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Aerial view of south half of Mt. Calvary Cemetery with
locations of gravesites.  The top of the photo is north.
Simply match the number on the list to the map. 
This portion of our project is the result of
lots of hard work by Bonnie Dilworth.

Many hours have been spent providing the
information you see on our website.  Please
let us know, using the email address below,
if you have found useful information or
if you enjoyed the website.  Thanks!


If a photo of the headstone is available it will be noted and linked beside the name.
If obit is also noted it will be on same page as photo.
If a photo is available you can request the photo using our email address above.
Note - The location maps are an ongoing project.  Each map will show
the location of a small group of gravesites.


1. Edward David Langan Photo
2. George Michael Pokorney Photo
3. Mary Bercier Schrimpster Photo/Obit
4. Patrick Joseph O'Keefe
    Dolores White O'Keefe
Patrick - Photo/Obit
Dolores - Photo
5. Michael Arthur O'Keefe Photo/Obit
6. Lucas N. Lopez
    Francisca Rameriz Lopez
Lucas - Photo/Obit
Francisca - Photo
7. Jose L. Gonzalez    Photo
8. Bruce Daniel Spratt
    Florence Helena Schwindaman Spratt
Bruce - Photo
Florence - Photo
9. Frank James Kelleher   Photo/Obit
10. James R. Good Photo
11. Joseph J. Kalisek
       Matilda M. Kalisek
Joseph - Photo
Matilda - Photo
12. Peter C. Panzeri Photo
13. Jess "Rusty Boicourt
       Pauline M. Boicourt
Jess - Photo/Obit
Pauline - Photo
14. John Marsh Boicourt Photo/Obit
15. Rudolph Prachyl
       Clara Prachyl
Rudolph - Photo
Clara - Photo
16. Ernesto Montini
       Zaccaria Montini
Ernesto - Photo/Obit
Zaccaria - Photo
17. Agnes Tycz Photo
18. Marie C. Stokes Photo
19. Raul Renyna Photo
20. Frank Fred Scharfen
       Katherine Carolyn Nelson Scharfen
Frank - Photo
Katherine - Photo/Obit
21. Joseph Slansky Sr
       Bessie Mae Kaba Slansky
Joseph - Photo/Obit
Bessie - Photo
22. J. C. "Pop" Serratos
       Elena Vera Serratos
J. C. - Photo/Obit
Elena - Photo/Obit
23. Ted M. Serratos Photo
24. Rex Forrest Storey
       Faye G. Mendiguren Storey
Rex - Photo
Faye - Photo
25. Candido Mendiguren
       Martina Arriola Mendiguren
Candido - Photo
Martina - Photo
26. Francisco "Frank" Echevrria Photo/Obit
27. Ramon Tellechea Photo
28. Agustin Salove
       Santa M. Salove
29. Juan Bastida
       Regina Echevarria Bastida
Juan - Photo
Regina - Photo/Obit
30. Nicolas Mallea
       Dionisia Mallea
Nicolas - Photo/Obit
Dionisia - Photo/Obit
31. Aaron H. Pierson
       Yvonne D. Pierson
Aaron - Photo
Yvonne - Photo/Obit
32. Thomas Arthur Dominick
       Anna Marie Wilde Dominick
Thomas - Photo
Anna - Photo
33. William C. Fox
       Mary Catherine Fox
William - Photo
Mary - Photo/Obit
34. Josephine Dolores Fox Walker Photo
35. Claude R. "Smoke" Campbell
       Margaret E. Campbell
Claude - Photo/Obit
Margaret - Photo
36. Ray Albert Sprong Photo