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Portrait & Biographical Record Winnebago & Boone Cos., IL. Chicago: Biographical Pub. Co., 1892, p 1311

A. S. CHARN, stockholder, Director, and custom cutter of the Globe Clothing Manufacturing Company, of Rockford [Winnebago County, IL], one of the most valuable and profitable enterprises of the city, was one of the promoters of the business and is noted for his ability, both technical and practical.  He has been the custom cutter since the organization of the business in 1890, and is proficient and skillful in his work.   This company has prospered in every way since starting, employs 30-40 men, has five commercial men on the road all the time, and now stands on a solid foundation. 

In Sweden, his native country, where his birth occurred in Wester Gothland Province, 07 Mar 1854, Mr. CHARN received a good practical education and was married to Miss Sophia ANDERSON, who is also a native of that province.  After the birth of two children, or in 1880, he brought his family to the States and settled in Rockford, where he subsequently learned his trade.  Since their residence here four more children have blessed their union:  Simon A. works in the Union Furniture Factory, of Rockford, as carver; Mary E., Esther D., Hannah L., Huldah V., and Victor E., all at home.  After learning his trade, Mr. CHARN carried on a successful business on his own account until the present company was organized.  When he brought his family to this country, his brother Benjamin came with him and settled in Rockford.  The latter married Miss Jennie LANDEN, of Jonkoping, Sweden, who came to this country at the same time.

The father of our subject, A. J. KJERN, came to this country a year after his sons and has since been a resident of Rockford.  He is engaged as tailor in the factory above mentioned, but was formerly with the old and well-known firm of Johnson & Wanstron.   His first wife, and the mother of our subject, died in the spring of 1891, when 79 years of age, and he has since taken a second wife.

Mrs. CHARN's parents died in Sweden; since her residence in Rockford she has been joined by two brothers, Gus and Samuel FLOBERG, the latter now a farmer of MN.

Mr. and Mrs. CHARN are domiciled at No. 1702 Seventh Street, corner of 16th Avenue, and are surrounded by all the comforts of life.  Both are members of the Lutheran Mission Church, and he leans towards the Prohibition party in his political preference.

Submitted by Cathy Kubly.