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Captain Samuel McCart


The Montpelier Examiner, March 1891

Note: There is some discrepancy here as the death date listed in the records for Sam McCart is 8 Apr 1891, but the article here says that he was dead by March 14. Sam McCart built the Arcade Hotel in Montpelier in 1887 and later was known as the Hoff Hotel and owned by Harrison Hess.




Commenced at 2 p.m. March 14th, 1891

The examination of Dr. Edmund E Rivers for shooting and killing Captain Sam B McCarty, took place in the Court House, March 14, before Judge G C Patten.  The hour set for the examination was 2 o'clock but for some reason it was half past three before the examination commenced.

In addition to District Attorney S C Winters and County Attorney S J Rich, R S Spence Esq. L L Glenn Esq. and J C Rich Esq. appeared for the prosecution and J H Hawley Esq. J A Bagloy? Esq. for the defense.

Upon opening of Court, J R Hawley counsel for defense made application for a change of venue submitting to the Court the affidavit of defendant setting forth that the Judge was biased and prejudiced.  Dist. Attorney Winters appealed the motion.

After a recess of an hour the court decided that the motion was sustained and the case be transferred to Justice Kelley at Montpelier.


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