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Neils and Anna Margrat Johnson


Information comes from the "History of Bear Lake Pioneers" by Thress Rich and Orean Stocks published in 1968


From the biography of Neils Johnson; "I was born on the 9th of December 1845 in Kidebrand Spellan, Denmark.  The first I remember I was three years old and my parents were very poor; we had very little to eat and less to wear.  When I was little I was hired to a farmer to herd lambs.  I got lard for pay. The next summer I was hired to a farmer to end cows and I did this for eight years. In November 1855, my mother came to see me and my father, John who was working close by in a mill.  Father was under the influence of liquor, as was often the case, but told Mother he had been to a Mormon meeting.  He said he wanted to join the Mormon Church if she were willing.  She said that she would do just anything if he would quit drinking.  He promised her he would if she would go with him and be baptized.  In January 1856 they were both baptized and my Father quit drinking and smoking and never took it up again.  It made such an impression on me when I saw the life he had lived that I was baptized 5 Sep 1857.  I have never for a moment regretted that step."

April 17 1862, the Johnson family left Demark to go to Utah arriving in Salt Lake 1 Oct 1862, staying in Brigham City until being called to settle Bear Lake.  In September 1864 they went to Paris where Neils lived with his parents until the spring of 1871.  He then came to Ovid, married Anna Margrat Berg 18 Sep 1871 in the Endowment House in Salt Lake and lived in Ovid his entire life.

Children of Neils Johnson and Anna Margrat Berg

1. George Johnson b-22 Sep 1873 in Ovid; d-16 Apr 1935 in Montpelier; m-Catherine Marie Carlsen 22 Sep 1894
2. Sidse Bertha Johnson b-19 May 1875 in Ovid; d-27 Sep 1954; m-Edmund Monson 13 Oct 1897
3. Anne Margaret Johnson b-13 Feb 1878 in Ovid; d-13 Sep 1904 in St Charles; m-James Monson
4. Wilford Moroni Johnson b-29 June 1880 in Ovid; d-5 Mar 1888 in Ovid; gored by a bull
5. Caroline Johanna Johnson; b-7 Apr 1884 in Ovid; d-8 May 1927
6. Emora Josephine Johnson b-7 Feb 1886 in Ovid; d-5 Sep 1922 in Burley Idaho; m-George Albert Hymas
7. Mary Severine Johnson b-22 Feb 1888 in Ovid; d-26 Feb in Ovid
8. Mabel Olivia Johnson b-3 July 1892 in Ovid; d-8 Sep 1904  in Ovid
9. Nina Teresa Johnson b-17 July 1894 in Ovid; m-Thomas Laroy Sorensen

Neils died 15 Apr 1925 in Ovid and Anna Margaret died 16 Apr 1935 in Montpelier and both are buried in the Ovid Cemetery.


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