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Rich County Utah 1870 Census for Montpelier


Bear Lake County was formed in 1875.  Until that time it was enumerated with Rich County Utah and recorded 28 July 1870 by Jas H Browning.


Family # Name Age Occupation Place of Birth
1 Cozzens, John 36 Farmer Wales
  Cozzens, Emily 17 Keeping house Utah
  Cozzens, Sarah J 16 Keeping house Utah
  Cozzens, Mary A 11 at home Denmark
2 Raymond, Charles J 60 Farmer New York
  Raymond, Hannah 57 Keeping house England
  Raymond, Frederick 20 Farm laborer England
  Raymond, Albert 14 Farm laborer Utah
  Raymond, Alice 11 at home Utah
3 Campbell, Grant 42 Farmer Pennsylvania
  Campbell, Mary E 37 Keeping house Indiana
  Campbell, John A 18 Farm laborer Iowa
  Campbell, Jacob E 16 Farm laborer Utah
  Campbell, Phoebe E 14 at home Utah
  Campbell, Nancy J 12 at home Utah
  Campbell, Louisa J 10 at home Utah
  Campbell, Joseph E 9 at home Utah
4 Asble, Joseph 26 Farming England
  Asble, Jane 20 Keeping house England
  Asble, Charles 3 at home England
5 Jensen, Christian 55 Blacksmith Denmark
  Jensen, Elsa 45 Keeping house Denmark
  Jensen, Christian 10 at home Utah
  Jensen, Margaret 7 at home Utah
  Jensen, Lena 5 at home Utah
6 Lafere, Cordelia 36 Keeping house Isle of Jersey
  Lafere, John 18 Farm laborer Isle of Jersey
  Lafere, William 14 Farm laborer Utah
  Labtrably? Eliza 70 Keeping house Isle of Jersey
7 Campbell, Caroline 27 Keeping house Iowa
  Campbell, George G 11 at home Utah
  Campbell, Amanda B 6 at home Utah
  Campbell, Ezra B 5 at home Utah
  Campbell, Rosetta 2 at home Utah
8 Moore, Hezekiah 54 Farming England
  Moore, Mary 46 Keeping house England
  Moore, James 9 at home Utah
  Moore, Isaac 6 at home Utah
  Moore, Tassa (f) 4 at home Utah
9 Irvin, William 27 Farmer Scotland
  Irvin, Elizabeth 59 Keeping house Scotland
10 Budge? Charles 35 Farming England
  Budge, Frances E 32 Keeping house England
  Budge, Marian 10 at home Utah
  Budge, Charles H 6 at home Utah
  Budge, Thaddeus 3 at home Utah
11 Caste, Sarah 37 Keeping house New York
  Caste, Frank 20 Farm laborer Missouri
  Caste, Elizabeth 17 at home Utah
  Caste, Adelaide 15 at home Utah
  Caste, Jamea? (f) 13 at home Utah
  Caste, Eliza 11 at home Utah
  Caste, Ellen 8 at home Utah
  Caste, Alice 6 at home Utah
  Caste, Thomas 4 at home Utah
  Caste, William 1 at home Utah
12 Caste, John 35 Farmer Illinois
  Caste, Betsey 29? Keeping house Maine
  Caste, Mary 12 at home Utah
  Caste, Madelena 9 at home Utah
  Caste, Franklin 7 at home Utah
  Caste, Leon 4 at home Utah
  Caste, Matthew 2 at home Utah
13 Phelps, Joseph 33 Farmer Missouri
  Phelps, Eliza 24 Keeping house Iowa
  Phelps, Joseph 12 at home Utah
  Phelps, James 11 at home Utah
  Phelps, Addie M 6 at home Utah
  Phelps, Sarah E 6/12 at home Utah
14 Phelps, Sarah 25 Keeping house England
15 Hoops, Jonathan 34 Freighter Ohio
  Hoops, Mary 30 Keeping house Illinois
  Hoops, Elizabeth 13 at home Utah
  Hoops, Franklin M 11 at home Utah
  Hoops, John 9 at home Utah
  Hoops, Mary R 7 at home Utah
  Hoops, Caleb W 5 at home Utah
  Hoops, George A 3 at home Utah
  Hoops, Jesse W 1 at homes Utah
16 Huff, Jefferson A 28 Farmer Alabama
  Huff, Betsey 72 Keeping house Georgia
  Huff, Joel 13 Farm laborer Georgia
17 Thomas, Preston 55 Farmer Pennsylvania
  Thomas, Jane 45 Keeping house Pennsylvania
  Thomas, Maria 25 at home Iowa
  Thomas, Angeline 18 at home Iowa
  Thomas, Preston 16 at home Utah
  Thomas, Pinkney (m) 6 at home Utah
18 Thomas, Marian 35 Keeping house Missouri
  Thomas, Jane 13 at home Utah
  Thomas, Mary 11 at home Utah
  Thomas, Rachel 9 at home Utah
  Thomas, Seth 7 at home Utah
  Thomas, John 4 at home Utah
19 Petersen, Henry 52 Farmer Sweden
  Petersen, Mary Ann 52 Keeping house Sweden
  Petersen, Caroline 17 at home Utah
  Petersen, John 15 at home Utah
  Petersen, Louisa 6 at home Utah
  Petersen, Matilda 3 at home Utah
  Petersen, Henry 1 at home Utah
20 Petersen, Andrew 25 Farmer Sweden
  Petersen, Caroline 17 Keeping house Denmark
  Petersen, Ole 22 Farm laborer Sweden
21 Phelps, Hiram S 28 Farmer Illinois
  Phelps, Amanda 19 Keeping house Utah
  Phelps, Lucinda 6 at home Utah
22 Phelps, Morris 61 Carpenter Massachusetts
  Phelps, Sarah 50 Keeping house New York
  Phelps, Olive 13 at home Utah
  Phelps, Martha 72 Keeping house New Hampshire
23 Phelps, Maria 60 Keeping house Canada West
  Stephens, John 21 Farm laborer Iowa
24 Jones, Jacob 45 Blacksmith Wales
  Jones, Ann 34 Keeping house Wales
  Jones, Nissa (f) 14 at home Nebraska
  Jones, Lillia 12 at home Nebraska
  Jones, Thomas C 8 at home Nebraska
  Jones, Anna L 6 at home Nebraska
  Jones, Franklin 4 at home Utah
  Jones, Arthur 2 at home Utah
  Jones, Nellie 2/12 at home Utah
25 Larsen, Neils 53 Farmer Denmark
  Larsen, Lena 45 Keeping house Denmark
  Larsen, Peter W 16 Farm laborer Denmark
26 Jensen, Ellen 53 Keeping house Denmark
27 Jensen, Lena 20 Keeping house Denmark
  Jensen, Christina 3 at home Utah
28 Dana, George 27 Farmer Illinois
  Dana, Amanda 16 Keeping house Utah
29 Odekirk, J Frank 22 Farmer Illinois
  Odekirk, Margaret 18 Keeping house Utah
30 Servine, Theodore 29 Farmer New York
  Servine, Lavina 18 Keeping house Utah
  Servine, Parley 24 Farm laborer Michigan
31 Odekirk, Isaac 61 Farmer New York
  Odekirk, Eliza 37 Keeping house New York
32 Odekirk, John 19 Farm laborer Iowa
  Odekirk, Emaline 15 Keeping house Utah
33 Garrison, Casn?? (f) 55 Keeping house Denmark
  Garrison, Amanda 17 at home Denmark
  Garrison, William 14 at home Denmark
34 Bell, Alonzo 39 Farmer England
  Bell, Harriet 29 Keeping house England
  Bell, Alfred C 17 at home England
  Lodvsky, Harriet 7 at home Utah
35 Turner, Emma 57 Keeping house England
36 Bell, William 39 Farmer England
  Bell, Esther J 36 Keeping house England
  Bell, Morris 15 at home California
  Bell, William A 9 at home Utah
  Bell, James H 8 at home Utah
  Bell, Mary E 6 at home Utah
  Bell, Emma 4 at home Utah
  Bell, Anna 2 at home Utah
37 Leggett, Joseph 62 Laborer England
  Leggett, Mary 73 Keeping house England
38 Henders, Immanuel 26 Farmer Denmark
  Henders, Johanna C 20 Keeping house Denmark
  Henders, Frances M 4/12 at home Utah
  Henders, Mary 66 Keeping house Denmark
39 Jeions? William 36 Farmer England
  J--- Anna 19 Keeping house England
  J-- Mary 33 Keeping house England
40 Hancock, John 27 Farmer Illinois
  Hancock, Antonette 29 Keeping house Germany
  Hancock, John A 5 at home Utah
  Hancock, Thomas A 3 at home Utah
  Hancock, Lovina 2 at home Utah
41 Hancock, Anna 65 Keeping house Canada West
42 Atkinson, Charles 45 Farmer England
  Atkinson, Anna 49 Keeping house England
43 Atkinson, Margaret 29 Keeping house England
  Atkinson, Charles H 4 at home Utah
  Atkinson, Andrew F 3 at home Utah
  Atkinson, Henry 5/12 at home utah
44 Asble, Diannes 60 Farmer England
  Asble, Felicia 52 Keeping house England
  Asble, Francis 15 Farm laborer England
45 Dageton, Christian 46 Farmer Norway
  Dageton, Petra D 40 Keeping house Norway
  Dageton, Ayms 6 at home Utah
  Dageton, Mary J 4 at home Utah
  Dageton, Henry 1 at home Utah
46 Jamison, Martha 41 Keeping house Norway
  Jamison, John 11 at home Norway
  Jamison, Martin 5 at home Norway
47 Osborn, David 32 Farmer Missouri
  Osborn, Elen 28 Keeping house Pennsylvania
  Osborn, David A 10 at home Utah
  Osborn, Cyntha A 8 at home Utah
  Osborn, Sarah S 6 at home Utah
  Osborn, Mary Ann 3 at home Utah
  Osborn, Lydia P 3 at home Utah
  Osborn, Nancy A 1 at home Utah
  Osborn, Leonard 6 at hme Utah
48 Pengham, Augustus 38 Farmer Canada West
  Pengham, Mary A 36 Keeping house New York
  Pengham, Louisa A 13 at school Utah
  Pengham, Josiah E 12 at school Utah
  Pengham, Mary L 10 at school Utah
  Pengham, Alzena 6 at school Utah
  Pengham, Barbara A 3 at home Utah
  Pengham, Lucy J 1 at home Utah
49 Pengham, Calvin 43 Blacksmith New York
  Pengham, Elizabeth 38 Keeping house New York
  Pengham, Mary E 16 at school Utah
  Pengham, Lucy M 14 at school Utah
  Pengham, Barbara A 12 at school Utah
  Pengham, Anna m 9 at school Utah
  Pengham, Able 7 at home Utah
  Pengham, Helliam A 3 at home Utah
  Pengham, Lydia 6/12 at home Utah
50 Mallory, Charles H 28 Farmer Michigan
  Mallory, Carolina 25 Keeping house New Jersey
  Mallory, Charles L 3 at home Utah
  Mallory, Horace J 2 at home Utah
51 Perry, John 43 Farmer England
  Perry, Ann 40 Keeping house England
  Perry, John B 12 at home Utah
  Perry, Ann M 8 at home Utah
52 Heines, James 41 Farmer New Hampshire
  Heines, Harriet W 36 Keeping house Missouri
  Heines, Morris C 20 Farm laborer Iowa
  Heines, James 15 Farm laborer Utah
  Heines, Harriet E 13 at school Utah
  Heines, Martha J 11 at school Utah
  Heines, Mary 8 at school Utah
  Heines, Elmira 5 at home Utah
  Heines, Herman 3 at home Utah
  Heines, Ida L 1 at home Utah
53 Dana, Charles C 38 Carpenter New York
  Dana, Hannah 34 Keeping house New York
  Dana, Roswell 13 at home Utah
  Dana, Eliza J 8 at home Utah
  Dana, Anna 5 at home Utah
  Dana, Isaac 3 at home Utah
  Dana, Adeline 1 at home Utah
54 Williams, Robert 40 Farmer Illinois
  Williams, Harriet 34 Keeping house New Jersey
  William, Robert H 15 at home Utah
  Williams, Harriet P 13 at home Utah
  Williams, A Henry 11 at home Utah
  Williams, Charles 9 at home Utah
  Williams, Orson 7 at home Utah
  Williams, Anna 5 at home Utah
  Williams, Mary 3 at home Utah
  Williams, John 1 at home Utah
55 Hibberts, John 48 Farmer England
  Hibberts, Elizabeth 41 Keeping house England
  Hibberts, John D 14 Farm laborer Utah
  Hibberts, David B 12 Farm laborer Utah
  Hibberts, Joseph 10 at school Utah
  Hibberts, Elizabeth A 8 at school Utah
  Hibberts, Brigham 5/12 at home Utah
  Hibberts, ?amel (m) 5/12 at home Utah
56 Hansen, James 45 Farmer Denmark
57 Davis, John 31 Farmer England
  Davis, Jane 27 Keeping house England
  Davis, Jane 7 at school Utah
  Davis, Harold 4 at home Utah
  Davis, Harriet 2 at home Utah
58 Bowen, William 50 Farmer Wales
  Bowen, Elizabeth 61 Keeping house Wales
  Cozzens, Mary A 19 at home Wales
59 Moore, E? F 34 Farmer England
  Moore, Sarah J 31 Keeping house England
  Moore, Edward F 10 at home Utah
  Moore, Sarah A 8 at home Utah
  Moore, Joseph 6 at home Utah
  Moore, Eli 5 at home Utah
  Moore, Richard J 2 at home Utah
60 Burgoyne, Edward 33 Farmer Wales
  Burgoyne, Mary Ann 30 Keeping house Wales
  Burgoyne, Edward L 8 at home Utah
  Burgoyne, Sarah J 5 at home Utah
61 Morgan, David 32 Farmer Wales
  Morgan, Esther J 22 Keeping house Wales
  Morgan, Hiram C 11 at home Wales
  Morgan, David K 3 at home Utah
  Morgan, Ann M 6/12 at home Utah
62 Chase, Franklin 55 Red D? Hand Merchant Massachusetts
  Sackens, David 43 Farm laborer Utah
63 Benning, James 41 Farmer England
  Benning, Sarah 35 Keeping house England
  Benning, James W 17 Farm laborer Wales
  Benning, Joseph 13 Farm laborer Wales
  Benning, John 12 at home Utah
  Benning, Mary 9 at home Utah
  Benning, Martha 6 at home Utah
  Benning, Ephraim 5 at home Utah
  Benning, Elizabeth 4 at home Utah
  Benning, Dan 2 at home Utah
  Benning, Philip 4/12 at home Utah
64 Clark, William 27 Teamster Ohio
  Clark, Elizabeth 17 Keeping house Utah
  Clark, Mary 10/12 at home Utah
  Morgan, Elijah 34 Farm laborer Iowa


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