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What was in those Medicine Bottles?


Many patent medicines from the 19th century contained substances which today are highly controlled or illegal.  Yet ordinary citizens were often unknowingly exposed to dangerous and habit forming drugs.  The following are just a few examples of what our ancestors took for "medicine".


Common Name Content
Boschee's German Syrup morphine
Brou's injection morphine
Carney Common Sense Cure morphine
Children's Comfort morphine
Colwell's Egyptian Oil opium
Crossman's specific mixture opium
Dr. Drake's German Croup Remedy opium
Dr. Fahrney's Teething Syrup morphine
Dr. James Soothing Syrup heroin
Dr. Moffett's Teethina opium
Dr. Seth Arnold's Cough Killer morphine
Godfrey's Cordial opium
Gowan's Pneumonia Cure opium
Harrison's Opium Elixir opium
Hooper's Anodyne, The Infant's Friend morphine
Jayne's Expectorant opium
Maguire's Comp. Extr. Benne morphine
Mexican Oil opium
Pierce's Extract of Smart Weed opium
Rexal Cholera Care opium
Shiloh's Cure heroin
Same Day Cough Cure heroin
Victor Lung Syrup opium


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