Hoover Family Cemetery

Abandoned and despoiled
41 deg 24 min 50 sec N Lat. 90 deg 34 min 10 sec W Long.
Sec 35, Twp 17 N, R. 2 W.
On the corner of 106th Ave. W. and the access or service road on the west side of US-67 (South of Milan, IL.) The cemetery is 48 feet (E to W) by 50 feet (N to S.)

While we do not have an official name for this cemetery, it appears that it should be called the Hoover Family Cemetery. Dwight Mohlenbruck found at the court house the land was in the Hoover family in the early 1800's. The land was conveyed by John & Nancy Hoover to Reuben Hoover. Then in 1851 Lorenzo Hoover bought the 40 A for $70. He apparently had it until at least 1914.

Myrtle Sheldon's (of Coal Valley) father (surname FLUEGEL) owned the property sometime prior to 1927 and had a "Log Cabin Store" there in 1927. She remembers playing in the cemetery area and said she picked bluebells there. She also said there were lots of babies buried there. She remembers the names Weber and Roosevelt but didn't remember Hoover. Sometime before 1941, Mr. Fluegel sold the lot containing the cemetery to someone. Myrtle said the people started taking the stones to use for stepping stones to the back door of the house. Her dad told them not to but they paid no attention.

Her father always said that if they ever got held up, the store would be for sale the next day. That happened in 1940 and in 1941 he sold the store to his brother. The Log Cabin Store eventually burned down and was not rebuilt.

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