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Ray Everly passed away on May 20, 2007 and the Crawford Co. Historical Society has graciously offered to host his page in order for it's wonderful content not to be lost. Please bookmark this page again as the url has changed and the redirect will soon be lost. Thanks

Welcome to Ray's homepage. I live in Robinson, (my views) Illinois ... the home of the Heath candy company (my views), James Jones (James Jones Literary Society), the author of "From Here to Eternity, and the Robinson Maroons. Robinson is the County Seat of Crawford County (my views). Our history is interesting and colorful.

Our history includes the Abraham Lincoln family, The land office in Palestine , Illinois, the Heath family, James Jones, and Crawford County is known for its great Oil production

"People don't care how much you know,
until they know how much you care."
Author, Unknown.

Local Interest:

City of
Crawford County Collectables Car Club.
Crawford County - My Views.
Craw. Co. Amateur Radio Club
Craw. Co. Central
Craw. Co. Crime Stoppers.
Craw. Co. Dev. Assoc.
Craw. Co. Ghost Hunters.
Craw. Co. Habitat for Humanity
Crawford Co. Historical Society
Crawford County Humane Society
"Heath" Candy
Illinois State Homepage
James Jones Society
Lincoln Trail College
Oblong, IL. Site
Penny Postcards (Robinson)
Village of Oblong
Palestine, IL. Site
Palestine Public Library
Robinson - My Views
Rob. Airport Info
Robinson Chamber of Commerce
Robinson City Stats.
Rob. Community Little League
Robinson Correctional Facility
Robinson Daily News
Robinson "Eagle" Theatre
Robinson High School
Robinson Library
VFW Post 4549 Robinson, IL.

Local Industry:

E. H. Baare
Marathon Refinery
Victor Dana (Dana Corp.)

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Ray's Other Pages to Explore:

Back to my Homepage. Measurements & Conversions
Crawford Co., IL. Moon Phases.
English Language Public Service Page.
Events (Crawford County). Robinson, IL. Page.
Golf Courses (Robinson). Useless Info.(trivia)
"Heath" Candy History. Words Of Wisdom?
Keyboard Shortcuts (Win). Words Of Wisdom (Bad Attitude)!
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