Research Request

We will do research for you! The cost is $10 per hour prepaid -1 hour minimum - 3 hour maximum. Send your family group sheets with sources of data, and detail your problem area.

To obtain copies of indexed obituaries, the cost is $3 per deceased. Please send us the name of the deceased, date(s) of paper, and paper code (paper codes that contain a "P" are death notices that list the name, age, residence and place of death in addition to the name of funeral home), along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope and your payment to:

Rock Island Co. IL Genealogical Society

PO Box 3912

Rock Island, IL 61204-3912

Be sure to include an email address or phone number where we might be able to reach you should we have any questions.

All correspondence to the Society should be addressed to Rock Island County Illinois Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 3912, Rock Island, IL 61204-3912.

*Disclaimer: We cannot do research on living people due to privacy laws.

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