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The Montpelier Examiner, July 1, 1910



Safe crackers entered the bank of Montpelier some time during the last Saturday night and go away with about $150 in silver, which was left in the tray, outside the safe.  The work of the robbers was not discovered until about 9 o'clock Sunday morning, when G C Gray had occasion to go into the bank.

Entrance to the bank was gained by trying to open the rear window.  However, before entering the bank, the men evidently broke into Hauck's Shoe Shop which joins the back room on the east with the intention of boring through the wall into the vault. As this room does not extend back to the vault, they had to abandon that plan.

The robbery recalled to the minds of the older resident of the town, the daring day light hold up of the same bank, which occurred one quiet August afternoon 13 years ago, the excitement incident thereto and the fruitless chase by the posse of citizens after the robbers.


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