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Thomas and Johanna Peterson


Information comes from Zora Peterson in the History of Bear Lake Pioneers


Thomas Christian Peterson was born 12 July 1831 in Frederikshavn, Denmark, the son of Peter F and Dorthe Jensen. Thomas was a large man in physique, a land owner and his farm was called Lenden.  On of the servants employed on the farm was a young woman converted to the new gospel of Mormonism and she was trying to teach Thomas C about this church.  He eventually was taught by the elders and was baptized. He married his first wife Johanna Thompson, born 18 May 1825 in Denmark, in 1851.

Child of Thomas Christian Peterson and Johanna Thompson

1. Ann Johanna Peterson b-1851 in Denmark; died 1862 on the ship crossing the Atlantic


Child of Thomas Christian Peterson and Lisa Anderson

1. Anders Christian Peterson b-13 Mar 1851 in Denmark; d-26 Sep 1919 in Fairview, Bonneville, Idaho; m-Nina Marie Nilsen in 1872

Thomas and Johanna worked hard in the church in Augusta Denmark to build up the church in that area.  For five years they made preparations to emigrate.  On 15 Apr 1862 they sailed from Hamburg Germany.  After arriving in Utah they settled first in Farmington Utah.  Later they were called to help settle Franklin Idaho and in 1864 they helped settle Bear Lake.  They settled in Ovid living first in a dugout then in a log house.  Thomas' successful farming experiences in Denmark proved valuable here.

Children of Anders Christian Peterson and Nina Marie Nilson

1. Eliza Marie Peterson b-26 Apr 1873 in Ovid; d-17 Aug 1943 in Butte, California; m-Joseph H Ray
2, Ann Hannah Peterson b-1875 in Ovid
3, Andrew Louis Peterson b-23 May 1877 in Ovid; d-22 June 1886 in Ovid; br-Ovid Cemetery
4. Annie Rae Peterson b-1880
5. Julie Peterson b-1883


Thomas married Kirstine Jacobine Morgensen, a widow with two daughters, in 1865.  She died in childbirth in 1866. He then married Kerstene Casty Peterson 30 June 1867 in Salt Lake City.  She was the daughter of Henry Peterson and Bengta Nielson.

Children of Thomas Christian Peterson and Kerstene Casty Peterson

1. Thomas Peterson b-16 Feb 1869 in Ovid; d-16 July 1940 in Montpelier; br-Ovid Cemetery; m-Anna S Thompson
2. John Thomas Peterson b-10 Oct 1870 in Ovid; d-22 Sep 1933 in Ovid; br-Ovid Cemetery
3. Nels Dorsten Peterson b-17 Dec 1874 in Ovid; d-10 Feb 1960 in Montpelier; br-Ovid Cemetery; m-Frieda Kohler
4. Parley O Peterson b-5 June 1875; d-26 Feb 1942 in Ovid; br-Ovid Cemetery; m-Johanna M Thomson
5. Henry Peterson b-24 Nov 1878 in Ovid; d-9 Sep 1896 in Ovid; br-Ovid Cemetery
6. Alexander Peterson b-9 Oct 1879 in Ovid; d-16 May 1953 in Salt Lake City Ut
7. Joseph Smith Peterson b-10 June 1884 in Ovid; d-27 Jan 1964 in Ovid; m-Louise E Bischoff
8. Bertha Christine Peterson b-2 June 1887 in Ovid; d-2 Oct 1922 in Ovid
 9. Selma Johanna Peterson b-27 Sep 1896 in Ovid; d-22 July 1973; m-George Peterson

Thomas and Casty celebrated their silver wedding anniversary at the home of his oldest son, Anders Christian.  Thomas died 3 Sep 1903 in Ovid.  Johanna died 26 Aug 1911 in Ovid and Kerstene died 8 Mar 1936 in Ovid and all are buried in the Ovid Cemetery.


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