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William Buckminster and Sarah Lindsay


Information comes from the History of Bear Lake Pioneers and Hazel Lindsay Peterson


William Buckminster Lindsay was born 30 Mar 1797 in Peacham, Vermont, the son of Ephraim Lindsay and Mercy Wiley.  When he was 9 year old he moved with his father to Johnstown Ontario Canada.  In 1819 he married Sarah Myers of Yorkshire England, who was born 9 July 1800, the daughter of Richard Myers and Maria (Close).  For twenty years they lived and worked in the Rideau Lake area of Canada. In 1839 they moved to Eau Claire Wisconsin and in 1841 William was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Sarah and two sons, William and Edwin were baptized in 1842. Later they moved to Nauvoo, leaving there in 1846 to settle in Kanesville Iowa for four years.

Children of William Buckminster Lindsay and Sarah Myers

1. Ephraim Myers Lindsay b-4 May 1820 in Johnstown Ontario Canada; d-4 May 1901 in Bennington
2. William Buckminster Lindsay b-25 Dec 1821 in Jamestown Canada; d-3 Jan 1889 in Paris; m (1) Julia Parks 19 Feb 1845; m (2) Permilia Blackman 12 Aug 1849; m (3) Sarah Henderson 19 Feb 1854
3. Mary Myers Lindsay b-4 June 1823 in Johnstown Canada
4. Thomas Myers Lindsay b-16 Sep 1826 in Johnstown Canada; d-27 Sep 1887 in Eau Claire Wisconsin
5. Edwin Reuben Lindsay b-25 Sep 1828 in Jamestown Canada;d-6 Dec 1893 in Bennington
6. Mercy Myers Lindsay b-4 Jan 1830 in Johnston Canada; d-24 May 1889
7. Sarah Myers Lindsay b-10 Mar 1833 in Johnstown Canada; d-10 July 1853
8. George Richard Lindsay b-15 Jan 1836 in Johnston Canada; d-1907 in Meadow Utah

The family started west on 5 July 1852 and William was a bodyguard for Brigham Young arriving in Salt Lake 3 Oct where they settled in Centerville.  Within three weeks, Sarah died 24 Oct and is buried in the Centerville Cemetery.  William then moved to Kaysville and farmed for two years.  In the fall of 1864 William and his two sons, William B Jr. and George moved to Bear Lake eventually settling in Bennington.  William as well as his sons, was a talented man playing the violin. In the winter of 1873 he decided to go to the Temple in Logan and do some temple work. He was walking on foot when his son George persuaded him to come back home with the promise he would take him the following summer. William died 25 Dec 1873 and was buried in the Montpelier cemetery.

Children of William Buckminster Lindsay Jr. and Julia Parks

1. Mary Amanda Lindsay b-4 May 1847 in Argyle Wisconsin; d-4 Sep 1853
2. Julia Ann Lindsay b-9 Sep 1849 in Council Bluffs Iowa; d-29 May 1919 in Burlington Wyoming
3. Fanny Louisa Lindsay b-5 May 1852 in Council Bluffs Iowa; d-8 Sep 1853
4. William Thomas Lindsay b-22 Oct 1854 in Kaysville Utah; d-13 Apr 1923 in Oakland California
5, Edgar Monroe Lindsay b-17 Jan 1857 in Kaysville Utah; d-9 Mar 1922 in Montpelier
6. Norman Asher Lindsay b-8 Aug 1859 in Kaysville; d-14 Oct 1869
7. Warren Parks Lindsay b-22 July 1862 in Kaysville; d-24 May 1952 in Moreland Idaho
8. Marion David Lindsay b-19 July 1868 in Paris; d-6 Oct 1910 in Kamas Utah

Children of William Buckminster Lindsay Jr. and Permelia Charlotte Blackman

1. Harriet Cordelia Lindsay b-1 Feb 1851 in Kanesville Iowa
2. Charles Wellington LIndsay b-Crossing Plains Wyoming; d-Oct 1869
3. Priscilla Jane Lindsay b-24 June 1855 in Kaysville Utah; d-13 June 1883 in Montpelier
4. Philemon Lindsay b-23 Aug 1857 in Kaysville; d-16 Feb 1918 in Long Beach; br-Ovid Cemetery; m-Marintha Athay
5. William Henry Lindsay b-19 Apr 1860 in Kaysville; d-28 Dec 1952 in Salt Lake City; br-Dingle
6. Mary Louise Lindsay b-23 June 1862 in Kaysville; d-7 Mar 1922 in Paris; br-Paris
7. Mercy Lindsay b&d 8 Mar 1864 in Richmond Utah
8. Albert Edwin Lindsay b-24 July 1867 in Paris; d-4 May 1959 in Salt Lake City
9. Joseph Lindsay b&d 2 May 1870 in Paris
10. Joseph Lindsay b-2 May 1871 in Paris; d-Feb 1873
11. Delilah Ann Lindsay b-28 Oct 1873 in Paris; d-14 July 1947

Children of William Buckminster Lindsay Jr. and Sarah Henderson

1. George Henry Lindsay b-12 Dec 1855 in Kaysville Utah; d-28 Aug 1907
2. Martha Jane Lindsay b-13 Jan 1858 in Kaysville Utah; d-26 Apr 1915 in Thatcher Arizona
3. Anna Maria Lindsay b-1 Mar 1860 in Kaysville; d-24 Aug 1918 in Egin Idaho
4. Sarah Elizabeth Lindsay b-8 Mar 1862 in Kaysville; d-27 Feb 1928 in Bennington
5. Mary Adelia Lindsay b-5 Mar 1864 in Kaysville; d-14 Oct 1913 in Lethbridge Canada
6. Alvira Deseret Lindsay b-16 Jan 1867 in Paris; d-23 Nov 1947 in Ammon Idaho
7. Jasper Nuten Lindsay b-6 Aug 1869 in Paris; d-2 Sep 1953 in Etna Wyoming
8. Frederick William Lindsay b-11 Mar 1873 in Paris; d-6 May 1935 

 Julia Parks died 11 Dec 1923 in Moreland Idaho and was buried in the Paris cemetery. Permelia Blackman died in August 1899 in Paris and was buried in the Paris Cemetery. Sarah Henderson died 6 Dec 1911 in Paris and is in the Paris cemetery. William Lindsay Jr. died 6 Jan 1889 in Paris and was buried in the Paris cemetery.

Children of Philemon Lindsay and Marintha Athay

1. Marintha Lindsay b-22 Feb 1882 in Paris; d-13 Dec 1980
2. Philemon Leroy Lindsay b-25 June 1884 in Paris; d-11 Aug 1972
3. Ellen Lorena Lindsay b-6 Jan 1889 in Paris; d-7 Mar 1889 in Paris
4. Hazel Lindsay b-22 May 1890 in Ovid; d-12 Dec 1977 in Montpelier; m-Oliver Peterson
5. James Clarence Lindsay b-7 May 1892 in Ovid
6. Willard Lindsay b-27 Jan 1895 in Ovid; d-15 Feb 1963
7. Lyman Lindsay b-11 Dec 1896 in Ovid; d-25 Feb 1966
8. Beatrice Lindsay b-11 Aug 1898 in Ovid; d-13 Sep 1898 in Ovid
9. Blanche Lindsay b-5 Nov 1899 in Ovid; d-18 Jan 1973

When Philemon Lindsay was 18 years old he was called by President Budge of the Bear Lake Stake to go to the Logan Temple sawmill in Logan Canyon to donate his services as a workman. He stayed there for 9 years eventually becoming manager.  In September 1881 he married Marintha Athay in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City.  From April 1886-April 1888 he served a mission in the Southern States.  Three months after his mission he was called to be bishop of the Ovid Ward where he served for 27 years.  At first it was a challenge because Ovid was a small town of residents from the Scandinavian countries and only a few spoke English.  Philemon was also a county coroner for two years, a county commissioner for six years and operated two sawmills above Liberty, one being a water mill.

He owned and operated a general merchandise store in Ovid and was in the shipping business of moving produce to Kemmerer and Rock Springs Wyoming.  Philemon and Marintha spent the last three winters of his life in Long Beach California where he died 16 Feb 1918.  She died 25 Nov 1929 and both were buried in the Ovid cemetery.


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