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Bear Lake County 1880 Census for Montpelier

Enumerated 23 June 1880 by J C Rich


Family # Name Relationship Age Occupation Place of Birth
173 Thompson, Jeff Hand 23 Drover Indiana
  Thomas, Debar Hand 21 Drover Canada
  Smith, Jacob Hand 34 Drover Connecticut
174 Stephen, C O   29 Carpenter Utah
  Stephen, America Wife 26 Keeping house Utah
  Stephen, Heber O Son 6   Utah
  Stephen, Mary C Daughter 4   Utah
  Stephen, Alexander Son 2   Utah
175 Andersen, James   30 Carpenter & painter Denmark
  Anderson, Sarah Wife 24 Keeping house England
  Anderson, Mary Daughter 1   Utah
  Anderson, John Brother 36 Works on farm Denmark
176 Petersen, Oley   32 Farmer Sweden
  Petersen, Eliza wife 27 Keeping house Switzerland
  Petersen, Eliza daughter 4   Idaho
177 Farlick, G A   48 Blacksmith Canada
  Farlick, Nancy wife 41 Keeping house Canada
  Farlick, David Son 19 At home Iowa
  Farlick, Claude Son 14 At home Colorado
  Farlick, Margarett A Daughter 6   Utah
  Farlick, Mary J Daughter 6   Utah
  Farlick, Abel Son 2   Utah
  Farlick, Martha Daughter 1/12 (May)   Idaho
177 (sic) Williams, Thomas   64 Works on farm Wales
  Williams, Jane Wife 65 Keeping house Wales
178 Williams, Thos J   31 Works on farm Wales
  Williams, Mary Wife 27 Keeping house Wales
  Williams, Rebecca Niece 9   Penn
  Williams, Sarah Ann Niece 7   Penn
179 Williams, James   33 Works on farm Wales
  Williams, Jane Wife 25 Keeping house Wales
  Williams, Margarett Daughter 7   Penn
  Williams, Sarah J Daughter 5   Idaho
  Williams, James Son 8   Idaho
180 Oberholtzer, G W   29 Farmer Ohio
  Flemming, John Boarder 47 Carpenter Ohio
181 Jones, Jacob   54 Farmer Wales
  Jones, Ann Wife 40 Keeping house Wales
  Jones, Thomas W Son 17 At home Nebraska
  Jones, Ann Daughter 15 At school Utah
  Jones, Franklin Son 13 At school Idaho
  Jones, Jacob Son 11 At school Idaho
  Jones, Nellie Daughter 10 At school Idaho
  Jones, May F Daughter 8   Idaho
  Jones, John Son 6   Idaho
  Jones, Daisey Daughter 8   Idaho
182 Keoven, S J   43 Farmer Sweden
  Keoven, Maria Wife 48 Keeping house Sweden
  Keoven, Oscar Son 7   Idaho
183 Irving, William   34 Farmer Scotland
  Irving, Rebecca Wife 17 Keeping house Wales
184 Osborn, David   42 Farmer Missouri
  Osborn, Nancy Wife 38 Keeping house Penn
  Osborn, David A Son 20 At home Utah
  Osborn, Cynthia A Daughter 19 At school Utah
  Osborn, Sarah B Daughter 17 At school Utah
  Osborn, Mary M Daughter 15 At school Utah
  Osborn, Lydia J Daughter 14 At school Idaho
  Osborn, Nancy A Daughter 12 At school Idaho
  Osborn, Margarett A Daughter 10 At school Idaho
  Osborn, Jeffersen L Son 6   Idaho
  Osborn, John R Son 2   Idaho
  Osborn, William W Son 4   Idaho
  Osborn, Isaac Son 2/12 (Apr)   Idaho
185 Richards, S P   29 Clerk in store Utah
  Richards, Eliza T Wife 25 Keeping house Utah
  Richards, Samuel P Son 9/12 (Sept)   Idaho
  Alexander, S J Sister-in-law 13 At service Utah
186 Hancock, John 36 Works on farm Illinois
  Hancock, Mary A Wife 38 Keeping house Norway
  Hancock, John A Son 14 At school Idaho
  Hancock, Thomas A Son 13 At school Idaho
  Hancock, Ann L Daughter 11 At school Idaho
  Hancock, Daniel R Son 9   Idaho
  Hancock, Betsy A Daughter 8   Idaho
  Hancock, Levi W Son 6   Idaho
  Hancock, Clara Daughter 4   Idaho
  Hancock, George Son 2   Idaho
187 Cederland, O   44 Tailor Sweden
  Cederland, Margarett Wife 41 Keeping house Sweden
  Cederland, Jacobene Daughter 17 at school Sweden
  Cederland, Johana Daughter 15 at school Sweden
  Cederland, Mary Daughter 11 at school Sweden
  Cederland, Caroline Daughter 9   Kansas
  Cederland, Joseph Son 8   Kansas
  Cederland, Henry Son 5   Kansas
  Cederland, Melvin Son 5/12 (Jan)   Idaho
188 Bowen, William   60 Brewer Wales
  Bowen, Elizabeth Wife 70 Keeping house Wales
189 Davis, J M   40 Farmer Illinois
  Davis, Harriet J Wife 40 Keeping house Missouri
  Davis, Jefferson Son 16 at school Idaho
  Davis, Sarah J Daughter 14 at school Utah
  Davis, Joseph Son 12 at school Utah
  Davis, David Son 8   Idaho
  Davis, Elenor Daughter 5   Idaho
  Davis, Ida Daughter 3   Idaho
  Davis, Rebecca Daughter 1   Idaho
190 Cozzens, John   44 Farmer Wales
  Cozzens, Emily A Wife 26 Keeping house Utah
  Cozzens, Emily A Daughter 9   Idaho
  Cozzens, James D Son 6 attends school Idaho
  Cozzens, William E Son 4   Idaho
  Cozzens, Janes L Wife 25 Keeping house Utah
  Cozzens, John W Son 7   Idaho
  Cozzens, Sarah D Daughter 4   Idaho
  Cozzens, Mathew Son 2   Idaho
  Cozzens, Arthur hired hand 16 at service Utah
191 Severns, Enoch   69 Works on farm England
  Severns, Ann Wife 65 Keeping house England
  Severns, William Gd Son 18 at home England
  Severns, Enoch Gd Son 16 at home England
  Severns, Joseph Gd Son 14 at home England
192 Robesen, Charles   34 Farmer Illinois
  Robesen, Rosette M Wife 36 Keeping house Michigan
  Robesen, Clara Daughter 13 at home Utah
  Robesen, Charles A Son 11 at school Utah
  Robesen, Robert L Son 6   Utah
  Robesen, Leror Daughter 3   Idaho
  Berrey, Robert Father-in-law 55 Farmer Michigan
  Dalton, Joseph Brother-in-law 19 at home hired Utah
  Feister, Caroline Hand girl 15 at service Switzerland
  Davis, Harm Hired man 20 at service Germany
193 Campbell, Grant   52 Laborer Penn
  Campbell, Caroline E Wife 54 Keeping house Indiana
  Campbell, Theodocia A Daughter 16 at home Utah
  Campbell, Ezra Tilley Son 14 at home Idaho
  Campbell, Rosette Daughter 12 at school Idaho
  Campbell, Chester Son 9   Idaho
  Campbell, Caroline C Daughter 6   Idaho
  Campbell, Effie A Daughter 2   Idaho
  Campbell, Aline V Daughter 9/12 (Sept)   Idaho
194 Hillier, Geo C   41 House carpenter England
  Hillier, Annie Wife 38 Keeping house England
  Hillier, Henry T Son 17 at home England
  Hillier, Nannie Daughter 16 at school England
  Hillier, Emeline E Daughter 15 at school England
  Hillier, Geo L Son 11 at school Utah
  Hillier, Thomas E Son 12 at home Nebraska
  Hillier, Charles E Son 9   Idaho
  Hillier, Rosina Daughter 8   Idaho
  Hillier, Martha J Daughter 5   Idaho
  Hillier, Amy M Daughter 3   Idaho
  Hillier, Charlotte R Daughter 4/12 (Nov)   Idaho
195 Lashbrook, E   40 Carpenter England
  Lashbrook, Mary Wife 33 Keeping house Denmark
  Lashbrook, Johana E Daughter 5   Idaho
  Lashbrook, Mary E Daughter 3   Idaho
  Lashbrook, George F Son 1   Idaho
  Lashbrook, Elizabeth Mother-in-law 60   England
  Lashbrook, Elizabeth Niece 12 at home Utah
  Lashbrook, Nancy P Niece 9 at home Idaho
196 Jensen, C   60 Farmer Denmark
  Jensen, Elsey Wife 55 Keeping house Denmark
  Jensen, Lena Daughter 15 at school Idaho
197 Beeler, John   40 Shoe maker Switzerland
  Beeler, Rosina Wife 32 Keeping house Switzerland
  Beeler, Rosina Daughter 12 at school Switzerland
  Beeler, Louisa Daughter 5   Switzerland
  Beeler, Henry Son 2   Idaho
  Beeler, Pesselice Daughter 2/12 (Apr)   Idaho
199 (sic) Toobach, Godlif   22 works on farm Switzerland
  Toobach, Louisa Wife 22 Keeping house Switzerland
  Toobach, Louisa Daughter 6/12 (Dec)   Idaho
200 Larsen, Christian   54 Farmer Denmark
  Larsen, Sopha Wife 41 Keeping house Denmark
  Larsen, Mary S Daughter 17 at school Utah
  Larsen, Christena Daughter 15 at school Utah
  Larsen, Christiana Daughter 13 at school Utah
  Larsen, Eliza Daughter 9   Utah
  Larsen, Neils P Son 4   Utah
  Larsen, George Son 2   Idaho
201 Zumbrum, Albert   40 works on farm Switzerland
  Zumbrum, Matelina Wife 38 Keeping house Switzerland
  Zumbrum, Arnold Son 18 at home Switzerland
  Zumbrum, Catherine Daughter 11 at school Switzerland
  Zumbrum, John Son 7   Switzerland
  Zumbrum, Matelina Daughter 4   Switzerland
  Zumbrum, Ida Daughter 2   Idaho
  Zumbrum, Robert Adopted Son 7   Switzerland
202 Eschler, John   45 Carpenter Switzerland
  Eschler, Catherine Wife 50 Keeping house Switzerland
  Eschler, Godfrey Son 20 at home Switzerland
  Eschler, Caroline Daughter 17 at home Switzerland
  Eschler, Eliza Daughter 16 at home Switzerland
  Eschler, Louisa Daughter 13 at home Switzerland
  Eschler, Rosilla Daughter 8   Switzerland
  Eschler, Catherine Daughter 4   Switzerland
  Eschler, William Adopted son 10 at school Switzerland
203 Eschler, Jacob   60 Sheep herder Switzerland
  Eschler, Arnold Son 23 At service Switzerland
204 Jensen, C C   27 Farmer Denmark
  Jensen, Caroline Wife 44 Keeping house Switzerland
205 Hellstrum, C F   37 Farmer Sweden
  Hellstrum, Sophia Wife 36 Keeping house Sweden
  Hellstrum, Sophia M Daughter 9   Utah
  Hellstrum, Charles A Son 8   Idaho
  Hellstrum, Agnes E Daughter 2   Idaho
  Hellstrum, Eugene L Daughter 1   Idaho
206 Mirner, Amy   67 Keeping house England
207 Ellis, George   50 Carpenter England
  Ellis, Jemima Wife 43 Keeping house South Africa
  Ellis, Jesse Son 19 at home South Africa
  Ellis, Fanny Daughter 16 at home Utah
  Ellis, George Son 14 at home Utah
  Ellis, Jeremiah Son 12 at home Utah
  Ellis, Wilson Son 10 at home Idaho
  Ellis, Jemima E Daughter 1   Idaho
208 Walt, William   34 Farmer Penn
  Walt, Sarah Wife 19 Keeping house Kansas
  Walt, Emma Daughter 1   Kansas
209 Young, David   28 works on farm Canada
  Young, Phebe E Wife 24 Keeping house Utah
  Young, Mary Jane Daughter 5   Idaho
  Young, Catherine Daughter 3   Idaho
  Young, Ellen Daughter 1   Idaho
210 Phelps, Sarah   24 Keeping house England
  Phelps, Sarah Daughter 10 at home Idaho
  Phelps, William A Son 9 at school Idaho
  Phelps, Rosa A Daughter 6   Idaho
  Phelps, Josephine Daughter 5   Idaho
  Phelps, Martin W Son 1   Idaho
211 Worthington, G   36 Farmer Illinois
  Worthington, Pricilla Wife 32 Keeping house England
  Worthington, Jennie Daughter 13 at school Nevada
  Worthington, Maud Daughter 6   Utah
  Worthington, Brigham Hired 21 at service England
212 Simpson, C W   31 Farmer Sweden
  Simpson, Printha Wife 27 Keeping house Utah
  Simpson, Ida A Daughter 7   Utah
  Simpson, Charles Son 5   Utah
  Simpson, Harry J Son 4   Utah
  Simpson, Melville Son 2   Utah
  Simpson, Eliza Sister 19 at service Utah
213 Holmes J M   25 Farmer Utah
  Holmes, Sarah E Wife 22 Keeping house Utah
  Holmes, James A Son     Idaho
  Holmes, Orson M Son 4/12 (Nov)   Idaho
  Bingham, Lydia Sister-in-law 16 at service Utah
214 Phelps, Martha   82 Keeping house New Hampshire
  Perkins, Jno A   23 Freighter Utah
  Perkins, John F Son 11/12 (July)   Idaho
  Perkins, Ann Maria Wife 18 Keeping House Utah
215 Atkins, Ann   56 Keeping house England
  Atkins, Charles Husband 60 Farmer England
216 Winters, Frantz   36 Farmer Denmark
  Winters, Johanna C Wife 30 Keeping house Denmark
  Winters, Francis M Son 10 at school Idaho
  Winters, Mary Ann Daughter 8   Idaho
  Winters, Neils E Son 6   Idaho
  Winters, Ann Daughter 4   Idaho
  Winters, Ame Daughter 2   Idaho
  Winters, Mary Mother 76 at home Denmark
217 Cheney, Caroline   48 Keeping house Denmark
  Cheney, Mary Daughter 16 at school Utah
  Cheney, George H Son 14 at home Utah
  Cheney, Joseph Son 11 at school Utah
  Cheney, Annie M Daughter 11 at school Utah
  Cheney, Axie Daughter 8   Utah
  Cheney, David J Son 6   Utah
218 Alhbum, Susan   54 Keeping house Switzerland
219 Kuntz, Samuel   28 Farmer Switzerland
  Kuntz, Eliza Wife 40 Keeping house Switzerland
  Kuntz, Samuel Son 6   Idaho
  Kuntz, Joseph Son 5   Idaho
  Kuntz, Clara Daughter 4   Idaho
  Kuntz, Ezra Son 2   Idaho
  Kuntz, John H Son 4/12 (Feb)   Idaho
  Kuntz, Susan Mother 84   Switzerland
220 Beetchen, J C   45 works on farm Switzerland
  Beetchen, Rosina Wife 60 Keeping house Switzerland
  Beetchen, Catherine Daughter 9 at school Switzerland
221 Deschner, H J   42 Miller Germany
  Deschner, Zina Wife 20 Keeping house Switzerland
222 Werthrich, John   70 works on farm Switzerland
  Werthrich, Catherine Wife 65 Keeping house Switzerland
223 Knutte, Michael   41 works on farm Switzerland
  Knutte, Eliza Wife 38 Keeping house Switzerland
  Knutte, John Son 10 at school Switzerland
  Knutte, Rose Daughter 7   Switzerland
  Knutte, Alfred Son 5   Switzerland
  Knutte, Godfrey Son 8   Switzerland
  Knutte, Amell Son 8/12 (Oct)   Switzerland
224 Alleman, George   39 works on farm Switzerland
  Alleman, Annie M Wife 32 Keeping house Switzerland
  Alleman, Peter Son 7   Switzerland
  Alleman, Sarah Daughter 3   Switzerland
  Alleman, Ann Barbara Sister 44 Boarder Switzerland
  Alleman, Marie Barbara Sister 36 Boarder Switzerland
225 Stucki, John   63 Cheese maker Switzerland
226 Stucki, Jacob   60 Cheese maker Switzerland
227 Hall, Rosina   35 Keeping house Switzerland
  Hall, Mary Ann Daughter 11/12 (July)   Idaho
228 Hertzog, Joseph   38 Farmer Switzerland
  Hertzog, Susan Wife 46 Keeping house Switzerland
  Hertzog, Susan Daughter 9   Utah
  Hertzog, John Son 5   Utah
  Hertzog, Ephraim Son 4   Idaho
229 Clothner, Theodore   19 works on farm Switzerland
  Clothner, Eliza Sister 11 at school Switzerland
  Clothner, Jacob Brother 13 at home Switzerland
230 Bagley, John   44 Farmer New Brunswick
  Bagley, Mary J Wife 36 Keeping house Kentucky
  Bagley, John A Son 18 at home Utah
  Bagley, Syrenus Son 14 at school Utah
  Bagley, Edward A Son 12 at school Utah
  Bagley, William H Son 10 at school Idaho
  Bagley, Parley Son 8   Idaho
  Bagley, David Son 6   Idaho
  Bagley, Prencie M Daughter 4   Idaho
  Bagley, Delilah M Daughter 2   Idaho
231 Kuntz, John Jr.   36 Cheese maker Switzerland
  Kuntz, Sophia Wife 34 Keeping house Switzerland
  Kuntz, William Son 15 at home Switzerland
  Kuntz, Rose Daughter 18 at home Switzerland
  Kuntz, John Son 11 at home Switzerland
  Kuntz, Magdalena Sister 41 Boarder Switzerland
232 Lunberg, Gustave   36 Laborer Sweden
  Lunberg, Augustas Wife 31 Keeping house Sweden
  Lunberg, Alfred Son 6   Idaho
  Lunberg, Emma Daughter 3   Idaho
  Lunberg, Willard H Son 2   Idaho
  Lunberg, Ephraim Son 1/12 (May) Idaho  
233 Macheler, Geo   61 Brick mason Prussia
  Macheler, Magdalena Wife 60 Traveling Württemberg
  Macheler, Jacob Son 27 Traveling Prussia
  Macheler, Hansler Son 24 Traveling Prussia
  Macheler, Catherine Daughter 21 Traveling Prussia
  Macheler, Josephine Daughter 17 Traveling Prussia
  Macheler, Albert Son 12 Traveling Prussia
  Macheler, Alzina Daughter 8 Traveling Illinois
234 Birmington, James   42 House carpenter Wisconsin
  Birmington, Ann Elizabeth Wife 40 Traveling Canada
  Birmington, James A Son 20 Traveling Illinois
  Birmington, Adam H Son 16 Traveling Illinois
  Birmington, Angeline Daughter 14 Traveling Illinois
  Birmington, Tabitha Daughter 12 Traveling Illinois
  Birmington, Jesse Son 10 Traveling Illinois
  Birmington, Amos Son 8 Traveling Iowa
  Birmington, Samuel Son 6 Traveling Kansas
235 Kreamer, Samuel   38 Traveling Missouri
236 Bellknap, Herbert   41 Tinner Indiana
  Bellknap, Emeline Wife 38 Keeping house Penn
  Bellknap, Susan Daughter 16 at home Indiana
  Bellknap, William Son 14 at home Indiana
  Bellknap, Sophrina Daughter 12 at home Indiana
  Bellknap, Joshua Son 8   Indiana
  Bellknap, Medwin Son 3   Idaho
237 Bigley, Thomas   54 Travelling Iowa
  Bigley, Jane Wife 51 Travelling Missouri
238 Studefelt, Michael   58 Brick mason Prussia
  Studefelt, Margarett Wife 54 Keeping house Prussia
  Studefelt, James N Son 29 at home Prussia
  Studefelt, Margarettt Daughter 24 at home Prussia
  Studefelt, Wilhelm Son 21 at home Prussia
  Studefelt,  Christie Daughter 18 at home Prussia
  Studefelt, Marie Daughter 16 at home Prussia
  Studefelt, Susan Daughter 12 at home Prussia
  Studefelt, Jacob Son 7   Illinois
239 McElflin, Heber   42 Mould maker New York
  McElflin, Malissa Wife 39 Keeping camp Mass
  McElflin, Heber Son 14 at home New York
  McElfin, Hester Daughter 12 at home Ohio
  McElfin, Lucy Jane Daughter 10 at home Ohio
  McElfin, Alvaro C Son 7   Ohio
240 Wakefield, John   61 Cabinet maker Minnesota
  Wakefield, Alvira Wife 54 Travelling Indiana
  Wakefield, Hannah Daughter 25 at home Indiana
  Wakefield, William Son 23 at home Indiana
  Wakefield, Sarah Ann Daughter 21 at home Indiana
  Wakefield, Hansel Son 18 at home Iowa
  Wakefield, Julia Ann Daughter 14   Iowa
  Wakefield, Lorenzo Son 8   Iowa
  Wakefield, Martha Daughter 4   Nebraska
241 Sanborn, Rufus   53 House carpenter Tennessee
  Sanborn, Sophia Wife 51 Keeping house Georgia
  Sanborn, Henry T Son 26 at home Tennessee
  Sanborn, Mary Ellen Daughter 23 at home Tennessee
  Sanborn, Ezra N Son 19 at home Illinois
  Sanborn, Edward M Son 17 at home Illinois
  Sanborn, Lamborne Son 14 at home Iowa
  Sanborn, Ella M Daughter 11 at home Kansas
242 Matterley, Ephraim   34 Moulder Missouri
  Matterley, Cynthia Wife 31 Keeping camp Missouri
  Matterley, Ether Son 11 at home Missouri
  Matterley, Elenor Daughter 9   Missouri
  Matterley, Jemima L Daughter 7   Missouri
  Matterley, Ethley Son 4   Kansas
  Matterley, Minerva Daughter 2   Kansas
243 Dinley, Wm H   26 Stone mason Penn
  Dinley, Alice M Wife 25 travelling New York
  Dinley, Alfred Son 6   Penn
  Dinley, Albert Son 4   Wyoming
  Dinley, Clarissa Daughter 2   Wyoming
  Dinley, Alexander Son 2/12 (Apr)   Idaho
244 Carver, Rich'd   42 no trade Iowa
  Carver, Mary Jane Wife 40 Keeping camp Illinois
  Carver, Anthony Son 16 at home Iowa
  Carver, Margarett A Daughter 14 at home Iowa
  Carver, James Henry Son 12 at home Iowa
  Carver, Amanda Daughter 10 at home Iowa
  Carver, Herbert Son 8   Nebraska
  Carver, Horace Son 4   Wyoming
245 Whitaker, Reuben   28 Farmer Kansas
  Whitaker, Mary A Wife 24 Keeping house Missouri
246 Singleton, William   30 Farmer Michigan
  Singleton, Angeline Wife 28 Travelling Michigan
  Singleton, William P Son 4   Michigan
  Singleton, Caroline Daughter 2   Iowa
  Singleton, Wallace Son 5   Idaho
  Singleton, Grace Daughter 1   Idaho
247 Andersen, A R   51 Stone mason Sweden
  Andersen, Lena Wife 53 Keeping house Sweden
  Andersen, Alfred R Son 21 at home Sweden
  Andersen, Elizabeth Daughter 14 at school Sweden
  Andersen, Mary Daughter 8   Iowa
248 Bunry, John   52 Farmer England
  Bunry, Ann Wife 50 Keeping house England
249 Childs, A W   58 Wheelwright New York
  Childs, Alvaro Son 27 Carpenter Iowa
  Childs, Louisa Wife 19 Keeping house Utah
250 Sorrensen, S P   28 works on farm Denmark
  Sorrensen, Margarett Wife 23 Keeping house Denmark
  Sorrensen, Soren P Son 1   Idaho
251 Franklin, John   21 Laborer Norway
252 Robesen, David   53 Stone mason Penn
  Robesen, Mary E Wife 41 Keeping house New York
  Robesen, Heber Son 14 at home Utah
  Robesen, Caroline Daughter 11 at school Utah
  Robesen, Eliza Daughter 7 at school Utah
  Robesen, Joel Son 8 at school Utah
  Robesen, Marion Son 4   Utah
  Robesen, Jane F Daughter 3   Utah
  Robesen, Effa Daughter 8/12 (Oct)   Utah
253 Holmes, Morris   24 Farmer Utah
  Holmes, Pricilla Wife 21 Keeping house Utah
  Holmes, J D Son 4   Idaho
  Holmes, Ida J Daughter 2   Idaho
  Holmes, Pricilla Daughter 8/12 (Mar)   Idaho
254 Holmes, James   49 Farmer New Hampshire
  Holmes, Harriet Wife 41 Keeping house Illinois
  Holmes, Mary Daughter 14 at school Idaho
  Holmes, Ezra Son 12 at school Idaho
  Holmes, Amasa Son 10 at school Idaho
  Holmes, James C Son 8   Idaho
  Holmes, L P Daughter 4   Idaho


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