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Doctors, Mid-Wives and Dentists in the early years

These individuals deserve a great praise for the sacrifices they endured, traveling in all kinds of weather and by buggy, horseback, wagon, sled, snowshoes and on foot. This is a short list of many of them and I am sure there were more.

Mid-Wives -----

Sarah Tuttle Bates- Annie Clark- Jannett Dayley- Pearl Harris- Olive Harper- Arilda McBride- Mary McLaws- Mary Matilda Smith Robinson- Gustau Shallmore- Jane Tolman- JannettWhittle.


Dr. Albee- Dr. Armsby- Dr. Charles Bishop Beymer- Dr. Bucannan- Dr. George Howell Cooper- Dr. George Edward Craner- Dr. Frank Henry Cutler- Dr. Hugh E. Dean- Dr. Emmerson- Dr. Joseph Fremstad- Dr. G. Espe- Dr. Goodfriend- Dr. J.J. Hannburg- Dr. Harris- Dr. L.M. Kelly- Dr. Langenwalter- Dr. John Mills Minter- Dr. A.F.O. Nielson- Dr. E.P. Oldham- Dr. N.A. Olsen- Dr. John Clinton Patterson- Dr. Peterson- Dr. Rich- Dr. Sam Ross- Dr. Chester I. Sater- Dr. Schriber- Dr. George Ritter Smith- Dr. Stockslager- Dr. Story- Dr. Richard J. Sutton- Dr. Charles A. Terhune- Dr. Woodruff. 


Dr. Butner- Dr. Curaton- D.D.S. Christian Reed Gudmundsen- Dr. Hubbard- Dr. Jones- Dr. C. W. Karr- Dr. Lockhart- D.d.s. John Osmer Lowe- Dr. Ray Mecham- Dr. Raleigh E. Smedley- Dr. Smith- Dr. Taylor- Dr. J. Glen Toolson- Dr. George H. Toolson- Dr. Frank H. Weeks.