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Portrait & Biographical Record Winnebago & Boone Cos., IL. Chicago: Biographical Pub. Co., 1892, p 706

The commodious two-story brick residence at No. 401 Horsman Street [Rockford, Winnebago County, IL] is owned and occupied by Robert M. BRANTINGHAM, who has become well-to-do through judicious investments in real estate.  Coming to Winnebago County in 1855, he has since been an important factor in the growth of the county, and especially in the progress of Rockford, which he has seen change from an unimportant village to a city numbering 25,000 people.  In addition to valuable land in Rockford, he owns considerable real estate in South Chicago.

The father of our subject, Robert M. BRANTINGHAM, Sr., was a native of Staten Island [Richmond County, NY], where he grew to man's estate.  He engaged for some years in business in NY City, meanwhile continuing his residence on Staten Island.  He was married on the island of his birth to Miss Jane SIMONSON, who was there born and reared, her parents being well-to-do NY people.  The parents of our subject had a family of three sons and seven daughters; of these two sons and two daughters are deceased.   All of the children have married excepting the subject of this sketch, who is the eldest member of the family.

When the parental family sought a home in Winnebago County, our subject was a lad of eight years, and he has spent almost his entire life in this county.  His father was the owner of about 800 acres of land in this vicinity; he also had large possessions in IA, and in Staten Island.  His various financial enterprises proved remunerative and placed him on solid footing as a capitalist.  He died at his home, two miles south of Rockford, in 1865.  His wife survived him many years, passing away 01 Jan 1890, at the age of 75 years, at the home of her son, our subject.  Mr. BRANTINGHAM, Sr., was a firm Republican in his political affiliations, and with his wife held membership in the Episcopal Church.

All the local interests of Rockford have been heartily promoted by Mr. BRANTINGHAM, who has endorsed all measures having for their object the progress of the religious, educational, moral and philanthropic status of the city.  He is a pronounced Republican in his political belief, and invariably casts his ballot and gives his influence to the support of the principles which he considers best adapted to our Government.  He is a stockholder in the Rockford Watch Company, and is interested in various other establishments and organizations which have been of great value to the city.   [Unknown to submitter if Robert M. BRANTINGHAM was related to Joseph J. BRANTINGHAM, who also came West in 1855 and settled in Rockford.  See Winnebago County, IL, biography of Joseph J. BRANTINGHAM.]

Submitted by Cathy Kubly.