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Alliance Chapter Patriot Ancestors
Battle of Bunker Hill

George Abel (Elizabeth) — Maryland

Matthew Adams (Mary Fisher) — New Jersey

William Adams (Lydia Mahlin) — Virginia

William Aiken (Hannah Hale) — South Carolina

John B. Akers (Nancy Jeffs) — Virginia

William Annin — New Jersey

Cornelius Atkinson (Mary Cross) — Pennsylvania

Thomas Averill (Elizabeth Robinson) — Vermont

Joseph Ball (Rachel Thompson) — New Jersey

Moses Barnard (Hannah Williams) — Connecticut

James Barnett (Jane Greenlee) — Virginia

Thomas Beggs (Sarah Barnes) — Virginia

James Berry (Hannah Williams) — Pennsylvania

Joseph Blackwell (Sally Chandler Banks) — North Carolina

Jacob Blaisdell (Ruth Morse) — New Hampshire

Reading Blouny (Lucy Harvey) — North Carolina

John Bogue/Booge (Asenath Rogers) - Connecticut

Daniel Boone (Rebecca Bryan) — Virginia

Charles Borror (Sidney Wees) — Virginia

Dr. John Boudinot (Rachel VanNorden) — New Jersey

Nathan Bourme (Patience Jones) — Massachusetts

Thomas Bowen (Elizabeth Spicer Daugherty) — Pennsylvania

Samuel Bridgewater (Mary Ann Coughman) — Virginia

Elijah Brittin (Jane Evans) — Pennsylvania

Consider Brockway (Keziah Ferry) — New York

Abner Brown (Naomi) — Massachusetts

Matthew Brown (Mary Throckmorton) — Pennsylvania

John Burnham (Tryphena) — Connecticut

Hanchrist Carlock (Sarah Whitman) — Virginia

Thomas Carr (Ann Sanders) — Virginia

Patrick Cassidy — Pennsylvania

Berry Chase (Pheobe Wixon) — New York

David Condit (JoAnna Williams) — New Jersey

David Conger (Elizabeth Ayers) — New Hampshire

Simeon Cole — Connecticut

Isaac Cook (Lydia Gray) — Rhode Island

Thomas Copley (Mary Holcomb) — Connecticut

Ephriam Corey (Susanna Stevens) — Massachusetts

Jacob Corson (Charity Stillwell) — New Jersey

William Crawford (Martha Cooper) — Virginia

Thomas Cresap (Anna/Hannah Johnson) — Maryland

Andrew Creveling — New Jersey

William Curle (Sarah Brown) — Virginia

Benoni Cutler (Laurana Leavens) — Connecticut

Thomas Dagley — North Carolina

Moes Daniels (Abigail Aldrich) — Massachusetts

Azariah Davis (Elizabeth Wolison)

Robert Davis (Sarah McElroy) — North Carolina

Noah Day (Anna Loomis) —Connecticut

Gideon Dean (Mary V. Lancey) — Massachusetts

James DeAtley — Virginia

William Denny (Mary Shields)

Peter DeWitt (Jane Bray) — Virginia

William Dickey (Mary Stephenson) — Virginia

Obedian Dickinson (Susannah Knowles) — Connecticut

Elijah Dodson (Sarah Everett) — Virginia

Samuel Dyer — Maryland

Joseph Dutton (Mary Winchell) — Connecticut

Peter Earle — New York

Thomas Eaton — Massachusetts

Lawrence Eberhart (Mary) — Massachusetts

Rev. Robert Elkin (Sarah) — Virginia

Martin Fritz (Catherine Wildt) — Pennsylvania

William Gannon (Elizabeth Tibbits) — North Carolina

William Gannon (Betty Tramble) — North Carolina

William Garrett (Elizabeth Black) — Virginia

James Gaston — South Carolina

Silas Gates — Connecticut

Nathan Gilbert (Elizabeth Scout) — Virginia

James Gilmore (Martha Dennison) - Virginia

Benjamin Goble (Amelia Howell) — Pennsylvania

John Goodman (Catherine) — Pennsylvania

Philip Gossard — Pennsylvania

Charles Green — New York/Rhode Island

Charles Greene (Waite Bailey) — Rhode Island

Jacob Gundy (Katherine Maury) — Pennsylvania

William Guthrie (Esther McClelland) — Pennsylvania

Joshua Hadley (Ruth Lindley) — North Carolina

William Hamilton — South Carolina

Joseph Hardin (Jane Gibson) — North Carolina

Alexander Hawkins (Tabitha Satterly) — New York

John Hazeltine (Jane Wood) — Vermont

Daniel Higgins (Mary Pegg) — Pennsylvania

Minor Hilliard (Abigail Hill) — Connecticut

Rev. Oliver Hitchcock (Nancy Parker) — Pennsylvania

Derrick Hoagland — Virginia

Christopher Horn (Elizabeth) — Virginia

Elijah Horton (Jemima Currie) — New York

Uriah Howe (Martha Graves) — Vermont

Phillip Howell (Mary Bewer) — North Carolina

Abraham Howser (Nancy Rohner) — Maryland

Jacob Hunter (Polly) — South Carolina

William James (Elizabeth Wells) — Virginia

Thomas Jeffris (Martha Ferguson) — Virginia

John Johnson — North Carolina

William Johnson (Catherine Tartar) — Pennsylvania

Enos Jones (Mary Whitmore) - Massachusetts

Thomas Keeler (Elizabeth Woolson) — New Jersey

Jacobus Kiersted (Charity Taylor) — New York

Eliphalet Killam (Submit Abbey) — Connecticut

Isaac Kirby (Phoebe Haines) — New Jersey

Samuel Kistler (Catherine Brobst) — Pennsylvania

Peter Knouf (Judy Sullivan) — Maryland

Daniel Lake — New Jersey

Peter Lukens (Martha Johnson) — Pennsylvania

Moses Mann (Frances Bland) — Virginia

Abraham Marlatt (Ann Linder) — Virginia

John Martin (Margaret) — South Carolina

William Matteson (Mehitabel) — New Jersey

William McCain (Charlotte Johnson) — New York

Samuel McCall (Rebecca Sherry) — Virginia

George McConnell (Eva) — Pennsylvania

Phillip McCracken (Mary McKeever) — New Jersey

Alexander McKinley (Mary Wilson) — Virginia

Thomas McLaughlin (Margaret Ayers) — New Hampshire

Daniel Merriman (Damaria Andrews) — Connecticut

Nathaniel Mershon (Martha Stevens) — New Jersey

John Millikin — Virginia

Abraham Monnette (Ann Hilleary) — Virginia

Asa Moor (Huldah King) — Connecticut

Robert Morris (Content Dunham) - New Jersey

Zebediah Morse (Mary Sabin) — Massachusetts

Joahannes Peter Mull (Barbara Kline) — North Carolina

John Musick (Mary Berry) — Virginia

Heman Munson (Abigail Fenn) — Connecticut

Caleb Nash (Rachel Nash) — Massachusetts

John Newland — Pennsylvania

Walter Newman (Catherine Lair) — Virginia

John Nicholson (Catherine Stephenson) — New Jersey

Lot North (Silence Horsford) — Connecticut

David Ogden, Jr. (Mary Wilkinson) — New Jersey

Joseph Ogle (Drusilla Biggs/Briggs) — Virginia

John Park (Sarah Hiscox) — Rhode Island

Joel Philbrook (Mary Leadbetter) — Massachusetts

George Pitts (Lydia Stetson) — Massachusetts

Charles Polk (Delilah Taylor) — North Carolina

Rev. Nehemiah Porter (Rebecca Chipman) — Massachusetts

Daniel Preston (Ann Rigdon) — Maryland

Jonathan Purcell — Virginia

John Quick (Phoebe Smith) — New Jersey

Henry Reavis — North Carolina

Josiah Records (Susannah Tulley) — Pennsylvania

Conrad Reedy — Pennsylvania

John Reynolds (Hishey Gheskie) — North Carolina

Sylvanus Rice — Massachusetts

William Roark — New Jersey

Jacob Roosa — New York

Philip Rothrock (Catherine Kuntz) — Pennsylvania

Jacob Paul Roush — Virginia

Increase Rudd (Bathsheba Johnson) — Vermont

Ebenezer Russell (Elizabeth Stark) — Connecticut

Henry Ruyle, Sr. (Catherine) — Virginia

Andreas Schadt/Shade (Maria Kraft) — Pennsylvania

Thomas Shafer (Mary) — Pennsylvania

Robert Sisson (Sarah Crump) — Virginia

Joshua Skidmore (Catherine Hous) - Pennsylvania

Shorten Smth — New York

John Snell (Elizabeth Watt) — Virginia

James Sodowsky — Virginia

Jacob Solliday (Barbara Laux) — Pennsylvania

Mordecai Soper (Naomi Owens) — Vermont

George Speak (Jemima Gaines Hurt) — Virginia

Simon Stevens (Lydia Silsby) — Vermont

Lemuel Stewart (Rebecca Rose) — Connecticut/Rhode Island

Ephraim Stinchfield — Massachusetts

Jacob Stoneking — Pennsylvania

David Stout (Sarah Parke) - New Jersey

Clayton Stribling (Evaline Kinchloe) — South Carolina

John Stringfield (Sarah Boylston) — North Carolina

John Swearingen (Jennie Barkley) — Pennsylvania

Isaac Taylor (Phebe McIntyre) — South Carolina

Richard Taylor (Sarah Ann Cornet) — Virginia

Charles Thrift (Elizabeth) — Virginia

Mashac Tipton — Pennsylvania

Joseph Tomlinson, Jr. (Elizabeth Hartness) — Virginia

Thomas Truxtun (Mary Van Driell) — New Jersey

William Tuggle — Virginia

Elijah Twining (Lois) — Massachusetts

Tunis Van Arsdale (Martha) — New York

Oakey Vanosdal (Mary South) — New Jersey

John Wadell (Mary Dickey) — Pennsylvania

John Ware (Elizabeth Miller) — Virginia

Benjamin Wayne (Nancy Tankersly) — Virginia

John Weaver (Martha Nichols) — Virginia

Philologos Webster (Sarah Scott) - Connecticut

Benijah West (Anna Younglove) — New York

John Wilmore (Mary Clayton) — Virginia

George Wisegarver (Mary Elizabeth Steele) — Pennsylvania

Adam Woods (Sarah) — Virginia

Richard Woolsey (Sarah) — Pennsylvania

*The name in parentheses is the patriot's spouse.

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American Revolutionary War heroines - There is the little known story of Rachel and Grace Martin who disguised themselves as men and assailed a British courier and his guards. They took his important dispatches, which they speedily forwarded to General Greene. Then Rachel and Grace released the courier and guards who never knew that they were women.

American Revolutionary War heroines - Another heroine of the American Revolution was Anna (Warner) Bailey, wife of Captain Elijah Bailey, who earned the title of "The Heroine of Groton" because of her fearless efforts to aid the wounded on the occasion of the terrible massacre at Fort Griswold in Connecticut. Anna went from house to house to collecting material for bandages for the wounded.

American Revolutionary War heroines - Angelica Vrooman, during the heat of battle, sat calmly in a tent with a bullet mould, some lead, and an iron spoon, moulding bullets for the rangers.

American Revolutionary War heroines - Some women went to extraordinary lengths in liberty's cause. At Pepperell, following the men's departure for Concord, the women met, formed a military company, dressed as men, armed themselves, and patrolled the town. Prudence Cummings, elected captain, captured a Tory officer at gun point.

American Revolutionary War heroines - Mary Hagidorn, upon hearing the order by a Captain Hager for the women and children to retire to the long cellar, said: "Captain, I shall not go to that cellar should the enemy come. I will take a spear which I can use as well as any man and help defend the fort." The captain, seeing her determination, answered, "Then take a spear, Mary, and be ready at the pickets to repel an attack." She cheerfully obeyed and held the spear at the pickets till hurrahs for the American flag burst on her ear and indicated that all was safe.

American Revolutionary War heroines - Margaret (Cochran) Corbin (Captain Molly) was the wife of John Corbin, an artilleryman in Captain Thomas Proctor's 1st Company of Pennsylvania Artillery. Following her husband's example, she was taught how to load and fire cannons gaining the respect and admiration of the soldiers in the company. On November 16, 1776, Margaret assisted in the battle at Fort Washington, New York. "Molly," as she laater became known, stood on the front line with her husband John. In the course of the battle he was mortally wounded. As a result she assumed his duties as matross and was injured herself. Once the fort fell she was moved to Philadelphia where she was paroled and later pensioned by Congress. Corbin was later assigned to the Corps of Invalids at West Point where she remained until her death in 1800. "Captain Molly" is now buried on the grounds of the United States Military Academy.

American Revolutionary War heroines - In Menotomy (Arlington), Mother Batherick while digging dandelions accepted the surrender of six fleeing British soldiers with the admonishment, "...tell King George that an old woman took six of his grenadiers prisoner."

American Revolutionary War heroines - Alice (Stearns) Abbott, like many others, remained at home (Watertown) with her mother and sisters making cartridges and sending food to the army. Later she would write, "I suppose it was a dreadful day in our house and sad indeed for our brother, so dearly loved, never came home."

American Revolutionary War heroines - Mrs. Butterfield, of Menotomy, returned home one day to find a bleeding, dying British officer in her bed. Though accused of being a Tory, she cared for him some 10 days until he died. When a neighbor threatened to kill him, Mrs. Butterfield protected him shouting, "Only cowards would want to kill a dying man."

American Revolutionary War heroines - Mary (Flint) Hartwell, of Lincoln, upon hearing Dr. Prescott's night alarm for her Minuteman husband, handed their baby to a servant and ran a distance in the dark to warn Lincoln's Captain Smith of the approaching danger.

American Revolutionary War heroines - At age 71, Martha Moulton, of Concord, was at home when the soldiers entered town. When sparks from burning captured materials caught the Town House roof on fire, Martha begged and harangued the British into extinguishing the blaze. The resulting smoke was observed by the Americans mustered near Buttrick's farm and caused them to march to the town's rescue, precipitating the "shot heard 'round the world."

American Revolutionary War heroines - Various acts of bravery were performed on that fateful day by women of Concord. Mrs. Amos Wood saved military stores from British capture by insisting a locked room harbored women and thus it was left unopened. Hannah Barron/Barns/Burns protected the Provincial Treasurer's chest of money and important papers by blocking soldiers from entering a tavern room, claiming it and the trunk to be hers.

American Revolutionary War heroines - Abigail Wright, wife of the Concord Tavern proprietor, is said to have secreted the church communion silver in soap barrels to avoid it being stolen. The same tale is attributed to Mrs. Jeremiah Robinson, who supposedly gathered the silver, hid it in her basement soap barrels and barricaded her door against British intrusion.

American Revolutionary War heroines - Rebecca Barrett, wife of Concord's militia colonel, helped hide military stores and equipment around the farm and then remained at home to protect family and property from the expected British. She fed the searching soldiers upon request but refused money thrown at her commenting, "we are commanded to feed our enemy" and that their coins were "the price of blood." Rebecca's actions saved valuable military materials from discovery as well as her property from damage and her son from arrest.

Another Barrett woman—James' and Rebecca's granddaughter, Meliscent, age 15—had learned from a British officer how to roll powder cartridges. On the night of April 18th, she supervised young women of Concord in preparing these items that were most likely used against the Regulars at North Bridge.

American Revolutionary War heroines - Margaret (Kemble) Gage, American-born wife of Boston's British military governor, was suspected by both sides and harbored hopes that her husband's actions would not be the cause of blood-spilling. It is believed that she may have been the "spy" who leaked word of the Regulars' mission to Concord.

American Revolutionary War heroines - For most wives and mothers, it was a time of fear, trauma, uncertainty, terror, and often sadness as their husbands and sons went off to fight. Yet the women contributed to freedom's stand as best they could. Lydia Mulliken, Lexington, watched her fiance Dr. Prescott ride off with Revere and Dawes to warn Concord of the British threat. During the enemy's retreat, the soldiers would burn her house and shop.

From her house near Lexington Green, Ruth Harrington watched as her husband, Jonathan, who was standing with Parker's company, was struck by a British musket ball and crawled to their house and died at her feet.

From the Manse, Phoebe (Bliss) Emerson, the Concord minister''s wife would watch the bridge fight in dismay and wonder after the welfare of her William.

American Revolutionary War heroines - Many women spied for the cause: Ann (Trotter) Bailey carried messages across enemy territory in 1774. Sarah (Bradlee) Fulton, sometimes called the "mother of the Boston Tea Party," delivered dispatches through enemy lines. Emily Geiger rode 50 miles throough British and Tory enemy territory to deliver a message to General Sumter.

American Revolutionary War heroines - On Oct. 27, 1991, a new stone was placed on the grave of Elizabeth Pledge Poindexter by the Jonathan Hunt Chapter of the NSDAR, Surry County, North Carolina, to honor her as a Patriot of the American Revolution.

Elizabeth was born in Goochland County, Virginia, in 1740, the daughter of William and Betty Pledge. She married Thomas Poindexter February 12, 1760, in Goochland County, Virginia, and he died on February 9, 1816. They had 12 children: Ann Radford, Frances A., William, Martha Milner, Thomas, Elizabeth P., Mary W., John G., Archibald Pledge, Sarah/Sallie, Robert A., and Dorothy/Dollie Poindexter.

Thomas was a Captain in a company of Revolutionary soldiers in the North Carolina Militia. There were skirmishes along the Yadkin River that brought the enemy (Tories) close to the Poindexter home. Elizabeth sewed letters in her young daughter's petticoat and sent her through the enemy lines. On Oct. 14, 1780, a few miles down the rivers, the Whigs met the Tories in the "Battle of Shallowford."

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