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ALLEN, Loren S.
Past and Present of the City of Rockford and Winnebago County, IL, C. A. Church.   Chicago:  Clarke Publishing Company, 1905, p 631-2

Dr. Loren S. ALLEN, remembered by many as a pioneer physician of Winnebago County [IL] of marked professional skill and personal worth that gained him the friendship and regard of the best citizens of this portion of the state, came to Rockford in 1851.  He was a native of Heath [Franklin County], MA, born 28 Jul 1811, and his parents were Elijah and Rhoda (THOMPSON) ALLEN, both of whom were born in the east and always resided in the vicinity of Heath, where the father devoted the greater part of his life to farming.   They reared a large family and two of their sons, Loren S. and S. T. ALLEN, came to the west.  The latter, Rev. S. T. ALLEN, now deceased, was a minister of the Episcopal church in Aurora [Kane County], IL, where his death occurred, and where his family now reside.

In his boyhood days Dr. ALLEN of this review was notable among his companions because of his energy, enthusiasm and industry, and from an early age was his father's able assistant on the home farm.  He attended the country schools near his native town, and then, becoming imbued with the desire to enter professional life, he resolved to become a member of the medical fraternity, and was sent by his parents to a medical college in Pittsfield [Berkshire County], MA, where he graduated in 1829.  Having become equipped for practice, he located in South Deerfield [Franklin County], MA, and entered upon the work of the profession, soon demonstrating his capabilities in the success which attended him in the administration of remedial agencies.

It was while living in South Deerfield that Dr. ALLEN was married, in 1839, to Miss Sarah MATHER, a native of Windsor [Hartford County], CT, and a daughter of Allyn M. and Parthenia (HUNTINGTON) MATHER, the latter a cousin of Bishop HUNTINGTON, of central NY.   The father was a native of Windsor, CT, and became a merchant in the town of Windsor, being thus identified with its commercial interests during the greater part of his life.  Both he and his wife died there.

Dr. ALLEN resided in the east until 1851, when he came to IL, settling in Rockford, where he remained for a brief period engaged in the active practice of his profession, with an office on North Second Street, over KETTLEWELL's meat market.  He then removed to Polo, Ogle County [IL], and purchased a large tract of land there, which he subsequently divided into farms.  He devoted his attention to the practice of medicine and the loaning of money until about 1867, when he returned to Rockford.  He then no longer made professional visits, but was frequently called in consultation.  In 1882 he and his wife went to make their home with their daughter, Mrs. WARREN, on the west side of Rockford, with whom they remained until called to their final rest.  Having resolved to devote his life to a calling demanding intellectual force, keen discrimination and unfaltering devotion, Dr. ALLEN so directed his labors that his professional services were for many years in costant demand by the best families of the locality, and at all times his practice was actuated by a humanitarian spirit.  He came of a distinguished New England ancestry and throughout his life manifested the strong and sterling traits characteristic [p 632] of the people of that country.  Moreover he was imbued with the progressive spirit of the middle west, which fact was noticeable in his professional work as well as in other relations of life.

Unto Dr. and Mrs. ALLEN were born two daughters and a son:  Julia P., Charles H. and Sarah Elizabeth, but the last named died in Rockford at the age of five years, and Charles H. passed away in June 1901.  He had married Carrie FRIEDMAN, of Rockford.  In his service in the Union army during the Civil War, he contracted a disease which disabled him for the remainder of his life.  He was only 20 years old when the war ended.   From Rockford he removed to Oak Park [Cook County], IL, but after a brief period went to NY City, where his last days were passed.  The surviving daughter, Julia P., is the widow of Moses WARREN.  Dr. ALLEN passed away 26 Oct 1890, and his wife departed this life 22 Nov 1903.

Moses WARREN was never a resident of Rockford, but his family are well known and prominent in this city.  He was born in East Lyme [New London County], CT, 25 Oct 1826, and is of the fourth generation bearing that name.  The ancestry of the family can be traced back to William the Conqueror, the first Norman king of England, and in America the family was through colonial days and through the Revolutionary period prominent and influential in affairs that shaped the history of New England.  The great grandfather of Moses WARREN of this review was a colonel of the Revolutinary war.  His parents, Captain Moses Harris and Mary (MINER) WARREN, were both natives of East Lyme, CT.  Moses Harris WARREN was a surveyor, following the profession throughout his entire life, and he was also recognized as a leading political worker in early days.  Both he and his wife remained at East Lyme until called to the home beyond.  Their son, Moses WARREN, acquired a good education in the schools of his native state, and there learned the carpenter's trade, which he followed until 1849, when, attracted by the discovery of gold in CA made the previous year, he determined to visit the Pacific coast, and went to the far west on a sailing vessel.  There he became the founder of and builder of the town of Georgetown, and for some time owned most of the property, but in 1857 that place was entirely destroyed, a great conflagration wiping it out.  He remained, however, in CA, paid all of his financial obligations, and then rebuilt the town, after which he continued to reside there for a few years.  Later he returned to his native state.

He was first married to Miss Flora WHITESIDE, a native of NY state, who died after two years, leaving one child, John, who died at the age of six years in the home of his aunt in East Lyme, CT.  Moses WARREN then came west, and on 13 Jun 1869 was marreid in Rockford to Miss Julia P. ALLEN, the elder daughter of Dr. Loren S. ALLEN.  Three children were born of this marriage, but the eldest died unnamed in infancy.  Claire Louise, who is a graduate of Wellesly and the Chicago University, has always resided with her mother in Rockford, while Moses Allen WARREN is an attorney in NY City.  He acquired his early education in Rockford and Chicago, and later graduated from Yale University in 1899.  He then became a student in the law office of EATON & LEWIS, prominent attorneys of NY City, with whom he studied during his course at the NY Law School, where he completed his course.  Entering upon practice in the eastern metropolis, he is now a member of the law firm of THOMPSON & WARREN, with offices at Nos. 49 and 51 Wall Street, New York City.

After his marriage Moses WARREN went to Chicago to make that city his home, and was the western agent for the publishing house of D. Appleton & Company, and also for Charles Scribner & Sons, having offices at the corner of State and Washington Streets.   He was engaged in book publishing until his death, which occurred in Chicago on 10 Oct 1881, when his remains were brought to Rockford for interment.

Neither Dr. ALLEN nor Mr. WARREN  were ever office seekers, and both were independent in their political affiliations in early days, while later both voted with the Republican party.  Dr. ALLEN was a member of the Congregational church of Rockford, and Mrs. WARREN and her daugher are now connected with the membership of that organizaton.  In the spring of 1882 they returned from Chicago to this city to make their home, and Mrs. WARREN built one of the most palatial residences here at No. 711 North Main Steet.   Both are very prominent in society circles, and the social functions of their home are notable events in Rockford.  Mr. WARREN was always interested in literary subjects and various publications, and was a man of broad culture as well as of excellent business capacity, enabling him to control and develop extensive and important interests, while Dr. ALLEN, known and honored for his professional skill, won and retained the friendship of many through a genial nature and kindly spirit that was nevertheless accompanied by a dignified manner that ever awakened respect.

Submitted by Cathy Kubly.