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Thomas Smith


The Montpelier Examiner, July 2, 1909


Thomas Smith of Glencoe, was instantly killed last Saturday evening, while on his way home from Montpelier by being thrown from his wagon.  He came to Montpelier after supplies for his home and a piano for Thos Nielsen's cottage at Glencoe.  The wagon being well loaded, Mr. Smith and Carl Beckstrom, who went with him, were compelled to ride with their feet hanging over the dash board.

It was nearly sundown when they were approaching St Charles and Mr. Smith, thinking to hurry the horses up a little so as to be able to reach home before dark, hit them with the lines.  Just as they started to trot one of the front wheels of the wagon dropped into a chuck hole and Mr. Smith was thrown to the ground.  As he fell one of the horses kicked him in the head and the wagon ran over his body, breaking his left arm and crushing his chest.

The horses started to run but young Beckstrom managed to get hold of the lines in such a way and stop them without much difficulty.  He tied them to the fence and hurried back to see how badly Mr. Smith was injured.  To his horror he found that Mr. Smith was dead.  Just then another team drove up and the man assisted Carl in placing the body in his wagon and proceeded to Mr. Smith's home, there to break the sad news to his family.


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