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Portrait & Biographical Record Winnebago & Boone Cos., IL. Chicago: Biographical Pub. Co., 1892, pp 1251-1252

Joseph J. BRANTINGHAM, formerly one of the influential business men of Rockford [Winnebago County, IL], where he was a capitalist, money broker and real estate dealer, was largely interested in property in Chicago.  He died in NY City, 05 Aug 1891, while on a pleasure trip through the East, and his remains were brought home for interment in the cemetery of this city.

He was born in or near NY City, 28 Oct 1834, and received an excellent business education in his native place and in the business college of Chicago, having come West with his parents in 1855.  Later he rmoved to this county, where he occupied a high rank among its wealthy citizens and resided until his decease.  He was not interested in poltical affairs other than to cast a Republican vote at election times.  The lady to whom he was married in Rockford bore the name of Miss Ada BRICE, and had her birth in Washington [Washington or Cumberland County?], PA.  She was an infant of two years when her parents came to the city, and received an excellent education in the public schools.  Her father, Captain James BRICE, was also a native of the Keystone State [PA], where he owned and operated a foundry in Washington.  Disposing of his interests there in the latter part of the 1840's, he came to this section and here resided until a few [p 1252] years prior to his decease, which occurred in 1887, at the advanced age of 88 years.  He was in no sense of the word an office seeker, preferring the quiet and happiness of his fireside to the turmoil of public life, but always voted with the Republican party.

During the Civil War, Mr. BRICE raised Company H, 92nd IL Infantry, at Rochelle, of which he was elected Captain, and went with his regiment to the South, where he was engaged in fighting for two years.  At the expiration of that time, he received his honorable discharge on account of physical disability and returned home.  During his entire service he escaped accident, although he was in many hard fought engagements, and at one time was offered a Colonel's commission, but declined to accept the honor.  He was an active worker in the Grand Army of the Republic, and his life record was such as to commend him to the respect and esteem of the entire community.

The maiden name of Mrs. BRANTINGHAM's mother was Miss Anna MILLER; she was a native of PA, and died when her daughter was an infant of two years.  The lady whom Mr. BRICE chose for his second wife is still surviving and makes her home in Tama [Tama County], IA.   To our subject and his wife have been born four children, who have been given good educations and fitted to fill honorable stations in life.  [Unknown to submitter if Joseph J. BRANTINGHAM was related to Robert M. BRANTINGHAM, who also came West in 1855 and settled in Rockford.  See Winnebago County, IL, biography of Robert M. BRANTINGHAM.]

Submitted by Cathy Kubly.