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Past and Present of the City of Rockford and Winnebago County, IL, C. A. Church.   Chicago:  Clarke Publishing Company, 1905, pp 692-3

John J. ANDREW, having reached his 80th milestone on life's journey, is now living a retired life in Rockford [Winnebago County, IL].  For many years he controlled business interests of importance in Rockford, and his close attention, careful direction, and recognition and utilization of opportunities made him a successful man.  Still in possession of his faculties, seeming in spirit and interests yet in his prime, he is one of the respected, venerable and honored citizens of Winnebago County.

He was born in Argyle, Scotland, in 1825, a son of David and Jennet (HUIE) ANDREW.   The father, a farmer by occupation, came to America in 1842, setting in Washington County, OH, whence he removed to this county in 1843, located in Guilford Township, where he purchased 173 acres of land, on which he carried on general farming until his death.   He passed away 23 Mar 1868, and his wife survived him until 28 Mar 1873.

In their family were 13 children, of whom one died in Scotland, while another died in OH, in infancy.  John J. is the eldest.  David, a machinist by trade, died 14 Apr 1901.  Jane is the wife of Lynus KNIGHT, of NE.  Robert, a miller, who lived for many years in Milford [Iroquois County, IL] and in Rockford, died 14 Dec 1901.  James died about 1895.  Mathew is principal of the public schools of Carthage, IL.   Jennet died in Scotland.  Archibald, who was a soldier of the Civil war and was with McClellan's command, was a teacher and county supervisor of schools in Winnebago County, IL, and is now living a retired life in Milwaukee, WI.  Jennet, born in Aug 1838, is the wife of Donald SILLERS, a farmer of Argyle [Winnebago County], IL.   Maria is the wife of Andrew REED, a farmer near Springville [Linn County], IA.   William, the second of that name, born in 1844, lives on the old homestead farm in Guilford Township.  Elizabeth, the wife of William CHAPMAN, of Rockford, died 25 Oct 1880.

John J. ANDREW acquired the greater part of his education in the schools of Scotland, but afterward spent one summer as a student in Beloit College.  He came with his parents to America, reaching Winnebago County when 18 years of age, and he assisted in the work of the home farm until more than 20 years of age, and during three winters he taught district and singing [p 693] schools, being thus engaged until 1853, when he was married and removed to Rockford.  He then engaged in the meat business, conducting a market for 25 years at No. 433 West State Street, at the end of which time he sold out to Mr. McPHERSON.  That he continued in the trade so long is proof of the success that attended his efforts.  He afterward engaged in the manufacture of soap for 20 years, having his factory at what is now Riverside [Cook County, IL].  In 1903, however, he sold the plant and retired from active business life.  He was ever watchful of the indications pointing to success and every step was carefully and thoughtfully made, and with earnest labor as a foundation, he builded thereon the superstructure of a handsome competence.

Mr. ANDREW was married in 1853 to Miss Mary J. ENOCH, of Guildford Township, a daughter of Henry and Mary (HALL) ENOCH, her father a farmer of this county.  She was born in Butler County, OH, and represented one of the old families of that state.  She traces her ancestry back to England to the Rev. Henry HALL, who in 1698 came to America, representing the English government as a minister of the church.  His son, known as Major Henry HALL, was born 12 Mar 1702, and was an officer of the British Army, attaining the rank of colonel.  His eldest son, Major Henry HALL, Jr., generally spoken of as Major Harry, also belonged to the British Army in colonial days, and he was the father of William HALL, who was an adjutant in the Revolutionary war.  His daughter, Mary HALL, born 14 Jul 1790, was married 05 Sep 1813 to Henry ENOCH, who came of almost equally remote and distinguished ancestry.  The first ancestor in this country being Colonel Henry ENOCH, Sr., who was a member of the militia of Washington County, PA.  His grandfather left Holland on account of religious persecution.  Colonel Henry ENOCH, about 1770, was a grantor of patents for VA and he was a delegate, on 16 Jun 1775, to Fort Pitt, where an important convention was held.  his son, Henry ENOCH, Jr., located in Warren County, OH, and afterward removed to Winnebago County, IL.  He has previously married Mary HALL, and then after living for a time in OH they established their home in Guiford Township, this county, in 1835, the father entering a claim from the government.   He followed farming throughout his entire life.  Unto him and his wife were born seven children:  William Henry and Richard Hall, who died in 1837; Martha, who died in 1856; John T., who died in 1857; Abraham I., whose death occurred 30 Apr 1883; Hiram R., who died in 1890; and Mary J., born 01 Sep 1831, who married John J. ANDREW, and died in 1905.  The father died 08 Sep 1858, and the mother 28 Jul 1859.

The home of Mr. and Mrs. ANDREW was blessed with seven children.  John D., the eldest, assistant surgeon of the Northwestern Railway Company at Chicago, was married to Annie TILTON, of that city, and has two children, Dorothy and Margaret.  Henry D., who for seven years was with Marcus DALY in MT as a salesman and is now living in Rockford, married Anna A. BAUME, of Galena [Jo Daviess County], IL, and has two children:   Marion, now deceased, and Harry L., who was born 12 May 1895, and is now attending school.  Mary Adele died in 1864.  Frank, living in Chicago, city salesman for the Armour Soap Company, was married to Miss Addie SWARTZ, of Rockford.  Minnie is at home.  Blanche died in 1867.  Frederick, with the Haddorf Piano Company and living in Rockford, married Emma DAVENPORT, of this city.  The mother of these children died 14 May 1905, the second day after her 52nd wedding anniversary.

Mr. ANDREW has long been a devoted member of the Court Street Methodist Episcopal church, was treasurer and a member of the board of trustees for a number of years, and for 14 years was chorister in the Sunday school.  His contribution to its support and his cooperation in many of its activities have promoted the growth and extended the influence of the church.  He was a whig in his poltical affiliations in early life, and since the organization of the republican party has followed its banners.  With a retentive memor and a mind remarkably keen and active, he yet keeps in touch with the world's progress and with local advancement, and is yet a valued and prominent citizen in the county, where he has so long lived and labored, making a life history taht will bear the closest investigation and scrutiny.  [See also the Winnebago County, IL biography of Robert ANDREW.]

Submitted by Cathy Kubly.