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Bear Lake Pioneers of 1864


Aland, Ellen Sarah

Allred, William and Orissa

Athay, James and Ellen

Austin, Julius Augustus Caesar and Octavia Ann

Bagley, John and Margaret

Beck, Anders and Elizabeth Louise

Bennett, David and Mary

Bird, John and Mary Jane

Burgoyne, Edward and Mary Ann

Campbell, Grant and Ellen Mary

Booth, Mosiah and Mary Adaline

Davis, Jared & Harriet

Dunn, John & Juley Ann

Greene, Evan and Susan

Greenhalgh, Peter and Sarah

Grimmett, John and Sarah

Haddock, Edward and Elizabeth

Haddock, John and Margaret

Hammond, Levi and Polly

Hansen, John C & Sidse

Hart, James Henry and Emily

Holmes, James & Harriet

Howell, Henry & Frances

Humpherys, George and Sarah Ann

Hulme, William and Phebe

Hymas, William and Mary Ann

Innes, Charles and Mary

Irving, William and Emma

Jacobsen, Ole and Anna

Jacobson, Fredrick and Elizabeth

Jensen, Peter & Bodil

Jensen, Peter & Cecelia

Johnson, John and Sidse

Johnson, Neils and Anna Margaret

Jones, Jacob and Anne

Jorgensen, Rasmus and Jacobine

Keetch, Jonathan and Mary

Lindsay, William Buchminster and Sarah

Nate, Samson and Mary Ann

Neibaur, Joseph William and Elizabeth

Nelsen, Soren and Christiana

Nelson, Thomas Billington and Mary Catherine

Patterson, Edward McGregor and Mary

Payne, Samuel and Emily Sarah

Pearce, Augustus Embley and Caroline Jane

Peterson, Henry and Mary Ann

Peterson, Thomas Christian and Johanna

Phelps, Morris Charles and Laura

Pomeroy, Francis Martin and Irene

Severn, William and Mary

Wallentine, Christian and Elizabeth

Wixom, Solomon and Hannah


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