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If you have any books, pictures or other historical items please return to Historical library. If you know of anyone who has items checked out or removed from grounds please ask them to return. A recent inventory showed us that we are missing material.  As a board we are trying to get everything returned  to it's proper place so it is available for use by others.  We are not set up to be a lending library.  Items in our library are for the public's use on site only.
Please help us.
Chuck D.   CCGS Vice President

Welcome to the Official site of
The Christian County Genealogical Society
"The Original Christian County Society"
formed in 1983 & located in the
Christian County Historical Museum's,
Pence Building, near the intersection of
Illinois Routes 29 & 48

325 Abe's Way
PO Box 28
Taylorville, IL  62568

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CCGS currently has 143 members.
Are you one of them?
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Sunday May 31 at 3 PM.
At Taylorville Fire Department

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The CCGS Research Policy


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The Historical Society grounds and Genealogical Society Library are now open Thursday through Saturday 10am - 3pm

2015 Cemetery Walk
Sunday September 20th 
From 1pm to 3pm
At Oak Hill Cemetery
In Taylorville Illinois

Come hear about the Soldiers Monument and four cannons
and the story about the WRC being instrumental
in bringing them to Oak Hill.

Also hear about the lives of five individuals and
their struggles in building Christian County.

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2015 Webinars from the Illinois State Genealogical  Society

May 12th  - Need Direction?  Try City Directories
June 9th  - Understaind our Families, Understanding Ourselves
July 14th  - Dissect Obituaries for New Clues
August 11th  - School Daze - Finding and Using School records to Trace Our Ancestors
September 8th  - Using Tax Records for Genealogial Problem Solving
October 13th  - Polish Genealogy  - Four Steps to Successful Research
November 10th  - In-laws and Outlaws: The Bylaws of Talking About the Family Skeletons
December 8th  - The US Federal Census:  Good, Bad and Ugly for Genealogists

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that are open to the public

Help keep your Genealogical and Historical Societies alive.

Involve your kids and spark an interest in the next generation.

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Click on flyer to veiw full size

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