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If you wish to add your surname to this list, send an email to Chris Storey with your name, email address and the surname you are researching. Please do not forget to tell me which county you which to be placed in
(I manage several)

Jerome County Surnames Researchers Name & Address
ARMSTRONG  Trudy Spanier
BAILEY  Kathleen Bailey
BINGHAM John Frawley
BESS  Jody Wilson
BOHANNAN  Mike Owens
BOX  Pam Klimes Crawford
BRUMM  Jennifer and Greg Logan
CHRISWELL  Debbie Ellis Linton
CUTTS John Frawley
DOBKINS  Donovan Yingst
ELLIS  Debbie Ellis Linton
FIELDS  Lavonne Hallberg    Jeff Hallberg
FRAZER  Sue Ann Bowman
FRY  Chris Storey
FORBES  Donovan Yingst
GRAHAM  Thomas Jones
GRANT  Phillip M. Heavner
HANDY  Carol Pfeifer
HANNEBAUM  Larry Christensen
HINTON  Steve Spafford
HOOTS  Rodney Hoots
HOSKINS  Bill Hoskins
IMES  Roberta Liames
JOHNSTONE  Donovan Yingst
KIEHN  Terry Kiehn
KITT  Kate Grant Bateman
KLIMES  Pam Klimes Crawford
KNIGHT John Frawley
LARSEN  Donovan Yingst
LUNDY  Glenda Hinz
MAYFIELD  Terry Mayfield
MC JUNKIN  David Walling
METCALF  Ann DiPietro
MINOR  Deanna Boudreaux
NICKERSON  Colleen Nickerson
PARSONS  Debbie Ellis Linton
PECK  Helen C Peck Burdsall
PITTS  Pam Klimes Crawford
PRICE  Trudy Spanier
REASCH  Jim Wescott
RESLER  Donovan Yingst
RETTIG  Phillip M Heavner
RICE  Judith Rice-Jones
RIGNEY  Deanna Boudreaux
ROBERTS  Pam Klimes Crawford
ROGERS  Andrea Burke
ROSE  Debbie Ellis Linton
SACRIDER  Lynne Hammonds
SCHANBECK  Jennifer and Greg Logan
SHAWVER  Peter M Shawver
TAYLOR  Allene Taylor Petree
TERRY  Trudy Spanier
THOMAS  Patsy Smart
THOMASON  Pam Klimes Crawford
UTTER  Carol Pfeifer
VILLA  Amy Pennington
WALLING  David Walling
WALTON  Donovan Yingst
YINGST  Donovan Yingst