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A Walk through the Boone County Historical Society Museum
by Martin Johnson

A walk through the Boone County Historical Society Bldg. Museum looking for names and information on pictures of people and any other genealogical information. Some of the pictures in the museum need to be renamed and renumbered. A list is needed of the numbers and names under, near or on a accessible list. Visitors (etc., from out of town) can use to see if a picture is that of a relative, etc. It would save everyone a lot of time and help people from missing pictures etc. of their ancestors. The numbers and names on pictures on the walls should be bigger.

In the religion corner are various pictures of church congregations. Presbyterian Church, St. James Catholic Church, Universal Church members, taken years ago. Also in this section are old bibles, donated by people. Most old bibles have genealogical information in the front or back covers, or in the middle, or about two-thirds back--a birth, death, and marriage page might be located. I went through the whole row of bibles and found the following information:

[Bibles | Photographs and Loose Papers]

Bibles (If you know of the locations of other Bibles or have info to share, e-mail me. Perhaps your information was published in a Genealogy newletter. I'd love to share it with others.)

1. Cora Morrs bible given to someone in 1880. It had John Abby, Minnespolis, Minn. family bible written in it and a few old tin types etc. in the back. This was on the table behind the pews.

2. Bible dated 1826 # R 2--Says Jonathon Avery b. June 26, 1762. Wife Mary b. Dec. 22, 1765. Jonathon Avery married Mary on July 4, 1792. Jonathan Avery b. Dec. 1, 1793. John Sheldon dies Dec. 1, 1796 age 76. John Avery, son of John, b. Nov. 20, 1796. Mary Avery dtr. of Jonathan Avery dies Aug. 23, 1799. Jonathon Avery son of Jonathon, b. Feb. 9, 1800, died Aug. 10, 1801, age 18 months. Simon P. Doty and Elizabeth Lee Brewster married Oct. 20, 1820. Wllliam Stoner and Matilda S. Styles married Jan. 12, 1839 at Oswego, NY. Simon P. Doty and Matilda S. Stoner married Sept. 27, 1855 at Bonus (Twp.) Boone Co., IL. Auston Morse and Matilda S. Doty married April 4, 1872, Belvidere, IL. Mary Brewster wife of Josiah S. Brewster died June 19, 1843 at Westfield, Mass, Age 79. Josiah F. Brewster died Oct. 21, 1846, age 76. Elizabeth Doty wife of Simon P. Doty died Jan. 31, 1854 at Belvidere. Simon P. Doty died Belvidere Oct. 31, 1885 , age 88 yrs. 6 Months. Henry C. Stoner died at Ellisburg, N.Y. age 4 months. Henry E. Stoner died at Racine, Wisc. April 8, age 1 yr. 7 months 8 days old. George E. Stoner died May 10, Age 4yrs, 1 month 2 days . Simon P. Doty b. May 9, 1797. Elizabeth L. Brewster b. Aug. 9, 1809. John H. Stoner b. Oct. 27, 1839. Simon S. Stoner b. Aug. or April 4, 1841. Franklin S. Stoner b. Aug. 25, 1843. Henry C. Stoner b. Jan 28, 1845. George E. Stoner b. May 20, 1846. Henry E. Stoner b. Aug. 31, 1849. S.S. Stoner died at Black River Ferry April 2, 1862. John H. W. Stoner died April 6, 1862 at Shilow, Tenn.

3. Bible dated 1848 # R3--George Happer born in Drumadds Tyrone Co., Ireland, Feb. 16, 1821. Landed in Cambridge, Washington Co., N.Y. May 13, 1846. Landed in State of Ohio, May 28, 1848. Arrived Belvidere, Boone Co., Ill., Oct. 28, 1853. Married by Rev. David Rulliams ? Oct. 12, 1847. - George Happer to Nancy Caufield. George Happer b. Feb. 16, 1821. Nancy Happer b. Dec. 22, 1820. Mary Happer b. Sept. 5, 1849. Margaret Jane Happer b. Oct. 6, 1850. Nancy Ann Happer b. July 28, 1853. Elizabeth Happer b. Jan. 26, 1856. Barbere Lizebeth Happer b. Jan. 15, 1857. James Happer b. May 11, 1859. Susanna Mary Happer b. Dec. 1, 1862. James Caulfield b. Jan. 18, 1788. Margaret Happer b. Feb. 17, 1794. Margaret J. Caufield Happer b. July 16, 1816. Samuel Happer b. Sept. 30, 1818. Mary Happer died Sept. 5, 1849. Elizabeth Happer died Jan. 27, 1856. James Happer died May 9, 1859. Nancy Ann Happer died July 24, 1874. Nancy Happer died June 30, 1882. Margaret J. Happer died April 3, 1900. Margaret Happer Carnforth ? died Jan. 5, 1898. James Caulfield died Aug. 2, 1876. Margaret Happer Stevens died in Spokane, (Washington ?). Lewis Brezer died Sept. 9, 1926. Barbara Elizabeth Happer Brezer died March 25, 1934, George Happer died June 3, 1906.

4. Old bible dated 1855, presented Sept. 23, 1860 to Mr. Eli Foote.

5. Bible # R 6--Wm. Henry Cadvell bible. W. H. Cadwell married Catharine Fish Sept. 27, 1848 by Rev. C.? Crawford in Hartford, Conn. W.H. Cadwell b. Dec. 28, 1826 at Hartford. Catharine Fish b. Dec. 5, 1820-21 at Boston, Mass. Ellen Frances Cadwell b. Oct. 21, 1849 Hartford, Conn.

6. Bible # R 7--given to George and Emma Grummon, Christmas of 1883.

7. Bible # R 8--Owned by Mrs. Lydia Longcor Yount Ross. Brother Addison Longcor b. Avoca, N.Y. Nov. 12, 1835. Lieut. in Camp. C., 15th, Ill. Inf. Died at Waterford, Miss.. Jan. 5, 1863. Samuel Longcor and Malinda Smith married Jan. 7, 1835 at Avoca, N.Y. Ann Longcor married A. (Alfred) Williams Sept. 18, 1856. Addison A. Longcor and Julia S. Bates married Nov. 12, 1856. Mary Longcor and Charles Church married Nov. 22, 1865. Leonard Longcor and Juliet G. Ticknor married June 23, 1870. Jane Longcor and Harvey A. Gould married June 3, 1874. Sarah L. Longcor and Orin Leonard married Feb. 24, 1876. Lydia M. Longcor and Nathan M. Yount married Jan. 1, 1880. John S. Longcor and Eva M. Barker married Feb. 16. 1881. Lydia Longcor Yount married Burton S. Ross March 20, 1918. All married at Belvidere, Ill. Samuel Longcor b. Dundee, N.Y. Oct. 25, 1813. Malinda Smith b. Farmington, NY April 24, 1814. Children: Addison N. Longcor b. Avoca, N.Y. Nov. 12, 1835. Ann Longcor b. Avoca June 1, 1837. Wilbur F. Longcor b. March 14, 1839 Avoca, NY. Mary Longcor b. Belvidere, Jan. 22, 1841. Harriot M. Longcor b. Belvidere, July 14, 1843. Leonard C. Longcor b. Belvidere, Aug. 8, 1847. Jane Longcor b. July 29, 1849. Sarah L. Longcor b. May 2, 1851. Kate H. Longcor b. Belvidere Nov. 20, 1853. Lydia M. Longcor b. Belvidere Jan. 12, 1858. Wilbur F. Longcor died Belvidere May 12, 1843. Harriet M. Longcor died Belvidere Oct. 1, 1844. Addison Longcor died Waterford, Miss. Jan. 5, 1863. Jennie L. Gould died Belvidere, Sept. 20, 1885, Malinda Smith Longcor died Belvidere Aug. 21, 1891. Mary L. Church died Rockford Oct. 25, 1892. Samuel Longcor died Belvidere, March 8, 1893. Leonard S. Longcor died Battle Creek, Michigan Dec. 5, 1894. Kate M. Longcor died Belvidere July 21, 1915. John C. Longcor died Belvidere, Feb. 9, 1921.

8. Bible # R 9--was presented to Susan A. Quigley by her grandfather Levi Green Nov. 1874. Adelbert C. Quigley married Hellen A. Green Sept. 17, 1868 by Rev. W. R. Mc Euen? William W. Brittan married Susan A. Quigley Sept. 25, 1886 by Rev. H.H. Reed at First Baptist Church in Belvidere. David M. Watson and Helen A. Quigley married Dec. 31, 1884, Levi Green b. Feb. 15, 1819. Susan Green b. Oct. 15, 1822. Helen Amelia Green b. May 25, 1843. Sarah Adelaide Green b. April 20, 1843. William Gardner Green b. Feb. 11, 1848. Elva Maria Green b. Oct. 5, 1855. Albert Devilla Green b. Sept. 4, 1860. David M. Watson b. August 25, 1847. Oneida Co. NY Adelbert Cephas Quigley b. March 16, 1845. Helen Amelia Quigley b. May 5, 1845. Susan Amanda Quigley b. Sept. 12, 1850. Bessie Helen Brittan b. Oct. 24, 1888. William M. Brittan b. July 27, 1890. Willian Garder Green died July 23, 1855. Elva Maria Green died Nov. 9, 1855. Susan M. Green died June 1, 1857. Levi Green died Feb. 27, 1880. John Quigley died Oct. 7, 1885. Amanda Qulgley died Oct. ?? 21, 1889. Susan A. Brittan died July 29, 1890, David Meyer Watson died Aug. 25, 1847. Mary Maria Watson died March 21, 1849. Mary June Watsen died Sept. 6, 1850. Elen Eliz. Watson died July 10, 1854. Elen Eliz. Watsen died Aug. 28, 1856. Andrew Watson Thomas Watson died Oct. 13, 1848 age 61 yrs.

9. 1832 Bible # R 10--Franklin Lawrence married Anna Bleed Nov. 30, 1837. Came to Ill. 1838, from Groton, Mass. Andrew J. Lawrence married Charlotte E. Keller Oct. 14, 1870. Charles H. Lawrence married Elizabeth Vandekar Dec. 29, 1866. Francis A. Lawrence married Robert L. Gamble April 20, 1881 or Oct. 14, 1870 crossed out. Luther Lawrence married Helen J. Barringer March 13, 1885. Andrew J. Lawrence b. June 12, 1842. Charles H. Lawrence b. March. 2, 1846. William Lawrence b. Nov. 1, 1848. Luther Lawrence b. Dec. 18, 1851. Mary C. Lawrence b. Sept. 1, 1858. Franklin Lawrence died July 22, 1877, age 63 yrs. 3 months. Anna B. Lawrence ??. Andrew J. Lawrence died Aug. 16, 1914 age 73 yrs. 2 months 4 days. William Lawrence died Feb. 1, 1858 age 3 months; Mary C. Lawrence died Sept. 2, 1883 age 25. Francis A. Lawrence died Sept. 17, 1884 age 5 yrs. 29 days. Anna J. Gamble died April 1, 1885 age 2 yrs. 3 months.

10. Bible # R 11--has a picture of Rev. Oscar Liden taken in Davenport, Iowa. He was born Aug. 26, 1880. Died Jan. 2, 1959. His first pastorate was at Belvidere, Ill. Bible was given by Miss Helen and Emma Liden, 212 North Chicago Ave., Rockford, Ill

11. Bible # R12--Hans Johnson of Irene, Ill. to Annie Nelson of Irene, Ill. They were married in Rockford, Ill. March 14, 1896 by J.M. Johnson minister. Annie born July 8, 1863 died May 9, 1930. To Ill. on March 9, 1892 fron Blenterp, Sweden. Hans Johnsen b. Oct. 14, 1853, died Oct. 7, 1929. Came to N. Ill. April 16, 1881, from Gustafe, Malmo. Naturalized Oct. 19, 1888 at Sycamore, DeKalb Co., Ill. Family farm was near Kirkland, Ill.

12. Bible R 14--A 1674 Swedish Bible of Anders Anders Andressen of Ashorfrashorns?, Soken?, Sweden. Owned by Mr. Schneeberger.

13. Bible dated 1849 was given to Joseph White from sister, April of 1850. (see bible entries continued on page nine that were added after Bessie Sullivan died)

14. Bible dated MDCCCXLVL # R 17--Given on either July 10, 1851 or July 30, 1848. Tamar (Smith) Atkins. John and Tamar Atkins married at Stake Church June 10, 1851. John Atkins b. Feb. 22, 1829, Parish Stake. Tamar Atkins b. June ? 22, 1831 Parish Stake. William Robert Atkins b. Feb. 25, 1852 Parish Stake. Hannah Maria Atkins b. Aug. 11, 1853 Parish stake. Eli Elijah Atkins b. The Parish of Stake April 15, 1856. Rose Emma Atkins b. May 5, 1860. Thomas Atkins get this book Dec. 28, 1793. James Atkins his eldest son got this beek Jan. 20, 1810. Thomas Atkins 2nd eldest son of Thomas got book March 8, 1848 Jeremiah Atkins son of Thomas Atkins got the book Oct 11, 1853. Thomas Atkins b. Jan. 26, 1786. Sarah Atkins b. Feb. 8, 1789. Jeremiah Atkins b. March 7, 1811. Elizabeth Atkins b. Sept. 7, 1813. Hannah Atkins b. Oct. 7, 1816. Mary Atkins b. June l9, 1819. Maria Atkins b. Sept. 5, 1821. Jane Atkins b. July 4, 1823. Ann Atkins b. July 22, 1825, James Atkins b. June 1, 1827. John Atkins b. Feb. 22, 1829. Jane "Bradlines" Atkins died Oct. 2, 1849 Mary "Grant" Atkins died May 27, 1850. Slrah Atkins died April 26, 1851, Thomas Atkins died Sept. 26, 1853. Jeremiah Atkins died June 26, 1874. Elizabeth (Atkins) Farrens died Oct. 19, 1888. Maria (Atkins) Day died Dec. 27, 1891 - buried at Saffran, Walden age 70. Theophilus Bradbury died at N. Stake May 20, 1891 age 69. Ann Atkins died at N. Street Stake on Nov. or Sept. 7, 1899 age 74 buried at father's grave on so. side. Hannah (Atkins) Bradbury died March 25, 1900. Tamar Atkins died Sept. 20, 1904. John Atkins died May 18, 1907 age 74 or 79. Mentions Laurel Grove Cemetery, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, and Cedar Lawn Cem. in N.Y. or N.J, State, in some newspaper clippings in back of bible.

15. Bible from 1732 # R 20--was brought to Manchester Twp. Boone Co., Ill. 1870s from Norway by Hanson family. Presented by John and Emma Paulson of Manchester Twp. Old faded Norwegian script written in front cover of bible. May be good genealogical information.

16. Bible dated 1865. Given to Joseph B. and Anna M. Collins from their parents Joseph W. and Fanny M. Collins. Dec. 25, 1866.

Photographs and Loose Papers

The next entries are names and information on old pictures at Hist.Society (also old papers etc. Jacob Livingston b. NY State 1776. ReV. War Certificate for Corpl. OF 2nd. Rgt. Daniel Elisha Foote in service of Isaac Foote. Signed by John Lamb May 1777 Connecticut.

Some old books etc. are in the back room on far end of hallway on right. They should be checked for information. Any pictures on the walls with only numbers, should be checked on their back side for names and information and labeled as such on front side and readable from below by poor sighted people.

Francis and Jane (Atkinson) Blachford of Spring Twp. Francis, son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Curtis) Blachford b. July 19, 1819 in Horningsham, England. Came to Boone Co. with parents and sister in 1836. Jane, Dtr. of James and Margaret (Mc Latthie) Atkinsen, b. Greenville Co. Ontario, Canada May 1, 1833. To Boone Co., Ill. with parents 1849. Married Nov. 29, 1855.

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