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Cass County, Illinois Circuit Court Adoption and Foster Care Cases
These Cass County Court cases concern adoptions and foster care. The cases were published in newspapers and are noted.

1. Christian KUHL and wife of near Beardstown adopted the child of Henry ROBERTS. The mother died three weeks ago and fills a paupers grave. The child's name has been changed to Edward KUHL. - Source, Virginia Enquirer, May 7, 1878.

2. In the matter of adoption of Annie ARNOLD. An order of adoption was granted to Henry and Elizabeth BUBBLE. - Source, Beardstown Enterprise, May 27, 1899.

3. Dr. A. ARMSTRONG went to Springfield Tuesday and brought home Master Ed McCARTY from "The Home of the Friendless". Joe BUBB (BABB?) living north of here brought one of his brothers sometime ago. There are other brothers and sisters in this locality. He is a bright boy and has found a good home with the ARMSTRONG's who have no children of their own. Source - Virginia, Enquirer, March 16, 1900.

4. The matter of adoption of Leland MAIN, a male child under the age of 14, Henry T. and Lulu SHEPPARD petitions for the adoption which was granted and its name changed to SHEPPARD. - Source, Ashland Sentinel, March 4, 1905.

5. In the matter of Edwin DeSOUZA, aged one year, C.H. and Susie LUFKIN given leave to adopt him and change his name to Ordice Edwin LUFKIN. - Source, Ashland Sentinel, June 8, 1907.

6. In the matter of Rose GILLILAND, age 2 years, W.H. and Sadie DIX given leave to adopt her and name changed to Mildred DIX. - Source, Ashland Sentinel June 8, 1907.

7. In the matter of Paul BECK, aged one year, H.J. and Florence FOSTER given leave to adopt him and change name to Ray William FOSTER. - Source, Ashland Sentinel, June 8, 1907.

8. In the matter of Earl and Duewy BENEFIELD, dependant children, they are committed to the Illinois Children's Home at Chicago. - Source, Ashland Sentinel, April 4, 1908.

9. Matter of adoption of Ethel POTTS, aged seven to J. McCLURE and wife Nellie. The child's name changed to Ethel McCLURE. - Source, Ashland Sentinel, December 25, 1909.

10. In the matter of adoption of Mabel PEAK, infant, H.A. FISHER and wife petetion for a name change to Mabel FISHER. - Source, Ashland Sentinel, February 12, 1910.

11. In the matter of adoption of Virgil DANISONS, a minor under the age of 14, Henry J. ROEGGE and wife, granted the right of adoption. - Source, Ashland Sentinel, May 28, 1904.

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