Dora Burt 7 Sep 1928 in Paris
Wahlen, Mary Ann to
William B Hoge 30 Oct 1908 in Paris
Wainwright, Thomas J to
Ethel M Erickson 28 Apr 1909 in Paris
Wait, Lizzie to
Arthur Astle 29 Aug 1902 in Montpelier
Waldron, Alice Vera to
Benjamin Young 5 July 1925 in Paris
Walker, Faye W to Laura Wuthrie 24 Sep 1928 in Paris
Walker, Fern Louisa to Arthur Oscar Wuthrich 2 July 1928 in Paris
Walker, Gertrude May (of Afton Wyoming) to Eugene D Williamson (of Afton Wyoming) m-18 Oct 1922 by Bishop Alfred A Hart in Bloomington in the presence of Edgar L Cazier and Sarah Hart; recorded 5pm 18 Oct 1922
Walker, Irene to Marvin Silvester Freeman 9 June 1927 in Paris
Walker, Lloyd Vern to Lena Mary Peterson 10 May 1928 in Paris

Walker, Ray H to
Freda H Schmid 28 Nov 1912 in Montpelier
Sarah Irene to Charles Deeforest Robinson 16 Sep 1913 in Paris
Leone to Albert H Hill 18 Nov 1912 in Paris
Wallantine, Hortense Ellen to George Talmage Nate 21 Oct 1914 in Paris

Wallantine, Leo to Fern Humphreys 27 June 1925 in Paris
Wallantine, Mabel Agnes to
John Henry Wilks 9 Nov 1905 in Paris
Wallantine, Mary Elizabeth to Quince Welker 1 Mar 1911 in Paris
Wallantine, Ruth E to Leroy Miles 5 July 1929 in Paris

Wallantine, William Leroy to
Bertha Ann Lewis 2 Oct 1912 Paris
Wallantine, Venus Mary to
Karl Skinner 26 Feb 1918 in Paris
Robert L to Virginia Lavon Bridges 13 Sep 1929 in Paris
Walter, Benjamin V to
Edna M Fox 1 Aug 1926 in Montpelier
Walters, Roy Stewart to Emma Bienz 24 Dec 1913 in Montpelier
Walton, James Alfred to
Ella Vietta Bruce 19 Feb 1918 in Paris
Walton, Sarah to
George H Titensor 15 July 1929 in Paris
Wamsley, Althea to
Russell Satterthwaite 5 Jan 1925 in Paris
Mary to Edward J Haddock 29 May 1901 in Bloomington
Wesley Harrison to Fern Ivanilla Evans 1 Mar 1925 in Paris
Warinner, Codie Elnie to
Mary Bellis 20 Apr 1920 in Paris
Arthur Theodore William to Maria Anderegg 2 Apr 1915 in Paris
Warren, Harold Lorenzo to Eva Evangeline Draney 9 May 1930 in Paris
Warren, Mary to
Don L McCoy 20 Aug 1929 in Paris
Watkins, Ethel to Mark Cozzens 17 Dec 1907 in Montpelier

Watkins, Nymphus Jay to Estella Thomas Crochran 11 Apr 1914 in Paris
Watson, William Evan to Mary Adeline Feller 23 Apr 1919 in Paris
Vyron Miles to Frances Mildred O'Connor 12 June 1917 in Paris
Waybright, Fred to
Ione Gant 10 Nov 1933 in Paris
Weaver, Alma Davis to Amelia Zumbrunnen 17 Oct 1914 in Paris
Weaver, Dora (of Afton Wyoming) to Harold Kimball (of Afton Wyoming)
m-16 Oct 1922 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris in presence of Miarine Weaver and Roy Christofferson; recorded 30pm 16 Oct 1922
Weaver, Christianna (of Bennington) to Charles Capper Collett (of Taber Canada) m-18 Dec 1921 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Montpelier in the presence of D H Perkins & Romina Perkins; recorded 9am 19 Dec 1921
Weaver, Elmer to Pearl Linna Snyder 2 Nov 1914 in Paris
Fontella Carmen to Stanley Burton Steed 28 Jan 1931 in Paris
Weaver, Horace R to Lyla H Handee 23 Nov 1909 in Paris
Weaver, Jennie to Andrew Sorensen 12 Apr 1907 in Paris
Weaver, Mary Bernice to Joseph Sylvester Woodland 8 Oct 1933 in Dingle

Weaver, Orrin Russell to Aileen May Pulver 31 July 1927 in Paris

Weaver, Wells F to Myrtle Steed 10 Oct 1933 in Paris
William J to Ada M Bird 9 June 1913 in Paris
Wilson to Vina Mouritsen 8 Feb 1919 in Paris
Webb, Leroy to Marjorie Telford 31 Aug 1927 in Paris
Parley W to Ethel Christina Jensen 31 Dec 1919 in Paris
Herman Albert to Ruth Ivey Newgent 4 Dec 1929 in Paris
Webster, Guy Clinton to Henrietta Davis 5 Sep 1930 in Paris
Webster, Lillian Kemmerer to Sarfen Frank Busarello 29 Sep 1914 in Paris

Webster, Rosemon A to
William H E Hull 9 Sep 1901 in Montpelier
Weedop, Ruth S to
Wayne A Linzey 29 Jan 1934 in Paris
Weeks, Violet Belle to
Samuel Jasper Claude Armstrong 22 Jan 1920 in Montpelier
Weingand, Caroline to
John A Hess 17 July 1903 in Montpelier
Welch, Benjamin F (of Afton Wyoming) to Minnie Crawford (of Afton Wyoming) m-8 Nov 1921 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Elizabeth Welch & Ciril D Cranney; recorded 9:55 am 8 Nov 1921
Welch, Delila (of Afton Wyoming) to Edgar Veigel (of Fairview Wyoming) m-12 Aug 1922 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of J O Talman and Lizzie Welch; recorded 3:30pm 12 Aug 1922

Welch, Joseph Orson to
Alice May Williamson 5 June 1916 in Paris
Welch, Lawrence Alexander to
Edna A Brown 11 June 1920 in Paris
Welchman, Enda E to Everett Wogerman 1 June 1934 in Paris
Jennie to Lauerl Turner 22 Oct 1927 in Paris
Welker, Arvilla Ann to Vurden L Humpherys 27 June 1923 in Bloomington
Welker, Bessie to Ferrell William Jacobson 13 Aug 1929 in Bloomington,
Welker, Darrell E to Vera V Smith 1 Dec 1923 in Paris
Welker, Effie to Eldon Hayes 3 Sep 1931 in Paris
Welker, Elma U to Samuel E Draney 14 June 1911 in Montpelier
Welker, Gena to Milton J Floyd 27 June 1906 in Bloomington
Welker, Jacob Stoker to Edith Althea Thornock 1 June 1917 in Bloomington
Welker, James Lawrence to Beatrice Irene Christensen 7 Oct 1909 in Bloomington
Welker, Klea M to Herbert Wesley Mcardle 10 Oct 1928 in Paris
Welker, Lucile to Edwin Jack Abrens 17 Aug 1925 in Paris
Welker, Mary to Norman C Bourne 5 Sep 1906 in Paris
Welker, Mary Luzon to Israel Vern Draney 21 Oct 1918 in Bloomington
Welker, Morris to Florence Edith Hildt 22 Apr 1919 in Bloomington
Welker, Quince to Mary Elizabeth Wallantine 1 Mar 1911 in Paris
Raymond to Libbie Wright 9 Nov 1904 in Paris
Welker, Rose to Frank Edward Floyd 21 Apr 1915 in Bloomington
Wright Osmond to Dorothy Wynnefred Bryden 29 Dec 1930 in Paris
Wells, Andy John to Sarah Bagley 12 June 1918 in Montpelier
Wells, Arthur to Irene Crossley 21 Aug 1933 in Paris
Wells, Maria Elizabeth to Elwin D Booth 1 June 1926 in Paris
Orlando to Stella I Nelson 17 Nov 1905 in Ovid
Estella to James Hunter 18 Sep 1927 in Paris
Welsh, Grayce Louise to
Joseph Galassi 3 Sep 1927 in Paris
Werren, Lena to
Jacob Kunz 6 June 1901 in Paris
West, Glenn Edward to Theresa Wolfley 28 Jan 1935 in Montpelier
West, Homer to Stella Corsi 17 Sep 1923 in Paris
West, Nellie Lane to Oliver Marion Twichel Jr. 19 June 1925 in Paris
West, Thos Payne to Ida Edith Mathews 11 June 1925 in Montpelier

West, W B to
Sarah M Pendry 17 Sep 1906 in Paris
Westfall, Rosana Margarete to
George I Burnside 18 June 1902 in Montpelier
Wheelan, Richard E to
Lillie E Staley 21 June 1905 in Montpelier
Wheeler, Thomas G (of Bedford Wyoming) to
Emma Eliza Merrett (of Bedford Wyoming) m-26 June 1922 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of James Dunn and Edwin L McClare; recorded 1pm 26 June 1922
Wheelock, Alice Eugenie to Raymond Hugh Vezina 3 Sep 1927 in Paris
Wheelock, Joseph to Cora Christensen 9 July 1903 in Montpelier
Wheller, Idonna to
Lavere Anglesey 6 Jan 1934 in Paris
Whinham, James to
Rosella Grunig 20 Nov 1911 in Paris
Whitaker, Secyl Fenton to
Hortense Marie Groo 1 Dec 1923 in Paris
White, Orlan A to Laura Bell Swenson 19 Dec 1924 in Paris

White, Russell Allen to
Lutheria Langford 21 July 1913 in Paris
William to Thelma Bird 31 Jan 1924 in Paris
Whitehead, Melvin (of Grace) to
Blanche Lindsay (of Paris) m-8 May 1922 by Bishop Morris L Low in Paris in the presence of S J Athay and Paralee Athay; recorded 1pm 11 May 1922
Whiting, James to
Sadie Lutz 12 Nov 1902 in Paris
Whitman, Grace Mildred to George A Schoper 5 June 1912 in Montpelier

Alice Elma to Alvin Roy Hopkins 22 Nov 1919 in Montpelier
Widmer, Rudolph to
Mary Winger 18 Apr 1905 in Montpelier
Wilcox, Arthur H to Adelia Mortensen 7 Apr 1911 in Paris
Wilcox, Charlotte to John H Sparks 7 July 1900 in Paris
Wilcox, Eileen to Glenn Eugene Lewis 16 Dec 1926 in Paris
Wilcox, George Elmer to Agnes I Bunn 6 July 1901 in Paris
Wilcox, Grantly E to Caddie A Sparks 23 July 1906 in Paris
Wilcox, Joseph W to Sarah L Calder 5 Jan 1910 in Paris
Wilcox, Lavess to Lillie Mae Hildt 28 Dec 1912 in Montpelier
Wilcox, Libbie R to Manning C Phillips 7 Mar 1905 in Montpelier
Wilcox, Maggie May to Joseph Smith Phelps 30 Sep 1905 in Montpelier
Wilcox, Marsh (of Logan Ut) to Louvernia Jacobsen (of Bloomington) m-17 June 1922 by Bishop Alfred A Hart in Bloomington in the presence of Christina Jacobsen and Moroni Jacobsen; recorded 2:30pm 7 June 1922
Wilcox, Mary Vivian to John C Syfert 27 Dec 1910 in Montpelier
Wilcox, Oliver C to Morette Quayle 16 Sep 1907 in Dingle

Wiljes, Chauncey to
Clara Winterbottom 26 Jan 1921 in Paris
Wilkenson, Oliver to
Amanda Parks 30 July 1919 in Paris
Wilker, William H to
Florence Yates 10 Feb 1905 in Paris
Wilkes, Charlotte A to George H Barker 28 Nov 1904 in Paris
Wilkes, Claude Jarvis to Ruth Grandy 8 May 1926 in Paris
Wilkes, Dora M to Robert C Anstad 18 Mar 1909 in Paris
Wilkes, Ella to Leroy Hill 20 Jan 1925 in Bloomington
Wilkes, George to Effie Josephine Blade 16 Dec 1908 in Paris
Wilkes, Gordon Frank to Lois Rose Hill 2 Nov 1929 in Bloomington
Wilkes, James to Rebecca Ball 11 Nov 1903 in Bloomington
Wilkes, John Henry to Mabel Agnes Wallantine 9 Nov 1905 in Paris
Wilkes, June Druscilla to William Earl Loveland 24 Nov 1930 in Fish Haven
Wilkes, Lizzie to Andrew Jensen 15 Nov 1905 in Paris

Wilkes, Thelma Irene to Clarence Isaac Hill 25 Aug 1934 in Bloomington

Wilkes, William Edgar to
Lillie Flukiger 19 Feb 1923 in Paris
Willard, Henry George to Willamina Cordnier Pryde 19 Aug 1931 in Paris
Willard, W A to
Mary Kukoy 9 Sep 1911 in Paris
Williams, Asa Nelson to Lillie May Huntsinger 21 Apr 1930 in Paris
Williams, Arthur to Mary H. Shupe 3 Sep 1902 in Montpelier
Williams, Bertha to Ova L Johnson 28 Sep 1929 in Ovid
Williams, Dan C to Nancy E George 24 Mar 1923 in Montpelier
Williams, David John to Sophia Hamer 1 Dec 1906 in Paris
Williams, Ed to Stella Lavon Mani 17 Dec 1917 in Paris
Williams, Elizabeth to Jesse Dunn 19 Aug 1903 in Montpelier
Williams, Eva L to Thomas F Hickman 23 Nov 1908 in Paris
Williams, Evelyn to Gilbert J Christensen 8 Mar 1935 in Montpelier
Williams, Frank Deverage to Marguerite Clayton 31 Jan 1932 in Paris
Williams, Genevieve Burgoyne to Charles Hess 9 July 1913 in Montpelier
Williams, George to Alleene Monteer 16 Jan 1928 in Paris
Williams, Gladys Mae to Bennett George Blair 16 Aug 1918 in Paris
Williams, Henry Godber to -- 22 Mar 1911 in Montpelier
Williams, John Browlow to Elizabeth Jane Black 15 July 1914 in Montpelier
Williams, John R to Sylvia A Jemett 28 June 1910 in Paris
Williams, Kenneth H to Inza Fitzpatrick 1 Mar 1930 in Montpelier
Williams, Lee Richard to Enza Fern Christensen 14 July 1926 in Bloomington
Williams, Leonard to  Irene Rederick 2 Feb 1929 in Paris
Williams, Marie Leona to Brigham Owen Bacon 3 Apr 1926 in Paris

Williams, Millie A to
Edward E Hungerford 19 Mar 1910 in Paris
Williams, Rhoda (of Green River Wyoming) to J Fred Cruz (of Green River Wyoming) m-23 Oct 1922 by Probate Judge W Smith Hoge in Paris in the presence of James Dunn and George Perrett; recorded 10:30 am 22 Oct 1922
Williams, South to Alward Chamberlaine 1 July 1905 in Montpelier
Williams, Thomas to Margaret Loveday 17 June 1909 in Montpelier
Williams, Wilbert to Ivie L K Somson 22 Dec 1913 in Paris
Williams, Wilda Lucille to Golden Fielding Bartschi 17 Apr 1926 in Montpelier
Williams, William H to Helen Anne Sloan 30 Oct 1923 in Paris
Williams, William Percy to Effie May Dameron 21 Aug 1930 in Paris
Williamson, Alice May to Joseph Orson Welch 5 June 1916 in Paris
Williamson, Annie A to George A Michaelson 20 Oct 1902 in Paris
Williamson, David to Minnie Cazier 30 Sep 1919 in Paris
Williamson, Eugene D (of Afton Wyoming) to Gertrude May Walker
(of Afton Wyoming) m-18 Oct 1922 by Bishop Alfred A Hart in Bloomington in the presence of Edgar L Cazier and Sarah Hart; recorded 5pm 18 Oct 1922
Williamson, Henry Robert to Annie Laurie Horon 17 Oct 1929 in Paris
Williamson, Maud Moselle to Charles Lisle Christensen 31 Mar 1916 in Bloomington

Viona Oletha to Clarence Taylor 25 Dec 1919 in Paris
Dan Edward (of Denver Colorado) to Nellie Hunter (of Montpelier) m-16 Dec 1921 by LDS Elder Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of John Clifford Martin & Arvilla Smedley; recorded 9am 17 Dec 1921
Willis, Austin (of Laketown Ut) to
Oral Gheen (of Laketown Ut) m-28 Nov 1921 by LDS Elder Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of William J Gheen & Hannah Gheen; recorded 1pm 28 Nov 1921
Willmarth, Anna to
F McClean 13 Aug 1934 in Paris
Wilson, Charles Clarence to Virginia June Brough 17 Apr 1927 in Montpelier
Wilson, Clyde to Georgina Crompton 30 Nov 1928 in Paris
Wilson, Clyde to Iva E Hayward 23 Dec 1929 in Paris

Wilson, Earnest to Leah Gilbert 5 July 1928 in Paris
Wilson, Glen L to Ruth Vail 17 Apr 1931 in Paris
Wilson, Harry  to Pearl Stewart 26 July 1917 in Paris
Wilson, James to Ambrezine E Penman Roy 19 July 1912 in Paris

Winberg, Ivan to Elinor Greenfield 6 Oct 1934 in Paris

Winberg, Rosella Irene to
William Lewis King 2 Aug 1930 in Paris
Arthur to Alfeda Pugmire 26 July 1916 in Paris
Windley, Raymond Wesley to
Thelma May Arnell 14 Nov 1917 in Paris
Windley, Rue George to Josephine Snyder 20 Dec 1924 in Paris
Windley, Vernest to Emma Hansen 3 Jan 1927 in Paris

Windley, Wm Ray to
Pearl Hansen 22 Sep 1920 in Paris
Mary Jane to Andy Peter Nielsen 1 Jan 1916 in Montpelier
Winger, Mary to
Rudolph Widmer 18 Apr 1905 in Montpelier
Winiski, Basil to
Isabel Citero 16 Oct 1927 in Paris
Amelia P to William M Hutton 14 Nov 1933 in Paris
Winter, Rulon W to
Minnie Schick 25 Oct 1924 in Montpelier
Winterbottom, Clara to Chauncey Wiljes 26 Jan 1921 in Paris
Winterbottom, Virgil to Fay Jensen 26 Sep 1933 in St Charles

Winters, Vera to
Michael J Mooney 31 Mar 1928 in Montpelier
Wixom, Blanche to Chester Raymond Fredericks 1 May 1924 in Paris
Wixom, Frank S to Esther M Thorsen 1 Sep 1909 in Paris
Wixom, Hannah L to James T Prescott 12 Oct 1911 in Paris
Wixom, Janet to Charles H Skinner 16 Aug 1926 in Paris
Wixom, Hyrum Allen to Dorothy Ann Meyers 29 Nov 1933 in Paris

Wixom, Ruth Mary to
Melvin Peter Larsen 15 Jan 1916 in Paris
William to Alta Hymas 19 Apr 1923 in Paris
Evert to Bessie M Peterson 10 July 1926 in Montpelier
Wogerman, Evert to
Enda E Welchman 1 June 1934 in Paris
Wolfe, Michael E to
Mary L Davis 2 Apr 1913 in Dingle
Wolfe, Robert O to
Genevieve Athay 7 Mar 1919 in Montpelier
Wolfley, Rozelia to
Edgar L Cazier 26 Mar 1926 in Paris
Wolfley, Theresa to
Glenn Edward West 28 Jan 1935 in Montpelier
Wonch, Jesse Clare to
Dora Elsie Turner 6 Mar 1914 in Paris
Wood, Annie to John Oakley 15 June 1908 in Paris

Wood, Helen to Kenneth Merrill 21 Mar 1925 in Paris
Wood, James B to Cecilia B Fitzpatrick 16 May 1905 in Paris

Wood, Seerah to Thomas Parley Hopkins 27 Nov 1926 in Paris
Susanna Jane to David Russell Passey 5 Sep 1923 in Paris
Wanda to Herman Johnson 21 June 1930 in Paris
Woodall, John Wallace to Elsie Turner 22 Apr 1918 in Paris

Daniel B (of Ogden Ut) to Melva E Nate (of Ogden Ut) m-9 Oct 1922 by Bishop J Warren Sirrine in Dingle inthe presence of Margaret Jacobs and Milton Nate; recorded 11am 17 Oct 1922
Woodland, Joseph Sylvester to
Mary Bernice Weaver 8 Oct 1933 in Dingle
Woodrick, Rose to
Lawrence Henry Rhodes 28 Apr 1919 in Paris
Woodward, Leroy A to
Jennie Bourne 17 May 1910 in Paris
Woolston, James Timbrell to
Flora Sabina Hart 24 Dec 1934 in Bloomington
Worell, David Cleveland to
Rose Gilbert 2 Nov 1915 in Montpelier
Wormald, Hellen to
Royal J Teuscher 7 Nov 1934 in Paris
Worton, George Matthew to
Gladys Amelia Bagley 27 Aug 1923 in Paris
Cannon Silver to Myrtle Hale 14 June 1916 in Paris
Wright, Alnora Lane to George Edward Green 1 Sep 1919 in Paris
Wright, Arthur T to Ethel Grace Glassey 12 Jan 1919 in Montpelier
Wright, Cassie to Earl Innes 26 Dec 1911 in Paris
Wright, Darrel R to Eva Lous Hurd 25 Aug 1930 in Paris
Wright, Fannie to Henry F Miswall 13 Jan 1907 in Montpelier

Wright, Libbie to Raymond Welker 9 Nov 1904 in Paris
Wright, Lyman S to Venessa Penrose 9 Mar 1929 in Paris
Wright, Oliver Winfield to Lillie Spiers 17 Apr 1917 in Paris
Wright, Ruth E to Clyde B Freeman 15 Nov 1933 in Paris
Wright, Theodore C to Lillian G Ringle 24 Dec 1906 in Montpelier
Wright, Weston Holmes to Lola King 28 Oct 1931 in Montpelier

Wright, William to
Lucy Sommers 18 June 1902 in Montpelier
Wulf, Irvin to Lovila Loveland 5 Sep 1924 in Paris
Wuthrich, Amanda Mary to Austin Egbert Herrick 27 Mar 1917 in Paris
Wuthrich, Arthur Oscar to Fern Louisa Walker 2 July 1928 in Paris
Wuthrich, Christian to Maria Mosiman 9 June 1904 in Paris
Wuthrich, Edward Barnard to Maud Caroline Nelson 9 Apr 1919 in Paris
Wuthrich, Emma to William Henry Hughes 6 Nov 1907 in Paris
Wuthrich, Minnie to Albert D Rutherford 15 July 1902 in Montpelier
Warren Ernest to Martha Gertsch 22 May 1918 in Paris
Laura to Faye W Walker 24 Sep 1928 in Paris
Frank Archibald to Genevieve Hoff 21 Sep 1914 in Montpelier
Wyler, Bertha to
Delbert Roberts 11 Oct 1923 in Paris
Wyler, Louise Martha to
John Edward Jensen 3 July 1925 in Montpelier
Wyler, Rulon John to
Merinda Poulsen 24 Oct 1925 in Paris
Wyman, Allidee to Dell Nebeker 23 June 1929 in Paris

Wyman, George Lloyd to
Margaret Loveday 28 May 1928 in Paris

Yanki, Jennie to John Paylich 13 Jan 1925 in Paris
Yates, Florence to William H Wilker 10 Feb 1905 in Paris

Yeaman, Martha Ruth to
Lyle A Lemmon 14 May 1930 in Paris
Yeamans, Maud to
Charles Frederick McGavin 16 Oct 1907 in Paris
Yost, Garfield E to
Pearl L Palmer 15 Mar 1909 in Paris
Youcoum, Nettie Emora to Forest Raymond Pentecost 25 June 1919 in Paris
Young, Abigail to Francis Marvin Merrill 22 Oct 1907 in Paris
Young, Ada to Roy Russell 27 Aug 1912 in Paris
Young, Benjamin to Alice Vera Waldron 5 July 1925 in Paris
Young, Clara Margaret to Lloyd Allan Young 6 Nov 1928 in Paris

Young, Dennis Lloyd to
Mary Evelyn Grandy 16 Dec 1934 in Paris
Young, Edgar Martin to
Ida Parker 15 Apr 1918 in Paris
Young, Ether to Gertrude Campbell 1 Oct 1906 in Paris
Young, Forest M to Adah Pugmire 23 Nov 1908 in Montpelier
Young, Gladys to
Merrill G Crandall 18 July 1925 in Paris
Young, Harriet E to
Fred O Freeman 17 July 1920 in Paris
Young, Herbert
Hazel Roberts 20 July 1914 in Paris
Young, Joseph Thornton to Erma Lavern Kunz 27 Nov 1915 in Paris
Young, Katharine Alice to Frank Thomas Marocki 23 Oct 1924 in Paris
Young, Kenneth E to Juanita L Green 15 Nov 1934 in Paris
Young, Leonard K to Ella Kunz 24 Oct 1913 in Paris
Young, Lloyd Allan to Clara Margaret Young 6 Nov 1928 in Paris

Young, Nenetta to Fredric W Bruner 10 Dec 1902 in Montpelier
Young, Percy J to Odelia Susanna Sarbach 10 Feb 1916 in Paris
Young, Rayner to Eda Luanne Hokaneon 18 Dec 1916 in Bloomington
Young, Richard Riley to Della Vernice Clark 23 Oct 1914 in Paris

Roxzina to George J Skinner 11 Oct 1904 in Paris
Sophia to Lorain Henry Grunig 14 Apr 1923 in Paris

Zaring, Helen Louise (of American Falls) to H C Irwin (of Pocatello) m-23 July 1921 by Probate Judge W Smith Hoge in Paris in the presence of Lucile Hall & E M Walker; recorded 6pm 23 July 1921
Zeigler, Benjamin Harold to Ellen Alma King 11 Sep 1920 in Paris
Zeigler, Helma C to
William R Pickrell 19 Sep 1908 in Paris
Zlinder, Marie to
Fred Blotter 9 June 1902 in Montpelier
Zumbrummen, Ida to
Frank E Salisbury 31 July 1901 in Ovid
Zumbrunnen, Amelia to Alma Davis Weaver 17 Oct 1914 in Paris

Elizabeth to Clarence Leroy Mumford 2 Nov 1914 in Paris
Zumbumnen, Martha to
Willis J Turner 18 May 1911 in Paris


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