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Five generations of my Ford line lived in Crawford County as follows:

4th Great-Grandparents - George Washington Ford, Sr. and Mary Ann Miller
3rd Great-Grandparents - George Washington Ford, Jr. and Mary Frances Nuttall, daughter of Elijah Anderson Nuttall and Rebecca Nuttall
Great-Great-Grandparents - Elijah Washington Ford and Perlina Frances Parker, daughter of George Washington Parker and Elizabeth F. Mullins
Great-Grandparents - Oscar Ford and Myrtle Ann McDaniel, daughter of George and Alice McDaniel
Grandparents -Charles Lester (Leck) Ford and Martha Louise Mercer, daughter of Frank Randolph Mercer and Minnie Alice Fornshell

Several of the grave sites of these individuals are in the Ford Cemetery east of Flat Rock or the Jones and Nuttall Cemeteries south of Flat Rock.

My parents, Mary Lou Ford and William "Bud" Clyde Watkins, Sr. didn't live in Crawford Co., IL but maintained ties to the area. My father's parents where Clyde Muriel Watkins and Callie Maye Satterfield from Grayville, IL and his grandparents where John William Watkins and Laura M. Byford from Daviess Co., KY and Edwards Co., IL.

Ford Family History

Two of my 6th great-grandfather's, Warner Ford, Sr. and Robert Terrell, where with George Rogers Clark on a expedition into the Illinois Territory in 1782. Warner had previously been there with George Rogers Clark in 1780. Warner Ford received property in Kentucky for his service and records from the George Rogers Clark Memorial state the Terrell family either received for their service in the Revolutionary War or purchased from other veterans a total of 2000 acres in the Illinois Territory

The son of Warner Ford, Sr, Robert Ford, and the daughter of Robert Terrell, Jane Terrell, married and were my 5th great-grandparents. They moved to property owned by the Ford Family in Jefferson Co., IN while other family members moved to Crawford Co., IL.

Family record's state that Robert and Jane's son, George Washington Ford, Sr. moved to Crawford Co., IL in the early 1800's where several of his Uncles, Aunts and cousin's had already settled. 

In July of 2005 I started a project of detailing my Ancestry on a website called Mercer Family History, named in honor of my grandmother's family because a picture from her brother, Forrest Arthur "Art" Mercer, enticed me to start researching. My middle name of Arthur is after "Art" and he was married to Madelyn "Madge" Louise Branson, daughter of James Rueben Branson and Della Pearl Price. Art and Madge lived in both Robinson and Lawrenceville.

James Rueben Branson's middle name is from his Uncle, Rueben Spalding Branson, from whom Branson, MO got it's name. Madge was also a 2nd cousin to Carl Dean Switzer better known as "Alfalfa" of the Little Rascals. Records state her grandmother, Eliza Butler, was a full blooded Cherokee Indian.

With a lot of help from Lloyd William Parker, son of Alton B. Parker and Laura Florence Midgett, who was born and grew up in Crawford County and so many researchers I am afraid to list because I will leave someone out, the site has the largest database of Crawford Co., IL families that I think you will find anywhere else. It now has close to 70,000 individuals, over 21,000 families and 6,600 surnames.

Through Lloyd and my Parker family we are related to Edward Doty a passenger of the Mayflower.

Lloyd and I always joke that you will find a Ford or a Parker in the tree of just about everyone from Crawford Co. Lloyd and I have found five different ways we are related. On one visit I made to Crawford County someone told me it would be easier to tell me who I wasn't related to rather than list who I was.

Watkins Family History

My Watkins line is also connected to the Crawford Co. Nuttall Family back in the 1600's, making my parents 9th cousins. Several other connections between my Ford and Watkins lines have been found in their various branches.

One of my grandfather's, Evan Watkins, owned and operated Watkins Ferry on the Potomac, which was used in the Revolutionary War to transport troops, is mentioned in George Washington's private papers along with the Ferry and his home "Maidstone on the Potomac". Watkins Ferry was the site of one of the first shipyard's of the United States.

My great-great grandparents, Christopher Columbus Watkins and Rachel Whitaker Bristow, were second cousins as their grandmother's, Leah Boone and Hannah Boone, where sister's and daughter's of Josiah Noah Boone II and Percis Henton. Percis Henton was named after her grandmother Percis Boone.

Through my Boone and Henton lines I am a 1st cousin two different ways and a 2nd cousin four different ways to Daniel Boone. Rachel is also connected to the Bristow Family from Crawford County. I am a member of the Boone Society located at . A biography I obtained of one of my grandfather's states they came with Daniel Boone on his third trip into Kentucky.

My Karn Family Cemetery in Daviess Co., KY contains two great-nephews, a great niece and several 1st and 2nd cousin's of Daniel Boone's.

I am also a 1st cousin to Christopher "Kit" Houston Carson as one of my 4th great-grandmother's, Charlotte Robinson, was a sister to his mother, Rebecca Robinson. Christopher's grandmother was also a Boone, Agnes Boone, and even though she was from the same area as the other's her actual connection to the family hasn't been found yet.

Through a grandmother Rachel Hopkins, I am a descendent of Stephen Hopkins a passenger on the Mayflower. My other grandfather Edward Doty, also a passenger was listed as his household servant. The first child born in the crossing was Stephen's and named Oceania Hopkins.


Charles Arthur Watkins



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