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Portrait & Biographical Record Winnebago & Boone Cos., IL. Chicago: Biographical Pub. Co., 1892, pp 961-962

Hugh BROWN is a well-known agriculturalist of Winnebago County [IL], residing on section 3, Guilford Township.  He was born on a farm a mile from the village of South End, Argyleshire, Scotland, 28 Sep 1835.  His paternal grandfather, Edward BROWN, a native of the same county, followed farming throughout his entire life, and died at the advanced age of 96 years.  James BROWN, the father of our [p 962] subject, also spent his entire life in Argyleshire, and was engaged in agricultural pursuits through much of his life.  His last years, however, were spent in the village of South End, where he died in 1859.  His wife, whose maiden name was Margaret ANDREWS, was born in Argyleshire, and there died in 1846.  In their family were nine children, and by the second marriage of the father four children were born.

Hugh BROWN spent his boyhood days in the usual manner of farm lads and gave his father the benefit of his assistance until 1854, when, having determined to try his fortune in America, he sailed from Glasgow in July 1854, landing in NY 16 days later.  He came directly to the Scotch settlement in Winnebago County, and began working as a farm hand at $13 per month.  In 1855, in connection with his brother, he rented a farm in Boone County [IL].  Three years later he came to this county, where he rented land for two years, when, in connection with his brother James, he purchased the DENNIS farm, which they cultivated for ten years in partnership.  Our subject then bought an 80-acre tract of land, and as he also owns 40 acres of the DENNIS place, his landed possessions now aggregate 120 acres, which pay to him a golden tribute in return for his care and cultivation.  His farm is well improved and is one of the valuable places of the neighborhood.

On 28 Apr 1870 Mr. BROWN was united in marriage with Miss Jane PICKEN, who was born in Caledonia Township, Boone County, IL, and is a daughter of George PICKEN, a native of Argyleshire, Scotland.  His father, Archie PICKEN, spent his entire life in Scotland.   The father of Mrs. BROWN was married in his native land to Jane BROWN, a native of Argyleshire and a daughter of Charles BROWN, who came to America when quite well advanced in years, and after spending a short time in Cincinnati, became a resident of Winnebago County [IL], where his last days were passed.  Mr. and Mrs. PICKEN crossed the Atlantic in 1840, and became pioneer settlers of what is now Caledonia Township, Boone County, where the father purchased land of the Government and developed a farm, upon which he resided until his death, 20 Nov 1875, at the age of 69 years.  His wife is still living on the old homestead, and has reached the age of 80 years.

Unto Mr. and Mrs. BROWN have been born two daughters, Maggie and Mary J.  The parents are both members of the Willow Creek Church, and are most estimable people.  Mr. BROWN is numbered among the early settlers of this community, having long been identified with the history of the county.  He is also a self-made man, for he came to America empty-handed, and has steadily worked his way upward until he is now one of the well-to-do citizens of this community.

Submitted by Cathy Kubly.