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Peter and Bodil Marie Jensen


Submitted by Shirlene L Jensen 1 May 2009


Peter Jensen was born 6 July 1831 in Fredricksburg Denmark to Jens Andreas Christensen and Johanna Larsen.  He married
Bodil Marie Jacobsen, daughter of Ole Jacobsen & Anne Poulsen, 12 Feb 1859. They left Denmark in 1863 for America and arrived in Salt Lake in the fall of 1863 living in Mendon Utah for the winter.  In the spring of 1864 Peter & Bodil were called to help settle the Bear Lake Valley.  Arriving in the late spring, they settled in South Creek, later called Ovid.  Peter was a shoemaker and made all of their own furniture.  Peter was called as the first Branch President of the Ovid Branch in 1873 and was the first Bishop when it became a ward in 1877.  Bodil was the first Relief Society President.  Peter married (2) Marie Sorenson 6 June 1870.  Peter died 26 Feb 1911 in Ovid. Bodil died 28 Feb 1913 in Ovid.  Both are buried in the Ovid Cemetery.


The Bear Lake Democrat, Saturday, 24 September 1881, page 2

List of Awards presented at the Bear Lake County Fair on 16 Sep 1881

Best Scotch Kale-Peter Jensen, Ovid


Montpelier Examiner, Saturday 18 April 1896, page 3

OVER A THOUSAND DELEGATES IN ATTENDANCE-The state convention at Nebraska, republicans to select four delegates to the national convention convened in Omaha tonight with 1057 delegates present. The following delegates were selected by acclamation and instructed to support McKinley. J L Webster, Peter Jensen, T P Kennard and George H Thummel.


Montpelier Examiner, Saturday, 9 August 1902, page 1

Pursuant to law the County Commissioners of Bear Lake county met as a Board of Equalization at the Court House at Paris, Idaho, July 21. Present H H Hoff, P L Lindsay, N C Nelson Jr. Commissioner and James E Hart, clerk, when the following proceedings were had to-wit:

Taxes of the following named parties for the year 1902 were acted upon by the Board in the following manner and the Clerk authorized to make the following changes in the Assessment Book. Peter Jensen reduction on land $100.00.


The Paris Post, Thursday, 1 February 1906, page 2

The following names were selected from the residents of Districts One, Two and Three, in Bear Lake County, State of Idaho, to constitute a Jury list for the year 1906.

OVID. Frederick Sleight, John Olsen, Peter Jensen, Philemon Lindsay, Elijah Cutler, Neils Johnson.


Peter Jensen 1911 Obituary


Paris Post, Friday, 17 January 1913, page 5

NOTICE TO CREDITORS-ESTATE of Peter Jensen, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned, Bole Jensen, administratix of the estate of Peter Jensen, deceased, to the creditors of and all persons having claims against the said deceased, to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers, within months after the first publication of this notice to the said administratix, County of Bear lake, State of Idaho, Dated December 23rd, 1912. Bole M Jensen, administratix of the estate of Peter Jensen, deceased.

Children of Peter Jensen and Bodil Marie Jacobsen

1. Johanna Marie Jensen b-13 June 1860 in Lander Denmark; d-July 1863 on the plains of Nebraska
2. Ole Peter Jensen 27 June 1863 in Florence Nebraska; m-Eliza Jane Whitehead 19 Oct 1887; d-27 May 1954 in Shelley Id
3. Lars Peter Jensen 24 Nov 1864 in South Creek (Ovid) m-Margaret Verena Hymas 19 Oct 1887 in Logan Ut; d-13 Jan 1949 in Ovid
4. Anna Christina Jensen b-10 Aug 1867 in Ovid; m-Abel Smart; d-13 Apr 1901 in Georgetown Id
5. Johanna Christina Jensen b-9 Oct 1868 in Ovid; m-Alonzo Howard Cook; d-11 Nov 1911 in Albin Id
6. James Andreas Jensen b-16 May 1870 in Ovid; m-Johannah Overgaard 11 Feb 1912 in Paris; d-11 May 1950 in Ovid


Children of Peter Jensen and Marie Sorenson

1. Georgina Cecilia Jensen b-17 Jan 1882 in Ovid; m-Martin Nicholeson; d-31 Mar 1935
2. Christina Peter Jensen  b-24 Sep 1883 in Ovid; m-Rebecca Hymas; d-11 Feb 1959 in Burley Id
3. Lorenzo Wilford Jensen ; b-5 Apr 1886 in Ovid; m-Minnie Hymas; d-23 Jan 1956 in Rupert Id
4. Mary Bodilia Jensen b-13 Dec 1888 in Ovid; m-Harry Lawrence Burgess; d-12 May 1977
5. Alvin Hans Jensen b-27 Dec 1891 in Ovid; m-Cora Emma Phippin; d-30 May 1940 in Los Angeles


Children of Ole Peter Jensen and Eliza Jane Whitehead

1. Ole Hazen Jensen b-19 Aug 1890 in Ovid; m-Haldora Jones 28 Apr 1928 in Soda Springs; d-22 Sep 1979
2. Alba Leah Jensen b-1 Sep 1893 in Iona Id; d-4 May 1969 in Idaho Falls Id
3. Eliza VaMeryl Jensen b-15 Dec 1894 in Iona Id; d-May 1986 in Shelley Id
4. Marion Vernzel Jensen b-22 May 1896 in Shelley Id; m-Ruth Stoddard 12 Aug 1915 in Shelley; d-2 Feb 1980 in Tremonton UT
5. Gladys Lavetta Jensen b-2 Mar 1898 in Iona Id; d-8 Sep 1971; m-Raymond Peck 23 Jan 1924
6. Maple Beaumont Jensen b-1 Apr 1900 in Shelley Id; d-5 Feb 1975
7. Child Jensen b&d Aug 1903 in Shelley


Children of Lars Peter Jensen and Margaret Verena Hymas

1. Maggie Ann Jensen b-9 Sep 1888 in Ovid; m-Arthur Christian Petersen; d-21 June 1973 in Soda Springs
2. Lars William Jensen b-20 Apr 1890 in Ovid; m-Ethel Findlay; d-4 Oct 1987 in Montpelier
2. Asa Ray Jensen b-15 Apr 1892 in Ovid; m-Venice Rebekka Johnson 26 Aug 1911; d-23 Dec 1947 in Ovid
4. Ethel Jensen b-10 Dec 1893 in Ovid; m-Timothy Matthews; d-11 Mar 1995 in Montpelier
5. Archie Jensen b-8 Mar 1896 in Ovid; d-23 Oct 1918 in Pueblo Colorado at an Army training camp
6. Charles Telbert Jensen b-19 Feb 1898 in Ovid; m-Lucille Parker; d-20 May 1983 in Montpelier
7. Idell Jensen b-2 Feb 1900 in Ovid; m-William Kenneth Matthews; d-25 Nov 1987 in Logan UT
8. Leda Jensen b-19 Apr 1903 in Ovid; m (1) Edward Franklin Closner; d-23 Aug 1989 in Montpelier
9. Alfred Ona Jensen b-10 Feb 1907 in Ovid; m-Ivy Kunz; d-30 Apr 1980 in Ovid
10. Lavaun Jensen b-8 Dec 1910 in Ovid; d-12 Dec 1964 in Montpelier 
11. Dean Wesley Jensen b-9 Sep 1912 in Ovid; d-17 Dec 1980; m-Jessie Hymas


Children of Annie Christine Jensen and Abel Smart

1. George Smart b-3 Dec 1889 in Swan Creek Rich Co Utah; d-23 Feb 1959 in Tooele Utah; m-Margaret Miller Harvey
2. Hannah Smart b-27 July 1893 in Ovid; d-7 Sep 1967 in Georgetown; m-Frank Evan Haynes
3. Jesse Smart b-15 July 1895 in Ovid; d-30 Mar 1969 in Tooele; m-Louise Shields
4. Lyman Smart b-1 June 1898 in Georgetown; d-11 May 1932 in Logan; m-Juanita Winters
5. Charles Orrin Smart b-23 Mar 1901 in Georgetown; d-16 Dec 1910 in Georgetown


Children of Johanna Christine Jensen and Alonzo Howard Cook

1. Archibald Jensen Cook b-21 June 1896 in St Charles; d-11 Feb 1897 in St Charles
2. Frank Jensen Cook b-Nov 1898 in Swan Creek Rich Co Utah; d-10 July 1988 in Murray Ut; m-Lovena Soreson
3. Howland Jensen Cook b-15 Mar 1901 in Swan Creek; d-21 July 1975; m-Lois Sprouse
4. Ada Jensen Cook b-23 June 1903 in Garden City Utah; d-3 Jan 1988; m-Oswald Fackerall

Children of Asa Ray Jensen and Venice Rebekka Johnson

1. Clifford Ray Jensen b-1 Apr 1912 in Ovid; d-30 Apr 1967 in Montpelier; m-Alice Caroline Gardner 21 Nov 1935
2. Bernice Jensen b-16 Apr 1914 in Ovid; d-19 Apr 1914 in Ovid
3. La Grand Jensen b-3 Sep 1915 in Ovid; d-18 May 1961 in Montpelier; m-Rosetta Mary Nate 3 Sep 1935
4. Pearl Jensen b-31 Mar 1917 in Ovid; d-8 Apr 1949 in Montpelier; m-Lamont William Griffin 31 Dec 1936
5. Gwendolyn Jensen b-26 Nov 1918 in Ovid; d-3 Apr 1993 in St George UT; m-Don Quayle Humburg 27 June 1936
6. Darwin J Jensen b-9 June 1921 in Ovid; d-13 Jan 1977 in Alpine WY; br-Ovid Cemetery; m-Ethel Irene White 24 Dec 1948
7. Marcia Jensen
8. Margie Jensen b-13 May 1925 in Ovid; d-3 Sep 2014 in Pocatello; br-Ovid Cemetery
9. Venice Muriel Jensen b-10 Jan 1927 in Ovid; d-5 Feb 2000 in Parma Oh; m-John Richard Akelis 5 Nov 1949
10. Glenda Jensen b-8 Apr 1929 in Ovid; d-4 July 1989 in Parma Oh; m-Samuel Anthony Ortolani 1 Aug 1946


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