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GALPIN 1900- Bloomfield, Davis Co IA USA F23
GALPIN -1900 xx xx ENG F23
GARBER 1833-1887 Duncan Twp, Mercer Co IL USA E12
GARBER Bef 1833 xx xx GER E12
GARRISON 1808-1855 Luzerne Co PA USA L37
GENAUX 1910-1945 East Moline IL USA T29
GIBSON 1860-1865 Rock Island Co IL USA J09
GIBSON 1800- xx PA USA F25
GIBSON 1800- xx VA USA F25
GIBSON 1800- xx OH USA F25
GILKEY 1790- xx NC USA P03
GILMAN 1850-1865 Andalusia IL USA H57
GLEW 1880-1910 Independence, Buchanan Co IA USA M70
GLEW 1840-1920 Cottage Hill, Dubuque Co IA USA M70
GODESIABOIS 1910-1992 East Moline IL USA T29
GODFREY Ca 1650 Plymouth-Bridgewater MA USA C37
GODFREY 1500-1650 xx xx ENG C37
GODSEBOIS 1910-1992 East Moline IL USA T29
GOETTSCH 1800s Schleswig - Holstein xx GER B01
GOHRIA 1884-1907 xx xx GER V09
GOODNOW 1780-1820 Middlesex Co MA USA L37
GOODNOW 1806-1828 Stow MA USA L37
GORSUCH 1870-2001 Poweshick Co IA USA P37
GRANT -1780 Glasgow xx SCT F23
GRANT -1823 Moncton NB CAN F23
GREEN 1740-1750 Gulford Co NC USA M10
GREEN 1870 Mercer Co IL USA H63
GREEN 1890 Stuart IA USA H63
GREGOR 1859-1880 Cedar Rapids IA USA L37
GRIFFIN 1805 Moline, Rock Island Co IL USA G09
GRIFFIN 1805 Coaltown IL USA G09
GULICK 1625-1835 Hunterdon NJ USA F20
GULICK 1625-1835 New York NY USA F20
GUSTAFSON 1860-1930 Rhinelander WI USA W40
GUSTAFSON 1860-1930 Minneapolis MN USA W40