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Samson William and Mary Ann Nate


Information comes from the History of Bear Lake Pionees by Ettie L Pugmire, Jennie S Crane and Anona B Grady


One of the pioneer settlers of Idaho, where he resided from 1864 until 1921 was Samson William Nate of Dingle.  Samson was born 8 May 1834 in Upton, Worcestershire, England, the son of Richard Nate and Sarah New.  He was educated in the schools of England until 18 and heard the missionaries of the LDS church in the streets of England.  He joined their numbers on 7 Jan 1852, after marrying Mary Ann Cottrell on 7 Dec 1852.  They sailed for America, continued their journey to Utah, arriving at Salt Lake on 12 Oct 1853.  He married his second wife Elizabeth Cornell 17 Feb 1864 in Lehi. They resided in Lehi until October when they moved to Paris. In 1875 he moved to Dingle.

Children of Samson William Nate and Mary Ann Cottrell

1. Samson William Nate b-24 Oct 1854 in Fort Herriman in Salt Lake City; d-13 Nov 1924; m-Alice Kelsey 8 Feb 1878 in Paris
2. Mary Ann Nate b-4 Mar 1857 in Fort Herriman; d-29 July 1942 in Montpelier; m-Joseph Lewis 4 Mar 1875
3. Sarah Jane Nate b-1 Mar 1858 in Lehi Utah; d-23 Dec 1916 in Kaysville Utah
4. Willard Benjamin Nate b-18 Apr 1861 in Lehi; d-4 Aug 1952 in Lethbridge Alberta Canada
5. George Thomas Nate b-1 June 1866 in Paris; d-3 Mar 1867 in Paris
6. Lucy Ann Nate b-17 May 1868 in Paris; d-6 Sep 1939 in Montpelier
7. Rosina Margaret Nate b-19 June 1870 in Paris; d-29 Aug 1922 in Montpelier
8. Effie Minerva Nate b-27 Dec 1872 in Paris; d-21 May 1956; m-Alfonzo Quayle 13 Mar 1895

Children of Samson William Nate and Elizabeth Cornell

1. Emma Elizabeth Nate 6 Jan 1865 in Paris; d-27 Feb 1867 in Paris
2. Frederick Ebenezer Nate b-24 Apr 1866 in Paris; d-14 Fe 1955 in Dingle
3. Louise Adelaide Nate b-14 Oct 1868 in Paris; d-29 Apr 1955 in Montpelier
4. Henry William Nate b-18 Nov 1870 in Paris; d-2 Dec 1941 in Logan
5. Mary Ellen Nate b-18 July 1872 in Paris; d-22 May 1956 in Montpelier 
6. Charles Cornell Nate b-13 June 1874 in Paris; d-20 Oct 1961 in Montpelier; m-Emma May Bird 14 Feb 1899
7. Ettie Rebecca Nate b-13 May 1880 in Dingle; d-6 Jan 1956 in Montpelier; m-John H Bird 29 Sep 1899

Samson was watermaster of the Peg Leg Island Canal Co and was one of the guards of the settlements in the Indian difficulty of the pioneer days.  He was place in many public offices in the township and county and was a counselor of the bishop for thirty-six years. He loved gardening and often worked summer evenings until dark and seemed reluctant to leave them.  He died at the home of his daughter Mary Lewis in Montpelier on 4 Apr 1921.

Mary Ann Cottrell was born 23 Dec 1831 in Upton England, the daughter of Benjamin Cottrell and Hanna Heath. While on the ship Ellen Maria to America, Mary Ann became very ill and her friend Jane Fowler cared for her.  Jane became a midwife and Mary Ann went into the fields to glean wheat in order that Jane could finance her medical studies. They all arrived in the Salt Lake Valley in October 1853. Mary Ann died 6 Nov 1895 in Dingle.

Elizabeth Cornell was born 23 Sep 1839 in Enfield England, the daughter of Frederick Ebenezer Cornell and Emma Munton. After she joined the church, she boarded the Amazon and left England. After arriving in the Salt Lake Valley she met and married Samson and came with him to Bear Lake.  Their first home was located where the old Emerson School used to stand.  Elizabeth died on 13 Feb 1917 in Dingle.

Children of Samson William Nate and Alice Kelsey

1. Arthur Nate b-Dec 1879 in Dingle
2. Annie Nate b-1881 in Dingle
3. Samson William Nate b-Dec 1883 in Dingle
4. Rozina Nate b-Sep 1886 in Dingle
5. Talmage George* Nate b-27 July 1892* in Dingle
6. Mary B Nate b-Nov 1895 in Dingle
*date comes from WWI draft record

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