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Information for
Patrick White
12 January, 1866 - 22 December, 1915

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Body of Unfortunate Rancher Found Saturday Morning
 Near Star.

     Harassed for years by sickness and lately by the obsessions of a disorganized mentality, the body of Patrick White found everlasting rest yesterday when it was laid by grief stricken friends in a grave at Mr. Calvary cemetery.  Funeral services were held at the Catholic church, says the Nampa Leader-Herald.

Mr. Peterson. Dear Family - I have cost you enough, so goodbye.  Do not look for me.  I will try and go where no one will know me.
            "Pat White."

    This note, water soaked and blurred, was found in one of Whit's pockets when the body of the deceased Nampa rancher was taken from the Boise river near Star Saturday morning.  It is the only word relatives have had from the unfortunate man since he left his ranch, where he lived with the family of his brother-in-law, Iver Peterson, Tuesday morning.  It is generally taken as proof that White came to his death through accident rather than suicide.
     Noticing the water rippling over a blue object lying in the shallow near the ford he was crossing, A. G. Chenowith a rancher, investigated and found that it was the body of White, clad in overalls, heavy shirt, underwear, and walking shoes.  This discovery was made at 11 o'clock Saturday morning.  Chenoweth immediately notified a neighbor who returned with him to view the body.  They did not remove it but telephoned to the county coroner, who arrived several hours later in company with Sheriff Froman.  An inquest was deemed unnecessary and the body was taken to Caldwell from whence it was shipped to Nampa Sunday.
    From the condition of the body when it was found, Coroner Faris thinks that White was drowned some time Wednesday, the day following his disappearance from his ranch one miles north of Nampa.  It was found in shallow water, too shallow for drowning, so that it is impossible to tell just where White met his fate.  The current could have carried it miles down the river between Wednesday and Saturday.
    The reason for White's disappearance still remains a mystery.  The general belief is that he was mentally deranged and did not fully realize what he was doing.  While at times he was perfectly rational, there were days when he showed unmistakable signs of mental disorder and it appears not unlikely that he was suffering from one of these attacks when he wandered from home.
    Mrs. Peterson, his sister, stoutly denies that White was closely confined to the house and that it was the chafing under this restraint that caused him to depart.  "My brother was allowed every possible freedom consistent with his physical and mental conditions," said Mrs. Peterson yesterday.  "We tried to keep him on the ranch as much as possible, but we never forbade him to leave it.  His relations with Mr. Peterson and me were always of the friendliest nature.  We never quarreled.  I cannot understand why he left us."
    Neighbors say they never heard of any trouble between White and his sister and brother-in-law.

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Patrick's headstone is located at number 6.


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