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Obituary for Herman Colvier Hopkins
14 December, 1903 - 6 August, 1930
From The Caldwell News-Tribune,
dated Thursday, 7 August, 1930 
Contributed by Dennis McIndoo

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   Death Follows Accidental
    Contact Between Derrick
         and Electric System
Herman C. Hopkins, 26-year-old bachelor son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hopkins, was instantly killed Wednesday forenoon at his parents' farm home, about a mile south of Roswell, when a hay derrick they were moving across the road touched a telephone wire which had been charged from a power line cable about 1200 feet further down the road.
     The fatal accident occurred about 9:45 o'clock.  According to Coroner Paul Case, who was called immediately to the Hopkins farm, the men were moving the hay derrick to another field across the road.  To get the tall derrick underneath the telephone line the wires were lifted.  This act tightened the wires to such an extent that one of them contacted with the power line just at the instant one of the derrick cable touched the wire.  The young man was grasping the cable with one hand, Coroner Case said.  His father hear a groan and when he looked around his son was lying on the ground.  He attempted to raise his shoulders, but fell back with a gasp.  There was just a slight burn in the palm of his hand, Mr. Case said.
     The body was moved Wednesday afternoon to the Peckham undertaking rooms at Parma.


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