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Living Memorial


The Montpelier Examiner, August 1945



Whistles, sirens, drums, bouncing cans and impromptu parades heralded the glad news of Japanese surrender Tuesday.  Washington street was filled with people a few minutes after the announcement came.  By 5:30 a long caravan of cars from Paris, from which flags were flying, paraded up and down Washington street.  This was joined by other cars.

Happy people mingled along the streets and expressed their thankfulness that it was all over.  Many merry makers continued their celebration throughout the night.  A fire was built on M hill.  At Paris there was a street dance and bon fire.  Nearly all business firms in Montpelier observed a two-day holiday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Memorial Services commemorating the end of the war were called by the LDS stake presidency at 2 pm Sunday in the stake tabernacle, with President Sidney E Burgoyne conducting. 

A junior chorus from the Washington school, under the direction of Mrs. Hazel Jacobsen, opened the services by singing "My Own America." Alfred E Oakey, American Red Cross representative, offered the invocation.  There followed a vocal solo "Lamb of God"; Lilly Glauser, accompanied by Mrs. Erna Stevenson; talks by Jay Berrey, USNR, and Eldon W Cook; vocal trio, "This Is Worth Fighting For"; Mrs. Kem Loveday, Mrs. Howard heninger and Mrs. Walter Hunzeker, accompanied by Lillas Swenson; talk, Lorenzo Swenson; benediction, President Silas L Wright.


These Bear Lake county men died in this war for their homes, their friends and their country.  They should be honored perpeturally.  What would be better than a Living War Memorial such as a park?

Hugh Barkdull
Garth Beck
Sherril Beck
Dale Bedell
Vernon Lamarr Berrey
Zane R Berrey
Roy F Beyeler
Archie A Bischoff
Charles F Brown
James Busco
Edward W Carlson
Alan G Collipriest (missing)
Francis E Dayton
Raymond L Downing
Melvin T Eschler
William O Evans
Arvil J Foster
Don C Hall
Sylvester Hart
Verlin Hayes
Howard Hunzeker
Warren N Jensen
Melvin D Krussell
Alfred Kunz
Donovan L Kunz
Elwood Lindsay
Arthur Moldenhauer
Reeves Mouritsen
Richard E Norton
Weston Passey
Don L Pendry
Everan J Peterson
Franklyn B Pugmire
Gregory C Schoper
Glenn Seewer
Cecil Shirley
Verdon C Sorenson
DeVerl F Stevens
Lund C Stucki
Robert Wallis
John T James Wigington
Harold Wright (missing)


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