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Ole and Anna Jacobsen


Submitted by Shirlene L Jensen 1 May 2011


Ole Jacobsen was born 11 June 1799 in Gerlev Denmark, son of Jacob Rasmussen and Maren.  He married Anna Poulsen 7 Feb 1824 in Gerlev, daughter of Paul Svensen and Boel Hendriksen.  She was born 3 Apr 1801 in Overdrevet Denmark.  Ole and Anna owned their own home in Gerlev which he sold to get money to come to the United States. They sailed in 1863 on the John J Boyd with their daughter Bodil Marie and her husband Peter Jensen and their daughter Joanna.

Children of Ole Jacobsen and Anna Poulsen

1. Maren Olsen b-12 Dec 1823 in Landeralev, Denmark; d-23 Apr 1828 in Gerlev
2. Bodelia Marie Jacobsen b-8 July 1832 in Gerlev; d-28 Feb 1913 in Ovid Id; m-Peter Jensen

Ole and his family crossed the plains with the John R Young Company.  His 3 year old granddaughter Joanna died on the plains before they arrived in Salt Lake City. Ole was a weaver by trade, raised flax, prepared it for spinning and then wove cloth from it.  He did a lot of weaving for others besides his own family. Anna was the spinner in the family and during the winter of 1863-64 in Mendon Utah, they would walk to the river, gather fine willows, prepare them and weave them into baskets then sell them.

Ole and Anna came to Bear Lake in the spring of 1864 and settled in Ovid.  Ole died 6 May 1879 at Ovid.  Anna died 16 July 1883 in Ovid and both were buried in the Ovid cemetery.


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