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Wiltse Hoskins


The Montpelier Examiner, January 13, 1913


Early Tuesday morning Wiltse Hoskins, who lives on his farm just north of town, discovered that his barn was on fire.  Jumping out of bed without taking time to dress, he rushed out and succeeded in saving his team, milk cows and some chickens that were in the barn, but the building with about 18 tons of hay was completely destroyed.

A number of people from town hurried out to give assistance, but they were only able to prevent the fire from spreading to the dwelling and other buildings.

The Hoskins had only just bought the place last year and had spent considerable time fixing it up and beside their whole hay crop was in the burned structure, was therefore a complete loss, there being no insurance.

How the blaze started is not exactly known, but Hoskins believes someone had slept in the barn and had dropped a match or cigarette.


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