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Information for Nellie Goldie Young
23 February, 1919
24 October, 1935

Grace Elizabeth Young
1 December, 1928 - 24 October, 1935

Donald Sevy
6 July 1933-24 October, 1935

From The Caldwell News-Tribune
Monday, 28 October, 1935
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Three Victims of Rural Fire Are
Buried in Knowlton Heights

     Buried in the chalk hills of Knowlton Heights today rest the bodies of three victims of the fire which swept the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Young last Thursday morning.  There on a dry hilltop are the charred bodies of Nellie Young, 16, and Donald Sevy, 2, trapped in the blaze, and of Grace Sevy, who was rescued from the roaring flames, only to die at a Caldwell hospital 12 hours later.
     It was a simple service which was held Saturday afternoon at the graveside.  Locust trees look down today upon the earthen mounds where, side by side, rest the bodies of Nellie and her sister, Grace, while the Sevy lad rest beside his mother, buried their last spring.
     All of Knowlton Heights attended the services to add to a large assemblage of relatives.  The Rev. George White of Hailey led the funeral rites.  A choir sang as the bodies were consigned to Mother Earth.
     "Nellie," said Rev. White in paying tribute to the heroic girl who gave her life trying to save Donald, "was a true follower of Christ who gave His life to save the human family for, in her attempt to save the members of her family, she gave her own life."
     He admonished parents to raise their children in the faith and thus be prepared for such catastrophies as befell the Young and Sevy families.
     Ralph Sevy, 3, who was burned in the same fire which claimed his brother, was at the funeral services.  He is still suffering from injuries in the blaze.
     With all their family possessions destroyed by the fire, Knowlton Heights neighbors have been active in helping meet the emergency.
     Saturday night, $225 in cash had been collected for that purpose.  Quantities of food and clothing have also been contributed.