Cemeteries of Rock Island County

From a church bulletin:
The old churchyard has been sadly neglected because there
have been no burials for 20 years. Please encourage
everyone to remedy the situation.


Welcome to the Rock Island County cemetery pages. Here you will find maps of each township with the location of the cemeteries of that township marked. You can access the map of each township by clicking on the township name in the county map. Then, by clicking on the name of a cemetery on that map, you will see detailed information on the location of that cemetery. (GO TO THE COUNTY MAP)


You can use the cemetery index (GO TO THE CEMETERY NAME INDEX) and click on the name of the cemetery which will bring up the map of the township with that cemetery. Then click on the cemetery name on the map to see the detailed location information.

Each cemetery is designated as Active - meaning there are current interments; Inactive - meaning no interments have taken place in the past 10-20 years, but the cemetery is still cared for; or Abandoned - meaning that no interments have taken place in the past 10-20 years, the cemetery is overgrown and many headstones are toppled, broken, or even missing entirely.

Location is given in three ways. Latitude and Longitude in degrees, minutes and seconds are shown. The legal location description of Section, Township and Range are given. Finally, we give driving direction. There may also be some extra information about the cemetery, its history or the location.

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT have online listings of burials. We DO have printed listings of almost all the cemeteries in our library collection.

COPYRIGHT INFORMATION: The maps in this section were prepared using the program Precision Mapping v5.0. Thus the basic maps are copyright 2002, UnderTow Software. The information added to the maps and all the text associated with the maps is copyright 2005 Rock Island County Illinois Genealogical Society