Calvary Cemetery

(Old Part)

Inactive / Active Cemetery

Grave spaces are no longer sold. They have not buried anyone for quite a while but would attempt to honor a request if the family produced a deed. The Mausoleum on the east side of the cemetery is active for both sales and entombment.

41 deg 28 min 48 sec N Lat. 90 deg 34 min 31 sec W Long.

North side of 31st Ave about 0.35 east of 12th Street, Rock Island, IL.

Note: the 31st Ave gate is opened about 8  AM and closed about 4:30 PM on weekdays, and is closed on weekends. Access by car is possible by entering through Chippiannock Cemetery.

(Newer Part)

Active Cemetery
41 deg 28 min 43 sec N Lat. 90 deg 34 min 29 sec W Long.
On the south side of 31st Ave. east of 12th Street Rock Island, IL.
Across 31st Ave. from the Old Calvary Cemetery

Note: Calvary is owned by the local Catholic Diocese but is operated by the staff of Chippiannock Cemetery.

Calvary Cemetery at:


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