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William and Mary Ann Hymas


Information comes from the personal family file of Shirlene L Jensen


William Hymas was born 26 July 1806 at Raleigh, Essex, England, the son of Edward and Sarah (Howlett) Hymas.  He married Mary Ann Atkins 6 Jan 1834 in Raleigh.  Mary Ann was born 20 Dec 1815 in Hockley, England, the daughter of William and Lucy (Hart) Adkins. After William and Mary Ann were married they lived on a farm which was owned by an English Lord and it was William's responsibility to operate this farm.  In 1850 they moved to Hockley and worked on another farm.

Children of William Hymas and Mary Ann Atkins

1. George William Hymas b-6 Oct 1835 in Raleigh; d-20 Sep 1907 in Hockley; m-Sarah Ann Carter 1863
2. William Alfred Hymas b-22 Mar 1837 in Raleigh; d-12 Nov 1916 in Liberty; m (1) Mary Edwards 7 May 1861 in Omaha Nebraska; m (2) Saloma Leanner Hammon
3. John Atkins Hymas b-1 Sep 1839 in Raleigh; d-8 Nov 1917 in Liberty; m (1) Mary Ann Pitman 10 Nov 1861 in Salt Lake City; m (2) Mary Jane Watkins 24 Oct 1878 in Salt Lake City
4. Sarah Mary Hymas b-6 Dec 1841 in Raleigh; d-27 Nov 1919 in Cardston Canada; m-Ormus Bates 10 Nov 1862 in Salt Lake City
5. Susan Hymas b-2 Feb 1844 in Raleigh; d-15 Aug 1865; m-Noah Wardle 10 Nov 1862 in Salt Lake City
6. Benjamin Hymas b-26 May 1846 in Raleigh; d-15 May 1925 in Preston Idaho; m-Hannah Thurston 8 Feb 1869 in Salt Lake City
7. James Hymas b-14 Mar 1849 in Raleigh; d-2 July 1908 in Lanark; m-Sarah Cordelia Evans 25 Apr 1870 in Salt Lake City
8. Mary Ann Hymas b-26 Aug 1851 in Hockley England; d-13 Jan 1922; m-Thomas Duce 18 Feb 1869

The Mormon missionaries were preaching the gospel in England in 1853 when their son John heard their message on a street where they were preaching.  Charles W Penrose visited the Hymas home and helped convert the family to the faith.  John was the first to be baptized on 21 May 1854.  His mother was baptized 26 May and his father 25 June.  With the exception of George, all the family joined the church.  Two years later John sailed for America, 18 Feb 1856 on the ship Caravan. On 28 Mar 1857, his brother William Alfred sailed on the ship George Washington and joined him in Iowa.  They worked there for several years.

On 23 Apr 1861 William and Mary Ann and except for George, all their children sailed on the ship Underwriter and landed at New York.  They stayed in New York for a year to earn money for the trip west.  Then traveled to Florence Nebraska joining the James Wareham Company arriving in Salt Lake 26 Sep 1862. They stayed in Salt Lake until the spring of 1864 when Brigham Young called them to settle Bear Lake Valley, eventually settling in Liberty.  The weather was very bad and Mary Ann with Benjamin, James and Mary Ann went back to Utah to live with the other daughters.  Mary Ann never returned to Bear Lake but died in Cardston Canada on 13 Oct 1906.  William died 7 May 1889 at the home of his son, William Alfred and is buried in the Liberty cemetery.

Children of George Hymas and Sarah Ann Carter

1. Sarah Ann Hymas b-6 Aug 1859 in Hockley England; d-10 Nov 1941 in Salt Lake City; m-Mathew Dalton 7 June 1899
2. George William Hymas b-8 Mar 1862 in Hockley; d-21 Oct 1943; m-Georgiana Petchey
3. James Allen Hymas b-20 Feb 1864 in Hockley
4. Ada Susan Hymas b-4 Feb 1867 in Hockley; d-8 Mar 1960; m-James Ooten
5. Walter Thomas Hymas b-7 Sep 1869 in Hockley; d-17 Dec 1932; m-Alice Payle
6. Grace Alice Hymas b-20 Apr 1872 in Hockley; d-2 Jan 1930; m-George Pyle
7. Lillie Maud Hymas b-21 Sep 1874 in Hockley; d-12 Dec 1943
8. Arthur Charles Hymas b-4 June 1877 in Raleigh; d-8 Jan 1967; m-Effie Binder
9. Blanch May Hymas; b-16 Apr 1880 in Raleigh
10. Edith Minnie Hymas b-12 Sep 1882 in Raleigh; m-B E Wright
11. Percy Norman Hymas b-24 May 1887 in Raleigh; m-Daisy Hunt

Children of William Alfred Hymas and Mary Edwards

1. Mary Ann Hymas b-2 Apr 1862 in Omaha Nebraska
2. Elizabeth Ann Hymas b-1 Apr 1863 in Ogden Ut; d-young
3. William Thomas Hymas b-21 Sep 1865 in Liberty; d-16 Dec 1928 in Paris
4. Samuel Edward Hymas b-10 Dec 1867 in Liberty; d-9 May 1951 in Salt Lake City
5. Margaret Verena Hymas b-4 Mar 1870 in Liberty; d-2 Oct 1937; m-Lars Peter Jensen
6. Charles Vernius Hymas b-4 Mar 1870 Liberty; d-23 Mar 1875 in Liberty
7. May Janett Hymas b-1 May 1872 in Liberty; d-24 Nov 1943
8. Alfred Cyrus Hymas b-13 Apr 1874 in Liberty; d-15 Apr 1937; m-Mary Ann Lyon 13 Nov 1895
9. Susan Hymas b-13 Apr 1874 in Liberty; d-17 July 1933 in Sharon; m-Richard Orr 23 Sep 1898
10. Mary Ellen Hymas b-3 Aug 1878 in Liberty; d-12 Feb 1958 in Liberty; m-James Simmons 18 Oct 1897

Children of William Alfred Hymas and Saloma Leanner Hammon

1. Walter Lorenzo Hymas b-4 Apr 1877 in Liberty; d-30 Sep 1938 in Idaho Falls Id
2. Saloma Luann Hymas b-27 Sep 1879 in Liberty; d-6 Jan 1961 in Logan Ut
3. George Albert Hymas b-26 Nov 1882 in Liberty; d-7 Oct 1961 in Logan Ut
4. Dora Chatman Hymas b-27 Nov 1885 in Liberty; d-1 Sep 1965 in Idaho Falls Id
5. Effie Jane Hymas b-6 May 1889 in Liberty; d-10 June 1930 in Blackfoot Id

Children of John Atkins Hymas and Mary Ann Pitman

1. John William Hymas b-22 Feb 1865 in Liberty; d-24 Mar 1959 in Green River Wyoming
2. Mary Ann Adelia Hymas b-20 Apr 1866 in Liberty; d-26 Feb 1944 in Paris
3. Joseph Manassah Hymas b-21 Oct 1867 in Liberty; d-25 Jan 1932 in Liberty
4. Benjamin Pitman Hymas b-7 Aug 1869 in Paris; d-27 Sep 1940 in Montpelier
5. Hyrum Henry Hymas b-10 Oct 1870 in Liberty; d-25 Oct 1908
6. Clara Drusilla Hymas b-8 May 1872 in Liberty; d-23 Dec 1901 in Liberty
7. Caddie Caroline Hymas b-27 Nov 1873-26 June 1953 in Liberty
8. Arthur James Hymas b-18 Mar 1875 in Liberty; d-28 May 1941 in Salt Lake City
9. Alice Lucinda Hymas b-12 June 1876 in Liberty; d-9 Jan 1954 in Boise
10. David Moroni Hymas b-9 Jan 1878 in Liberty; d-24 May 1936

Children of John Atkins Hymas and Mary Jane Watkins

1. Thomas Nephi Hymas b-24 July 1879 in Liberty; d-11 May 1964 in Burley Id
2. Martha Jane Hymas b-7 Apr 1881 in Liberty; d-27 Aug 1955 in Montpelier
3. Bertha Ann Hymas b-30 Nov 1882 in Liberty; d-20 Jan 1887 in Liberty
4. Rebecca Rose Hymas b-11 Nov 1884 in Liberty; d-6 Jan 1962 in Burley Id
5. Charles Eugene Hymas b-7 Jan 1887 in Liberty; d-13 Aug 1951
6. Emily Elizabeth Hymas b-4 Feb 1889 in Liberty; d-17 Feb 1889 in Liberty
7. Wilford Watkins Hymas b-6 Mar 1890 in Liberty; d-17 May 1971 in Idaho Falls Id
8. Lottie Hymas b-26 June 1892 in Liberty; d-19 Aug 1980 in Logan Ut
9. Melvin Morris Hymas b-9 June 1894 in Liberty; d-10 June 1975
10. Mabel Hymas b-12 May 1896 in Liberty; d-26 Nov 1976


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