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Bishop William Budge Report on Bear Lake Valley-1871

The Bear Lake Democrat-23 Oct 1880 (first edition)

The Bear Lake Democrat Extractions from Oct 1880 through Dec 1881 by Larry Christiansen

1884 Earthquake

The Lord of Dingle Dell-1886

Arena Phelps-1909

Charles Ling & Ford Car-1909

Emily Cozzens-1909

Fred Grunig-1909

GAR Reunion-1909

G H Greene & Julia Sullivan Married-1909

History of The News-Examiner

L E Halbert Car Accident-1909

Mrs. Walter Phelps & Children-1909

Whitman Birth-1909

Chicken Ordinance-1910

Cruikshank Family-1910

Hart's Cafe and Restaurant Opened-1910

Mildred Whitman-1911

Nora Beckstrom's Swastika Club-1911

Sheriff Rich 1911-1912

Unearthed Skeleton of a Mastodon-1911

W E Poulsen Coal-1911

Adolph Sommers Song-1912

Andrew Andreag Injured-1912

B F Small and Gold-1912

Bishop Hoff-1912

Eugene Robert & Henry Shirley lost on Bear Lake-1912

Glenn Beatty & Mountain States Telephone-1912

J J Taylor and Gold-1912

W R Holmes and Short Line Payments-1912

Gene Pease Injured-1913

Joseph Stock and John Vaterlaus-1913

New County Officials-1913

S W Kent Lawsuit-1913

T C Wallentine Fire-1913

Wiltse Hoskins Barn Burned-1913

Andrew Larsen Sons in Service 1918

William Short Badly Wounded 1918

Band Concert-1934

Paradise Dance Gardens-1935

Garbage Collection to Begin-1935

James Bruce & the Home Canyon Road-1935

Jesse Dunn-New Chief of Police-1935

Landon Pugmire Agent for Drivers License-1935


Jack Crane and Joe Orchard-1936

NPA Plane Landing-1936

Red Cross Sunday-1936

Abel Kunz Horse Show-1937

C B Hayes Phosphate Property-1937

Game Warden Charles Gaskins-1937

Harvey Steed and Russ Evans-1937

Hugh Bagley and the Rainbow Club-1937

J W Wilcox & Water System-1937

Sylvester Busco Accident-1937

Thomas Barrett Home Fire-1937

Alton Williams family moving-1938

Frank Sorgatz-Chair of Road Committee-1938

George Bagley and Glademere Mumford Accident-1938

Jerome Taylor and Basketball team-1938

Melvin Smith and Joe Stelevich Accident-1938

Seth Kelsey Winner-1938

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