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Illinois and Michigan Canal Workers in 1874

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"Transcribed from the Illinois State Archives Microfilm Roll No. 30-1499 Archives-Miscellaneous-Illinois and Michigan Timebooks RS491.44 Begins IM/AR-P/10 1873-74. Ends IM/AR-TI 1857 by Nancy Thornton. All rights reserved."

Copyright 2000-13 by Nancy Thornton. This file may be freely copied for non-profit purposes. All other rights reserved.
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Time books descriptions

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Ahern, John IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-47
Alford, Edward IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187401-24
Alford, Edward IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-23
Alford, Edward IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-76
Alford, Edward IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187404-129
Alford, Edward IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187405-166
Anderson, S. A. IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187401-24
Anderson, S. A. IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-23
Anderson, S. A. IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-76
Anderson, S. A. IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187404-129
Anderson, S. A. IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187405-166
Aron, Henry IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187405-169
Backus, Jerome IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-80
Backus, Jerome IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187404-134
Backus, Jerome IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187405-171
Backus, M. IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187401-26
Backus, M. IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-46
Backus, M. IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-80
Backus, Miles IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187404-134
Backus, Miles IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187405-171
Bailey, Henry IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-78
Bailey, Henry IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187405-168
Barker, W. IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-82
Barkley, J. IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187405-167
Barry, John IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-83
Bauears, Chas IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-47
Baumgarden, Louis IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-79
Bayley, Henry IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187404-131
Beegan, Thomas IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187401-25
Beegan, Thomas IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-44
Beegan, Thomas IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-77
Beegan, Thomas IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187404-130
Beegan, Thomas IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187405-167
Bond, Charles IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-79
Bond, Chas IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187405-169
Bradshaw, Pat IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-49
Bradshaw, Pat IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-83
Brainard, Geo IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187401-24
Brainard, George IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-23
Brainard, George IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-76
Brainard, George IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187404-129
Brainard, George IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187405-166
Brannan, John IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-47
Brannan, Thomas IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-46
Brannan, Wm IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-47
Brannon, Bernard Jr. IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-48
Brannon, Bernard Sr. IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-82
Brannon, John IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-81
Brannon, Wm IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-81
Brendan, Frederic IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187404-133
Brennan, Wm. J. IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187405-172
Brennen, J. IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187405-170
Brennen, John IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187404-133
Brennen, W.J. IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187404-135
Buckley, Patrick IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-46
Bums, Michael IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187404-133
Burdick, Amos IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-77
Burke, Lawrence IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187405-169
Burkick, Amos IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-44
Burns, Edward IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187405-169
Burns, M. IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-83
Burns, M. IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187405-170


Cary, John IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-47
Chroutt, Chris IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-45
Chroutt, Chris IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-79
Chroutt, Chris IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187404-132
Chroutt, Chris IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187405-169
Clark, Chas IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-46
Cleverdon, Thomas IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-77
Cleverdon, Thomas IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187404-130
Cleverdon, Thomas IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187405-167
Codding, W. E. IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187401-24
Codding, W. E. IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187401-26
Codding, W. E. IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-23
Codding, W. E. IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-47
Codding, W. E. IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-76
Codding, W. E. IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-81
Codding, W. E. IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187404-129
Codding, W. E. IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187405-166
Cole, Thomas IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187401-24
Cole, Thomas IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-23
Cole, Thomas IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-76
Cole, Thos IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187404-129
Cole, Thos IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187405-166
Collins, Michael IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-82
Collins, Patrick IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-48
Collins, Patrick IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-81
Collins, Peter IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-44
Collins, Peter IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-77
Collins, Peter IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187404-130
Collins, Peter IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187405-167
Colvin, Chas IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187405-167
Condon, Frank IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187405-172
Conley, Ed IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-83
Conley, Ed IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187404-136
Connell, Ed IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187401-26
Connell, Ed IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-48
Connell, Ed IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187405-172
Conners, Con IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-45
Conners, Con IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-79
Conners, Con IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187404-132
Conners, Con IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187405-169
Conners, Jack IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-45
Conners, Jack IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-79
Conners, Jack IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187404-132
Conners, John IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-45
Conners, John IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-79
Conners, John IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187404-132
Conners, John IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187405-169
Conners, Pat IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-83
Conners, Pat IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187404-136
Conners, Pat IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187405-173
Conners, Patrick IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-49
Conners,Jack IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187405-169
Cook Lewis IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-23
Cook, Lewis IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187401-24
Cook, Lewis IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-76
Cook, Lewis IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187404-129
Cook, Lewis IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187405-166
Cook, Wm IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187401-24
Cook, Wm IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-23
Cook, wm IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-76
Cook, Wm IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187404-129
Cook, Wm. IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187405-166
Cooper, H. C. IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187404-134
Cordon, John IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187401-26
Cordon, John IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-49
Cordon, John IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-83
Cordon, John IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187404-136
Cosgrove, Thos IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187402-48
Cosgrove, Thos IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-81
Cox, William IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-77
Cunningham, S. IM/Ar-P/10Cop1/187403-83