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All burials and Cemetery listings have been gathered from many sources, records and transcriptions. Some burials have been reburied at other locations and Cemeteries.


Albion L.D.S.Cemetery

   Albion Community (City) Cemetery     (North West of the Masonic Cemetery)                   

 (Information: Outlaws buried in unmarked graves in far North West corner)

Albion Masonic Cemetery (Now named Pleasant Hill )

Albion Pioneer Graves  South East of town (Mahoney Field)

(Almo Cemetery)   Sunny Cedar Rest Cemetery 


Almo Pioneer Grave

Basin Cemetery


                                                                             Bower Cemetery  On Dry Creek, also known as Fuller Ranch Cemetery

 (Graves could also be in Twin Falls County now due to County boundary lines.)

Bryant Infant Grave

Bullers Family Cemetery

          Burley Cemetery  (See Pleasant View)

                         Canal Bank Burials (See Farmers Corner Burials) (Pella Area)

Declo Cemetery

 Records of Burials have been recorded by Darla Young   Additional Information Find a Grave Cemetery

                                                             Dutch Flat Cemetery    2mi. N of Heglar Canyon, 2mi E of Raft River

Grandview Cemetery   Elba

Grow Dry Farm Grave

                                      Farmer’s Corner Burials   .5 miles W. of Farmers Corner, Burley

                  Gem Memorial Park (Gardens) Burley, Oakley Highway

Island Cemetery (Okelberry Cemetery)

Jackson Cemetery

Jensen Infant Grave

Heglar Cemetery

      Valley Vue Cemetery     (Malta)

Marion Cemetery

Moulton Cemetery

  Milner Cemetery  (Milner, Idaho)

Oakley Cemetery

Olson Cemetery

Pella Cemetery

                     Pleasant View Cemetery      (Was known as Burley Cemetery) Burley

Scattered Burials, Graves and Tombstones

                                     Standrod Cemetery       (Box Elder County, Just across the Utah Line)

                Sublet Cemetery         Sublet Idaho

Taylor Cemetery

                      Terry Cemetery    Banks of Goose Creek, Pella Area

                           View Cemetery      600 South  700 East   Burley

     Warm Springs Creek Cemetery

Willow Creek Cemetery      (Side of hill)

                                      Yost Cemetery        (Box Elder County, Utah, Near Idaho Border)

         Golden Valley Burials     (Unmarked Graves)


Raft River Burials    (Unmarked Graves)


Cemetery near Goose Creek Road   (Unmarked Graves

Over boundary line into Nevada abandoned about 25 graves)

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Idaho Statutes- Desecration of Graves, Grave Markers, Cemeteries, Headstones, Mausoleum, Crypt or Ashes is a Misdemeanor.

Updated February 2011