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Bear Lake Valley Pioneers of 1863


Pioneers of Bear Lake Valley who came in 1863.  This photo was taken in 1913 at the Bear Lake Tabernacle in Paris at the 50th anniversary of their entry into the valley.  If you can identify any of these pioneers please email Shirlene Jensen.




Information from Lynn Holton Collings; My grandfather, Mahonri Moriancumer Collings Sr. is standing on the back row on the far left.  His older brother, James Collings Jr. is seated on the far right side of the picture.  Mahonri M Collings Sr. and James Collings Jr. were sons of James Collings Sr. and Elizabeth Bewick Collings who, with their children, came from Cache Valley at the call of Brigham Young in the second group of pioneers sent to help colonize the Bear Lake Valley . 

 James Collings Sr. was a shipbuilder from England and responsible for the construction of the interior walls and ceiling of the Bear Lake Tabernacle in Paris.  If you take a picture of the tabernacle’s interior and turn the picture upside down it resembles the hull of a large ship, which is what he knew how to build.


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