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Biographical Sketch of Rev. Richard Wright

 Rev Richard Wright

History Of The Methodist Protestant Church Of Illinois


In the early 1790's Methodism was facing challenges. The most successful schism of Methodism was the Methodist Protestant Church. The earlest reform in Methodism came in the 1820's when a number of Methodists made an assault on the system. These that did were labeled as the "reformers." They held thier first convention in 1824 in Baltimore. They made a decision to organize what was called "Union Societies" and was to be called later the "Mutual Right" a published periodical. (J Gordon Melton, 43, Log Cabins to Steeples). These new reformers wanted local preachers to be represented in the conference. They also wanted laymen to have a voice and to vote in the General Conference.


In 1827 charges were made against the Reverend Dennis B. Dorsey for circulation of "Mutual Rights" and preaching reform. On February 13, 1829 at the home of Mr. James Ross of Morgan County, was the first record of the reformers. There was a total of fifteen present. Two elders, Reddick Horn and James Sims were in attendance. Others that were present were I. Paschall, W. Babb, LB Freeman, Thomas Procter, A.S. West and their wives.


Dr. J. P. Johnston came to Illinois in 1839. The Methodist Protestant Church had one thousand seven hundred members west of Indiana. The many Methodist Protestant Conferences in Illinois had six thousand members. They had six efficient itinerate ministers, three that were still alive-P. J. Strong, Richard Wright and Dr. J. P. Johnston. (Ancel H. Bassett, 113, 114)


Rev Richard Wright and Joanna R. Paschall were married on July 23, 1844 in Virginia, Illinois located in Cass County, Illinois. They lived with Isaiah & Agnes Paschall for about six years. Sometime in the 1850's he, Joanna and two children moved to Auburn located in Clark County, Illinois.


In 1853 the South Illinois Conference was set off. Rev. Richard Wright was elected president on September 03, 1853 at Brooks Campground. (The Encyclopedia of World Methodism).


In 1845 the Methodist Protestant Church of York, Illinois built a frame church, which cost about $1000.00. The structure was built on a hill that overlooked the York and Wabash River. The building had not been maintained and had no regular congregation for some time. Among those that presided there was Rev. Richard Wright. The York Methodist Protestant Church was destroyed by a cyclone on June 07, 1907. (Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois & History of Clark County, p 672)

On March 02, 1882 "Brother Wright, our dear dear old ex-president resides within the bounds of that circuit (Mill Creek). The Mill Creek Circuit extended from the Grand View Circuit on the North, Hutsonville on the south, and from the Wabash River on the East to the county line on the West. In 1941 Auburn was placed on the Marshall Circuit and Mill Creek ceased to be. Citing from the 1882 Methodist Protestant Year Book " But very little has been paid him of the assessment made the annual conference, and I hope everyone will make an effort to send him something. It is a debt that we ought to pay." September 23, 1883 Richard Wright left without appointment at his request." On December 30, 1882 the Montrose Circuit reported that Bro. Wright preached for them on the Sabbath, He seemed to enjoy the meeting." (1882 Methodist Protestant Recorder)


On June 05, 1887 the Auburn Methodist Church was dedicated by Rev. Richard Wright. He was assisted by Rev. Cecil Chaddix of Palestine.


Richard was born 24, March 1816 in Maryland. The Clark County Herald in Marshall, Illinois reported on July 17, 1889 "Rev Richard Wright, of Auburn, died Sunday of asthma and was buried on Monday." He was 73 years, 3 months, and 19 days old when died. He died in the home of Nick & Mary Malinda Reed.


Rev. Richard Wright lived in Clark County in the Auburn township. He is buried at the Auburn Methodist Church Cemetery located on the Southeast edge of the cemetery under two cedar trees. The church is located outside of Marshall, Illinois in Clark County, 5.8 miles West of the intersection of State Road 1 and U. S. Highway 40 on Highway 40.

Descendants of Richard Wright


 Joanna Ruth Paschall daughter of Isaiah Paschall and Agnes Freeman was born on 24 Apr 1825 in Wilson County, Tennessee[10]. She died on 09 Jan 1885 in Auburn, Clark, Illinois, USA[13, 14].


Notes for Joanna Ruth Paschall: General Notes:


Clark County Herald January 20, 1885

"At noon last Friday, Mrs. Wright, an aged and estimable lady of Auburn, took suddenly ill and died Friday night. The interment took place on Sunday, the funeral being postponed (Auburn)"


Clark County Herald October 6, 1885


"The funeral of Mrs. Wright, who died last spring, was preached last Sunday by Rev. Safford."


Richard Wright and Joanna Ruth Paschall were married on 23 Jul 1844 in Virginia, Cass, Illinois, USA[15]. They had the following children:




Isiah Grant Wright[16]  was born on 29 Jul 1863 in Clark County, Illinois[17, 18]. He married



Manirva Jane Dickerson on 14 Mar 1892 in Bristol, Virginia, Washington County[17, 18]. He



died on 30 Dec 1924 in Bristol, Washington County, Virginia[19].


3.           ii. Orlie Ann Wright[20] was born about 1848 in Cass County, Illinois. She married Cassius F. Manly on 05 Jan 1871 in Clark County, Illinois[21]. She died on 31 Mar 1926 in Kent, King Washington[22].


iii.         Thomas W. Wright[23] was born on 07 Sep 1845 in Cass County, Illinois[23]. He died on 03 Sep 1846 in Auburn ,Methodist Church Illinois, Clark County[23].


Notes for Thomas W. Wright: General Notes:


He was 11months and 27 days old when he died


4.           iv. James F Wright[24] was born on 21 Jul 1851 in Auburn , Clark County, Illinois[23]. He married Elizabeth J. Lowry on 28 Aug 1872 in Clark County, Illinois[25]. He died on 18 Mar 1908 in Anderson , Clark County, Illinois[23, 26].


5.           v. Virginia A. Wright[24] was born in Jan 1854 in Clark County, Illinois[27]. She married Thomas J Skidmore on 07 Sep 1871 in Clark County, Illinois[28]. She died between 1910-1920.


vi.         Charles H. Wright[23] was born about 1855 in Clark County, Illinois[27]. He died about 1861[27].


Notes for Charles H. Wright: General Notes:


He died at age six.




Oscar Alonzo Wright[29, 30, 31, 32, 33]  was born on 19 Feb 1857 in Clark County, Illinois[23, 32,



33]. He married Sarah Jane Lowry on 26 May 1878 in Clark County[31]. He died on 05 May



1936 in Piatt County, Illinois[34].


viii.     William L Wright[23] was born on 15 Apr 1858 in Clark County, Illinois. He died on 12 Nov 1858 in Auburn ,Methodist Church Illinois, Clark County[23].


Notes for William L Wright: General Notes:


He was 6 months 27 days old when he died.


7.             ix. Mary Malinda Wright[35, 36] was born on 02 Sep 1859 in Clark County, Illinois[37]. She married Sylvester Shade on 04 Jul 1881 in Clark County, Illinois[28]. She died on 19 Feb 1935 in Auborn , Clark County, Illinois[38].


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