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Aerial view of south half of Mt. Calvary Cemetery with
locations of gravesites.  The top of the photo is north.
Simply match the number on the list to the map. 
This portion of our project is the result of
lots of hard work by Bonnie Dilworth.

Many hours have been spent providing the
information you see on our website.  Please
let us know, using the email address below,
if you have found useful information or
if you enjoyed the website.  Thanks!


If a photo of the headstone is available it will be noted and linked beside the name.
If obit is also noted it will be on same page as photo.
If a photo is available you can request the photo using our email address above.
Note - The location maps are an ongoing project.  Each map will show
the location of a small group of gravesites.


1. Frank Svehlak
     Pauline Hustakova Svehlak
Frank - Photo
Pauline - Photo
2. William H. Brennan Photo
3. Leon Aguirre Photo
4. Fred Howard Birmingham
    Mary Quintana Birmingham
Fred - Photo/Obit
Mary - Photo
5. Ben V. Quintana    Photo
6. Lilly Quintana Blaylock    Photo
7. Emiterio Quintana
    Sabina Quintana
Emiterio - Photo
Sabina - Photo
8. Virginia Lee Wirtz    Photo
9. Corina M. Madero Photo
10. Albert Dale Givens
      Roselle Tarr Givens
Albert - Photo
Roselle - Photo
11. Hubert Jerome Vauk Photo
12. Loretta T Schuler Photo
13. James Robert Schuler Photo/Obit
14. Aloys Charles Schuler
      Clara Margaret Ackerman Schuler
15. Emile Joseph Herrbach
       Louise Kempff Herrbach
Emile - Photo
Louise - Photo/Obit
16. Maria Lorenza Gabica Calzacorta Photo
17. Louis Bermensolo
       Venancia Gaviicogoheascoa Bermensolo
Louis - Photo
Venancia - Photo
18. Jose Almanac
      Braulia Ortiz Almanac
Jose - Photo
Braulia - Photo
19.Victoriano Ortiz Photo
20. Juan Juaristi Photo
21. Paul Frances Hernandez Photo/Obit
22. Mary F. Hernandez Photo
23. Margaret McDonald Photo
24. Lorine Moore Photo
25. Felix Leonard Gabourie Photo
26. Edith Lucille Baltazor Gabourie Photo