Riverside Cemetery

Active (with Inactive parts)

41 deg 30 min 39 sec N Lat. 90 deg 29 min 38 sec W Long (4th Ave section, sometimes called the Old Part)

41 deg 30 min 29 sec N Lat. 90 deg 29 min 42 sec W Long (the Hillside, sometimes called the New Part)

41 deg 30 min 33 sec N Lat. 90 deg 29 min 41 sec W Long (Chapel Mausoleum, between Old and New Parts)

Sec 33, Twp 18 N, R 1 W

All 3 parts of Riverside Cemetery are managed as one by the City of Moline. Read the history of Riverside Cemetery at the City of Moline webpages.

The oldest part, called the 4th Avenue Section, is between 4th Ave and 5th Ave about 0.2 miles west of 34th St. It was incorporated as a cemetery in 1851. This part of the cemetery is inactive but well maintained by the city.

The "Hillside" is the newer part. It was designed in 1874 and opened circa 1875. One cemetery board managed both the Old and New parts of the cemetery. Certain parts of the Hillside are inactive. The "Hillside" is where folks ranging from John Deere to jazz drummer Louie Bellson are buried.

The Chapel Mausoleum is outside of and just north of the "Hillside" main entrance. It opened in 1916 and is inactive for sales.

Riverside Cemetery is in Riverside Park. From downtown Moline, IL go east on 6th Ave (IL Hwy 92). After passing 26th St, 6th Ave curves north and becomes 5th Ave. You have entered Riverside Park with a lagoon on the north and baseball fields the south. Just past the ball diamonds you can turn north (left) into the 4th Ave Section. If you turn south (right) at the same place the road winds past Chapel Mausoleum (on the east) and then heads to the main entrance of Riverside Cemetery.

The 4th Ave Section was copied 6 & 27 Aug and 3 Sep 1975, 42 pages, indexed.

Updated (all parts) Sep 2011, as Extract of Sexton Records, Surnames A – J, 312 pages, indexed.

Riverside Cemetery at:



illinoisancestors.org (Riverside Cemetery)

illinoisancestors.org (Old Riverside Cemetery)


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